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The X-Files: Lord of the Flies

Case: A teenage loner secretes insect pheromones and Scully, Reyes, and Doggett investigate.

Destination: Orange County, New Jersey

Doggett: “This isn’t just stupid, this is the glorification of stupid.”

This episode is meant to fit into the comedy category of The X-Files, but it’s not quite successful. The main focus of the episode is teenagers doing stupid things to themselves and each other. That’s not my idea of a good time. However, the story is elevated by the presence of a flirty entomologist, Dr. Rocky Bronzino, who would really like Scully to call him “Rocky.”

Now, Rocky’s introduction to the story doesn’t bode well – he’s smarmy and stands way too close to Scully when he is talking to her. His language is suggestive and some of the sexual innuendo is kind of icky, but that guy just gets more endearing as the episode goes on. He’s actually quite amusing and except for a few zingers from Doggett, he does have most of the funny scenes.

Anyway, Dylan is our teenage boy who has a bit of a problem. His mom is overbearing (and the principal of his high school), he isn’t the cutest boy in school, and he happens to be something halfway between human and insect. His mom keeps trying to tell him that his body is changing, now that he’s growing up, but he doesn’t seem to want to listen to his mom… like at all. Dylan’s mom spends most of the episode yelling his name while he runs away from her. It’s funny that Dylan seems to remember his dad, which would suggest that he was around for quite awhile before he “disappeared.” I wonder how long it took the guy to realize that his wife was really part insect. You’d think he would have noticed that sharp and scary appendage in her mouth.

The part where poor teenage Natalie is bleeding from her mouth because Dylan kissed her is creepy, and there are some slightly fun scenes of characters being cocooned, but there isn’t really much going on in this episode except for the antics between Scully and the entomologist. Reyes and Doggett are reliable backup, but this is really the Scully and Rocky Show.

Other Thoughts:

The idea of the male entomologist hitting on Scully was inspired by the episode, “War of the Coprophages.” In that one, Mulder and Dr. Bambi were pretty flirty.

There’s a meta moment where Winky Winkle says that the Fox Network was the only network that showed any interest in his video. Ha.

Jane Lynch plays Dylan’s Mom and she’s very tall and imposing in this episode. If she’s meant to be funny in any way, I must have missed it.

Dr. Rocky gets cocooned and says, “Help me,” in a tiny muffled voice. I read that it was a reference to The Fly, but I immediately thought of Beetlejuice.

It’s a little absurd that Rocky is smiling during Scully’s use of CPR on him. Doesn’t Scully know that she doesn’t have to do mouth to mouth, anymore? Apparently, it’s been decided that chest compressions are enough. Rocky doesn’t seem to mind, though.

I guess I should stay away from Dylan and his mom. Bugs have always liked me, though I don’t like them. I can’t go outside without bees dive-bombing my hair, or katydids attaching themselves to my legs.


Doggett: “What if someone put something in his helmet – insect pheromone, you know – Spanish Fly…that stuff you see advertised in the back of magazines that guys use to attract girls?”
(Reyes looks at him funny)
Doggett: “I glance at them for amusement.”

Scully: “Lice are not altogether uncommon in a school environment.”
Doggett: “Except that these are better spellers than most of the kids.”

Rocky: “Dr. Scully – this is so exciting. I’ve never had a partner before!”
Scully: “I have.”
Rocky: “I’d like to think of it as a hymenopteran relationship. Two scientists using their special knowledge reaching higher than either of them could ever reach alone, and if I may say so, Doctor, you complete me.”
Scully: (long pause) “I got upstairs, you take down.”

Rocky: “A boy is a boy; a bug is a bug – you can’t have it both ways.”

Alright, this episode is in no way a classic, or even in the same league as other great comedic X-Files episodes, but it’s a trifle amusing and it just wins me over, somehow… not really sure why.

Two and a half entomologists out of five.

Mallena really doesn’t like bugs as much as they seem to like her.

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  1. Great review, Mallena. I second much of what you said about the quality of this one, plus its weird likable factor. I also don't think you can ever really go wrong with Aaron Paul and Tom Schnauz. :)


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