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Lucifer: Pops

Review by An Honest Fangirl

First, everyone appreciate the picture of Lucifer in a green restaurant T-Shirt. Take a moment. Did you take a moment? Okay, continue.

We're still dealing with the fallout from Father Frank's death. Chloe even warns him about not making this case about his "Daddy Issues." Of course, he still manages to. He was absolutely certain that Junior was the killer, and seems almost disappointed when he was innocent. Lucifer was desperate to find some similarity between them, some hint that he could escape his father without becoming him.

Chloe had much better luck with her estranged parental figure. Penelope Decker is a delight. I could buy her as a mother who raised Chloe to be the way that she is. The anger that Chloe felt at Penelope dressing Trixie up felt like an emotion that had been simmering for a long time. But Penelope showed that she did care about Chloe, even if Chloe didn't understand her attempts at love. Are we supposed to assume the same about God and Lucifer? Between Father Frank's insistence that God has a plan and the clear mirror with Penelope, it looks like we are.

That dinner scene was awful in the best possible way. I normally cringe my way through awkward dinner scenes, but this one made me laugh. A lot. I do wish that Lucifer was a bit more aware of why everyone was angry with him afterwards, however. His complete focus on himself is the one thing that stops me from fully loving him and all of the chaos that he creates.

But that last scene. Oh, boy that last scene. Lucifer actually turned Chloe down. First off, good; having sex with her then would have been very skeezy. Second off, it's proof that Lucifer is changing for the better. He's practicing restraint and took someone else's feelings into account. I don't think that he would have done the same if this scene took place earlier in the season. Granted, I don't think that Chloe would have shown up drunk earlier in the season, either.

For a second, I thought that Lucifer's behavior during dinner had finally sent Dan over the edge. I was pleasantly surprised and pleased when Dan resolved to take Malcolm in. Too bad Malcolm got the upper hand on him. I wish that I could be excited about what happens next with them, but I... just don't. Malcolm, Palmetto in general, is just a black hole from which no character can escape.

Maze and Trixie and Linda are far more interesting. Maze was so excited to have made a friend. It was freaking adorable, as was her asking Linda if she was free later. Maze could not have picked a better two people to bond with.

Random Thoughts

I loved Lucifer in that shirt so much that I had to include it in my picture.

Trixie got chocolate cake for dinner/dessert. That's good parenting, right? But also good continuity.

I'm still adoring the scenes between Trixie and Dan. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: I buy Dan and Chloe as Trixie's parents.

I'm not sure if I've ever related to Chloe more as I did during that last scene.

Malcolm was eating again.

Maze, adding a cherry to a glass of alcohol does not make a Shirley Temple. You need that sweet, red syrup stuff.

I had a lot of fun with this episode. Was it as good as last episode? Probably not, but there were enough lovely moment sprinkled throughout that made me giggle.

8.0 out of 10

~An Honest Fangirl

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  1. "That dinner scene was awful in the best possible way. I normally cringe my way through awkward dinner scenes, but this one made me laugh. A lot."



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