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Lucifer: Sweet Kicks

Review by An Honest Fangirl

is beginning to fall into a pattern. The Case of the Week might not be very good, but the characters are what save an episode.

I didn't care about the Case of the Week at all. It was honestly rather boring. There was just no connection to the victim, or the victim's family, or the perpetrator, or anything. We also got more details on the Palmetto case. I don't know if I can think of a more heavy-handed way to introduce the concept that everyone at the station hates Chloe. Especially since none of the other episodes showed even the slightest hint that Chloe was so disliked. Although, to be fair, Chloe has been rather isolated from the rest of her colleagues besides Dan.

The one good thing about the introduction of the Palmetto case was that it allowed Lucifer to have a very interesting character moment when he punched Malcolm's former partner in the face. It was completely inappropriate, of course, but it showed just how protective of Chloe Lucifer is starting to become. He acknowledged that Chloe did not want him to do anything on her behalf, and then did something anyway because he felt the need to. He even tells Maze at the end that he needs to start being more careful about his new found morality not so that he doesn't get hurt, but so that Chloe doesn't get hurt. Was that why he stepped in front of the gang members and motioned for Yellow Viper and the kids to run? Or was it because he realized that he had created a situation that might harm an innocent person?

Regardless, Maze is not happy with Lucifer's transformation. It was finally enough to push her to accept Amenadiel's offer. I'm still loving the chemistry between these two. Maze is getting so much obvious pleasure in taunting Amenadiel. This was just a very good episode for Maze overall. That fight scene was brutal, although she was very careful to not kill anyone. Brutally cripple, sure. But not kill. I wonder why she did that? Besides the obvious fact that Maze would be hunted down by the police as a crazed mass murderer. Actually.... that would be a really fun storyline.

Thanks to Maze, Amenadiel is now posing as a therapist to get information about Lucifer out of Dr. Linda. I'm not necessarily excited about this future storyline. Maybe it'll integrate Linda more into the rest of the cast, but I get the feeling that any sort of interaction between Linda and Amenadiel is going to make me feel vaguely uncomfortable.

Random Thoughts

Dr. Linda knows Krav Maga?

I really, really like the music on this show.

That poor pig! He was adorable. He shouldn't have had to die!

Lucifer is now an official civilian consultant. And officially Chloe's partner.

Maze's favorite place is a coffee shop because it's full of people who know that they're not good enough to do whatever it is that they want to do. Once a demon of torture and torment, always a demon of torture and torment, I guess.

Maze's true face looked awesome at the end.

The Case of the Week is really what let this episode down a bit.

7.5 out of 10

~An Honest Fangirl

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  1. Yes, this case of the week really didn't work for me.


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