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Lucifer: God Johnson

Review by An Honest Fangirl

Well, like a case revolving around a satanic cult, it was only a matter of time before Lucifer ended up in a mental hospital. You can only tell people that you're the real, actual devil so many times before they become concerned.

We didn't really explore that aspect of Lucifer though, at least not nearly as much as I thought that we would. The focus was more on God and Lucifer's relationship with him. Despite Lucifer's repeated desire for revenge, all he really wants is for God to apologize, for Him to tell Lucifer that He's proud of him. There's something incredibly human in that.

I'm actually sad that God Johnson wasn't actually God. I really liked him. I liked his interactions with Lucifer as they brought out a new side in our favorite devil. I think that we might have actually seen just a little bit of Samael: a hurt, angry son who ultimately just wanted his parents to be together and for life to go back the way that it was. Unfortunately, it seems like that might never happen. Lucifer had the same exact reaction to the discovery of God Johnson's real identity as he did to the discovery of Chloe's miraculous origins: rage. We saw a lot of red eyes this episode, and I think that all of them were brought on by rage. Lucifer wasn't trying to intimidate or torture someone who was guilty. He was just furious at his father. That has me a little worried for him. His devilish side is becoming more and more apparent.

Lucifer said that his father would never say all of the things that God Johnson said to him. I guess the truth of that would depend on how exactly the magical belt buckle worked. Did it give Johnson God's memories and personalities, or just the ability to heal? I'm leaning towards the former; too many things don't add up if it's the latter. But if that's true, then Lucifer is making the same mistake that he's making with Chloe. He's assuming that the intentions and feelings involved aren't real. I've already talked a length about why Lucifer's being an idiot in regards to Chloe, and I'm pretty sure that the same can be said about God. I say "pretty sure" because we haven't really heard God's side to the story. We've just heard about him from people who are obviously biased against him. They may be telling the truth about God being a tyrant, but it's also possible that God Johnson is closer to reality. We just don't know.

Will we find out? Lucifer ends the episode one step closer to retuning to Heaven. It turns out that Uriel was saying "piece," not "peace." And we have one more to find. I like that the two pieces seen so far are completely opposites. It provides a nice duality to the proceedings. I'm curious what the third piece will do, because you know that it has to cause some sort of havoc.

Speaking of havoc (hey, look at that segue!), Maze was not happy when she learned what Lucifer was planning. That can't end well. I understand where she's coming from. Despite the distance that Maze has imposed on their relationship, Lucifer is still one of her oldest, closest friends. If he and the rest of his angelic family return to Heaven, then she'll be left alone. Of course, she doesn't realize that Lucifer fully intends on staying on Earth, but I'm pretty sure that she won't stop and listen to his explanations.

Maze mostly annoyed me this episode, and that's an uncomfortable feeling for me. She's usually the best part of the episode, and I'm sure that many people that thought the same held true here. Her clingy best friend routine just didn't do anything for me. I didn't find it cute, funny, or endearing. I just thought that it was annoying and out of left field. She didn't glom onto Linda. (That we know of.) Why was she so insistent on being constantly around Chloe?

The one scene that I really liked with her involved Amenadiel telling her about Lucifer's plan. Poor Amenadiel. He really hasn't embraced Earth like his brother has. He wouldn't miss anything if he was to return to Heaven. Except for Maze, which Lucifer not so subtly pointed out. Their relationship has existed in this weird grey limbo all season. It'll be interesting to see if those two ever become a couple again, or if there's just too much history between them.

Another pairing that I'm curious to see develop is Charlotte and Dan. I honestly thought that that was dead in the water, but now I'm not so sure. When Charlotte was emotionally vulnerable, she went to Dan. And Dan let her in, despite earlier telling her that she had no chance. I don't think that this relationship will last beyond the end of the season, but it's adding interesting layers to both participants. Charlotte has a desire and a need for emotional, romantic intimacy. Dan may not have any self-respect at all, but he may also desire that same intimacy following his and Chloe's divorce. When you think about it, they're both in somewhat similar situations. They've both had nasty breakups with the loves of their lives following an illegal, morally questionable act. I only just realized that now.

For the second episode in a row, Lucifer and Chloe really didn't interact all that much. Chloe was very focused on the case and Maze while Lucifer dealt with God. I miss them interacting and simply being together. I don't even mean that in a shipper kind of way. I miss their partnership. It's a cornerstone of this series, and I want it back. Honestly, what I really want is for Chloe to find out the truth. I think that it's time. She knows that Lucifer is acting weirdly, and at this point she's seen too many weird things to just accept that he's human. She didn't even question why God and Charlotte were kissing, or why Lucifer set them up on a date. I get the feeling that that might be the cliffhanger that sends us into Season Three. I get the feeling that Chloe is going to see a side of Lucifer that she can't refute anymore. Maybe when he's in a devilish rage?

Random Thoughts

I think that Dan technically had the episode title this time.

Both Maze and Charlotte looked gorgeous this episode.

That shot of God and Lucifer walking through the riot was absolutely stunning. Definitely one of the best scenes that I've seen in a long, long time.

Lucifer didn't ask God about Chloe, did he? What a wasted opportunity.

No Trixie this episode.

Honestly, I guessed who the killer was as soon as we saw the same nurse in two different scenes.

I loved that Lucifer can tell where Chloe is based on his physical condition.

Linda had too many awesome moments to count. I adore her. I can't believe that I didn't like her to begin with.

The mental hospital doctor was sweet and cute and very understanding about Chloe. Arguably far more understanding than he should have been.

This episode flew by for me. We had to get a God stand-in at some point, and God Johnson more than fulfilled the role.

9.5 out of 10

~An Honest Fangirl


  1. I remember being relieved *and* disappointed that it wasn't God. Maybe they're saving it for season eleven. :)

  2. I love it when people avoid cliches and act smart. Chloe handcuffing the doctor was one of those moments. I fully expected her to neglect doing this and him to suddenly attack her.

  3. "She knows that Lucifer is acting weirdly, and at this point she's seen too many weird things to just accept that he's human. She didn't even question why God and Charlotte were kissing, or why Lucifer set them up on a date."

    Yes! I'm reminded of a scene from early Buffy where a character finds out there are vampires in Sunnydale and says, "Oh, that explains a lot, actually." I want Chloe to say that.



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