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Midnight, Texas: Sexy Beast

Review by An Honest Fangirl

"I'm looking for a hot blonde."
"Yeah, who isn't, buddy?"

I won't say that Midnight, Texas has incredibly stellar dialogue. But it's things like this that make me chuckle just a little bit while watching it.

We have a couple of storylines in play this episode, and I'm not quite sure which one was supposed to be the main one. I'm still trying to decide whether or not that's a good thing. On one hand, it means that the time and energy was rather evenly spilt. There wasn't necessarily a plot that I felt was superfluous or anything like that. But on the other, it did make the episode feel just a little bit fractured. I can't name a common thread that tied everything together.

I suppose that I might as well start with the succubus. It feels like she should have been the main plot, but there was actually surprisingly little to do with her. She was more an excuse for all of our characters to gather together in one spot than a legitimate threat. She just wasn't really explored. There were hints that the Veil was making her ravenous, but what does that mean? Was she simply out of control? Was she normally quiet and didn't draw too much attention to herself? A little bit more backstory on her might have made her rampage more impactful, especially when she started hunting Midnighters.

It seemed like my three episode bet was far too generous. Bobo and Fiji are now officially a couple! Well, they kissed, but it's basically the same thing. I don't know. The idea of them being in a relationship didn't bother me this time around as much as it has in the past. It just feels a bit sudden, even if I do find myself enjoying their flirtatious interactions more and more. I melted when Bobo said that Fiji looked really pretty, but then again I am a hopeless romantic at heart.

There may be trouble on the horizon for that relationship, though. Was Bobo a Son of Lucifer? That's what the conversation between him and the gang seemed to imply, right? That Bobo was a member and then left? I have a hard time picturing that. He doesn't seem the type to be part of a white supremacist gang.

Although, how much do we really know about Bobo? Now that I think about it, there's nothing. We know that he owns a pawn shop, that he cares about Midnight, and that he has this new relationship with Fiji. But there's no personal details, no history. He's an incredibly good fighter, and he was totally ready to stab someone through the chest with a broken pool cue. Maybe he isn't as good a guy as he's presented to be.

And maybe neither is Manfred. He was incredibly honest this episode about the fact that he was running from something. The succubus was drawn to him because he caused someone a lot of pain. Manfred's another character that's been painted as a hero that we really don't know anything about. Like what his relationship with Hightower is. Manfred seemed seriously worried that Hightower is out for a pound of flesh. The show is doing a really good job of building up this guy's menace so far. I'm curious to see how it will all come to a head.

Last but not least, we have Olivia, who probably had the most interesting storyline in my opinion. Somewhere along the line, she became one of my favorite characters. I have no idea how that happened. Anyways, we got a ton of history on her this week, all of which was horrible and really depressing. Is it really any surprise that she puts up such a cold and caustic front? She needed to in order to survive.

Despite that, I still think that Olivia is a fundamentally good woman. Well, okay, good might not be the correct word for it. Her morals are obviously skewed. But she cares about Lem, about her friends. She's an assassin, yes, but her target was someone who destroyed people's lives. She has some sort of moral code that she follows.

We also got some really interesting insight into Lem and Olivia's relationship. She used him to help manage and take away her emotional pain. It probably makes compartmentalizing and everything a lot easier for her. They're probably my favorite relationship on the show. There's just so much mutual respect and trust between them. They feel comfortable together. I buy them as a couple. Olivia also mentioned that Lem "saved" her. I wouldn't mind a flashback to their first meeting.

Okay, I lied. I got one final point to make. Well, it's more of a general question. Is anyone in Midnight just a regular human? I'm honestly not sure. We don't know what Chuy is, but he mentioned to Joe that the Veil might start affecting him as well. So now we know that he's a supernatural. (Is he a demon of some kind? That would be so cliche, a demon and a fallen angel being in love, but I'd love it all the same.) We still don't know what Olivia is. Her father could be something, or her mother. I noticed that she was very careful to say "the woman that my father married" when telling her life story. And now Bobo is making me question his humanity. Like Olivia, he seems to be some kind of superhuman physical abilities. If anything, he's an incredibly good fighter, something that I also noticed back in "Bad Moon Rising."

We're now four episodes into the show. I can understand not wanting to dump all of your exposition in the first episodes, but now we're getting to the point where we should probably know some basic things like the species of our main cast. Just a thought.

Random Thoughts

Speaking of "Bad Moon Rising," has that demon that was haunting Fiji made another appearance yet? I was expecting him/it to play a bigger role by now.

Fiji's cat is named Mr. Snuggly. I love that. I assume she named him that before she realized that he could talk? Or... cast a spell that let him talk? I'm not sure how talking cats work here.

Lem seems to have a bit of trouble resisting blood now that he drank from Olivia last episode. Uh oh.

A bunch of people seemed to have pretty heavy coats on this episode. I'm pretty sure that the weather in Texas doesn't require that.

Fiji did look great in that dress.

I loved Lem not even blinking about the fact that Olivia had a man tied up in her trunk.

This is twice now that we've opened with Manfred and Creek in some sort of sexual/post-sexual situation. If they really don't want to get caught, they might want to tone it down a little.


Manfred: Well, um, finding a missing person is tough.
Sister: Find him and I'll pay you five grand.
Manfred: And it's also my specialty. Step into my office.

Olivia: No peasant skirts.
Fiji: But I like my peasant skits.
Olivia. Yeah. Men don't. Want to be more than besties?
Fiji: I can add a sweater to those!
Olivia: And no sweaters.

Lem: They only feed on men who cause pain.
Chuy: Wonder why she came after you.
Creek: Yeah, why?
Manfred: So, no one here as ever caused anyone pain?
Joe: Fair enough.

Mr. Snuggly: Well, this is tragic.
Fiji: Shut up.
Mr. Snuggly: Shutting me up don't mean a thing. You've been stood up, my friend.
Fiji: You don't know that!
Mr. Snuggly: Sure, but when you decide to face reality, how about putting a little bit of that shepherd's pie in my bowl?
Am I going to quote Mr. Snuggly every week? Most likely.

I really wasn't expecting to write this much. I'm not sure if Midnight, Texas has grabbed me yet, but it keeps persuading me to stick around for another episode.

An Honest Fangirl loves superheroes, science fiction, fantasy, and really bad horror movies. 


  1. Even if Bobo is just human, he is still hiding something. This is the second time that his first reaction to a threat is to go and check the trapdoor hidden under the truck.

  2. Was that the second time? I must have missed the first. Interesting. Now I'm curious as to what he has hiding down there. Good catch!

  3. Fangirl said, "...but now we're getting to the point where we should probably know some basic things like the species of our main cast. Just a thought." Yeah, I had that thought too, mostly when Chuy revealed that he's also a supe. I bet you're right that he's a demon and he and Joe have a forbidden love. :)

    And I completely agree that Olivia and Lem are the best characters. An ethical assassin and an empathic vampire? I definitely want to know more about her past now, and how the two of them met.

    Love Mr. Snuggly, too.


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