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Lucifer: Take Me Back to Hell

Review by An Honest Fangirl

We're finally here: the season finale of this bizarre cop procedural with a divine twist. Is this show a guilty pleasure? It feels like it should be.

This episode was really an exploration of the relationships between all of the characters, so I'm going to tackle them one by one.

Lucifer and Amenadiel: As seen in "Wingman," these two are so much fun together once they're not fighting each other. That all out brawl with the thugs was just an absolute blast. It was nice to see Lucifer in all of his immortal glory for once. And that scene with Linda was just hilarious. In a weaker episode, it would have been my favorite scene by far. Linda finally said everything that had been simmering since the first episode, and, of course, neither angel took the correct meaning from her words. Despite everything, Lucifer and Amenadiel do appear to genuinely care for each other. Lucifer was visibly upset when Amenadiel was stabbed. Even though he had tried to kill him, Lucifer still didn't want to see his brother dead.

Amenadiel and Maze: Thanks to Maze, Amenadiel survived his encounter with the demon blade. She even used Lucifer's feather, her one possible ticket home, to do it. I have always liked this pairing. The whole demon/angel trope is just wonderful to watch. We already knew that Maze cared for Amenadiel, but it was nice for him to see such an explicit confirmation as well. Although Maze disappeared at the end of the episode? Where did she go?

Maze and Chloe: Why were we not given more of this sooner? These two are so good together! I laughed out loud when Maze off-handedly mentioned that she was glad that she didn't kill Chloe in her sleep. I think that Maze gained a little respect for Chloe by the end of this episode. Granted, it may have been mostly because Chloe told her that she liked shooting people, but still. I want to see them pairing up to go investigate more often. Maze is too good to be kept behind the bar.

Chloe and Dan: Well, Dan finally maned up and did something that he should have done three weeks ago. He finally told Chloe that she was right, and he turned himself in. It was a plot development that had to happen, even as it dealt a major blow to his relationship with his estranged wife. Chloe's face when Dan finally told her said it all. As much as I enjoy them as a couple, I'm pretty sure that any hope of them getting back together disappeared when the police led Dan away. It was nice to finally see Chloe and Dan on the same page working towards the same goal, however. And I still want them to remain friends, if only for Trixie's sake. I just don't know how Dan's going to get out of this one without it feeling like a cop out.

Chloe and Trixie: Malcolm is very good at exploiting Chloe's familial relationships. I knew that Lucifer wouldn't kill a small child — it's simply not that kind of show — but the anguish on Chloe's face felt very real. Her walk through the police station, not knowing who she could trust, gave me goosebumps. I still think that Chloe should have gone straight to Maze, however. I can't imagine that she would be very appreciative of Malcolm kidnapping her friend. Maze would have messed Malcolm up.

Lucifer and Malcolm: Malcolm and Lucifer have always had an interesting relationship: Malcolm is obsessed with Lucifer, Lucifer is absolutely disgusted by Malcolm. It shouldn't have been surprising that that obsession turned into a desire for murder, but I still jumped when Malcolm pulled the trigger. While Chloe was the one to ultimately kill Malcolm, it was only fitting that Lucifer was the one to stand over his dying body and gloat. Malcolm is finally dead. Thank God. Even though his actions did lead to my favorite scene of the episode: Lucifer praying to God.

Lucifer and God: Lucifer's relationship with his father has been hanging over the entire season like a cloud. And now, God's finally made an appearance. Technically speaking. It's clear that He no longer wants Lucifer in Hell, or that He doesn't want him to go back yet, at the very least. What would have happened if "Mum" hadn't escaped? Would Lucifer have returned to Hell, permanently? Would Chloe have been saved? The whole reason why God chose to step in will be an interesting one to consider in the next season. And who exactly is "Mum?" Who could be scary enough to make Lucifer feel afraid?

Chloe and Lucifer: The moment that Lucifer felt like Chloe had betrayed him was the moment that Lucifer wanted to return to Hell. However you want to interpret their relationship, whether you want them to just stay friends or fall in love, that irrevocably shows just how much Lucifer has grown to care for Chloe. And then when Lucifer was dying, all he wanted was for Chloe to be safe. I really want to know how their conversation in the hangar would have gone if Trixie hadn't been there. You could see all of the questions in Chloe's eyes. Lucifer did several miraculous things this episode. If Chloe doesn't at least consider the possibility that there's some truth to Lucifer's claim, then I'm going to be very annoyed with her.

Instead of my usual Random Thoughts, I'm going to put together a list of everything that I want to happen next season.

Wish List for Season 2

Linda finds out the truth.

Trixie finds out the truth.

Chloe finds out the truth.

In that order.

More Amenadiel and Lucifer being brothers and friends.

More Chloe and Maze interactions.

More Amenadiel and Maze. Together.

More Maze and Linda being best friends.

More Maze and Trixie being best friends.

More Maze in general?

"Mum" being a better Big Bad than Malcolm.

This was just an excellent episode. Not only did we finally resolve the Palmetto case, but every single one of the major characters showed growth and development that I can only hope will be permanent. It was a very long wait until Season 2.

Episode Rating: 9.5 out of 10
Season Rating: 8.0 out of 10

~An Honest Fangirl


  1. Congratulations on finishing season one, Fangirl! An excellent review. I particularly loved your season two wishlist -- it made me laugh out loud.

    I started to write a bunch of stuff about season one to post as a comment, and then realized that instead of repeating myself, maybe I should just post a link to my season one rundown that I wrote last year:


    On to season two!

  2. This is certainly a show that improves with age. Perfect lockdown binge watch. I'm interested to see where they go in the next season as (1) Malcolm was getting on my nerves and I am glad to see the end of him and (2) "Mum"??!!?? What a fantastic final line.

    The scene on the roof between the brothers made me smile for two reasons. The first -- how many shows have used that venue? I came up with four just off the top of my head. Second -- as someone who smoked for half of her adult life, smoking on screen always amuses me. It simply cannot be acted. I can always tell if the actor was a smoker at one time. Tom Ellis? He was/is.

  3. I'm so happy I finally gave this show a try. I really enjoyed this episode and am so curious to see where the second season takes us.

  4. Congrats on getting through the first season so quickly, Josie! I'm glad you gave it a try too! :)

  5. Thank you for your compliment! I'm behind on work and haven't done laundry in so long that I just gave up and bought a few new items of clothing today. So finishing the first season of Lucifer is really my only accomplishment this week.


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