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Lucifer: Liar, Liar, Slutty Dress on Fire

Review by An Honest Fangirl

Who exactly is the goddess of all creation? Is she a vengeful deity, or a mother who simply wants to reconnect with her son? Or maybe a mixture of both?

Mom definitely talked a very good game. She never once wavered from the line that she loved Lucifer, that she wanted to be a good mother for him again. She even decided to go and make him cheesy noodles, and that was after she learned about the deal with God.

What are we supposed to make of the fact that she's the one responsible for Lucifer being condemned to Hell? Mom made it sound like she did it out of love, and Lucifer seemed to believe her. I suppose ruling over Hell is preferable to being destroyed; at least you're still alive. I really have to applaud both Tom Ellis and Tricia Helfer in that scene. Mom's genuine insistence that she loved her son, coupled with the flashes of the real Lucifer, someone who is vulnerable and still hurt by his parents' actions, was just an absolute treat to watch. Those two play off of each other incredibly well. But back to the content of the scene itself: it does throw everything that we — and Lucifer — know about his history into doubt. We've only ever been told Lucifer's side of the story. It now appears that that might not be entirely accurate.

But then what was that smug smile at the end there? Does Mom have some secret plan that hasn't been revealed yet? Was it just kind of a "Ha! Screw you!" to her ex-husband? Despite everything that Mom has said, I just can't believe that her intentions are wholly pure and innocent. There has to be something more going on.

Like most of Lucifer's parental problems, the doubts that he was facing were reflected in Chloe's storyline. I was completely on Chloe's side when it came to the doll. Lucifer definitely crossed the line when he bought it for Trixie. And his insinuation that Chloe was being a bad mother definitely hurt her. Chloe's response definitely shows just how far their relationship has come. She makes sure that Lucifer knows that she is always there for him if he needs support or someone to talk to, while still making clear that he has crossed a line. She is a far better friend than I had previously given her credit for.

As is Linda. While they didn't really show her and Amenadiel interacting enough to completely sell me on the fact that they're good friends, I did enjoy all of their scenes together. Even if I wish that Lucifer allowed Linda to have her badass moment and slam the door. What exactly is going on with Amenadiel's wings? That has to be tied into his fading powers. Amenadiel seemed to imply with his second conversation with Linda that his new troubles were tied into the fact that he made a lot of mistakes recently. Was I right? Is Amenadiel falling in some way, shape, or form?

Random Thoughts

Ella and I love the same board game. Damn, I guess I have to start liking her. If only just a little bit. She still mostly annoys me.

This episode was surprisingly funny. There were a lot of clever one liners. A lot of them came from Mom, who was obviously still adjusting to the whole being a mortal human thing.

That small moment when Mom comments that Chloe certainly appears capable and Lucifer just grins and agrees was so freaking adorable.

Dan and Chloe also had a very cute moment. With Ella just kinda sitting there awkwardly in the background. Maybe she and the CSI techs can get together and talk about all the flirting they're forced to endure.

I also love it any time Dan and Lucifer are onscreen. There's a lot of tension that can be played for great comedic effect.

Linda's hair was very pretty this episode.

I just realized that I really don't talk about the cases all that much in this show. This was actually a very good case, I just usually don't have much to say about them. You know me, I love the character stuff more.

Another excellent episode that firmly established Mom as a complicated character with some level of depth. Hopefully, Lucifer can keep this up.

9.6 out of 10

~An Honest Fangirl


  1. "I suppose ruling over Hell is preferable to being destroyed; at least you're still alive."

    Is there a line in Paradise Lost to that effect?

    I really like Ella's. She brings a nice goofy joy to her scenes.

  2. Yes, Paradise Lost's line is "Better to rein in Hell than to serve in Heaven." Granted, it does take death out of the equation but similar vibe.

    And Ella really grew on me. It's kind of wild to think that she hasn't been there since the very beginning!


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