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Lucifer: The Good, the Bad, and the Crispy

Review by An Honest Fangirl

So, we're finally here: the season 2 finale of Lucifer. And as much as I want to talk about that ending, I'm going to have to save that for last. If only because once I start talking about it, I'm not sure when I'll stop.

Two very major character arcs were wrapped up this episode. This season started with Amenadiel losing his powers, and it ended with him regaining them and using them to save Linda's life. He came full circle and returned to his initial role as God's loyal son. I'm not quite sure how I feel about that, to be honest. For one thing, it felt rather rushed. I understand that the reveal that Amenadiel was (maybe) God's favorite is more than enough for him to question his previous anger and resentment towards his father. But he had been solidly on Charlotte's side for essentially the entire season. It was a very quick turn around.

That being said, if that belief is what allowed him to save Linda's life, then screw it. I'm completely on board. Whatever it takes to keep Linda around. I'm pretty sure that Maze's face matched mine when Amenadiel said that Linda wouldn't make it to the hospital. I really didn't want to lose her. Linda is always such a breath of fresh air, and that is needed for this show. I was actually surprised that her being suspended as a therapist wasn't mentioned at all. We know that Maze did something last episode, but not what that might be. Is it possible that Linda will actually lose her position as a therapist? I guess we'll have to wait and see.

The second major character arc was Charlotte's. Oh, Charlotte. You knew that something had to happen to her this episode. There was no way she would stick around for another season, and there was probably no way she would actually get to Heaven. I didn't expect Lucifer to make a brand new universe for her, though. I honestly expected her to die. But this really was the best solution for her. Yes, she's cut off from her children, but that's probably for the best. As Lucifer said, if she went to Heaven there would be a war, and war has casualties.

Charlotte never really adjusted to Earth. She ultimately only ever saw humans as things that she could use and manipulate. The one possible exception was Dan. Poor Dan. That guy has the worst luck. Yes, Charlotte was a manipulative, amoral, slightly sociopathic goddess – definitely not a good romantic choice – but you still have to feel for him. His face when Charlotte, the real Charlotte, didn't remember him just broke my heart. You got the sense that he had started to actually care about her.

It felt like the Case of the Week was only really there in order to give Chloe something to do. Lucifer trying to derail the case wasn't all that compelling. In fact, it was a little tiresome. Like Chloe said, it was a step backwards. I understand why Lucifer did it, but I was impatient to get to the end. I had assumed that Charlotte would eventually use Chloe as leverage against Lucifer in some sort of hostage situation, and I was right. But it didn't quite go down the way that I thought it would.

I was convinced that this season would end with Chloe finding out the truth about Lucifer. I would have bet money that that would have been the cliffhanger. So when Amenadiel's time slowing powers also reached the pier, I was a little annoyed. It felt like the writers taking the easy way out. Chloe, and Dan for that matter, wouldn't be able to witness all the divine things and conversations going on. But then they got my hopes up when Lucifer called Chloe after visiting Linda. Honestly, that should have been my first clue that something was going to happen to Lucifer. If he was actually going to reveal his true face to Chloe, then he would have just gone and done it. They wouldn't have wasted time with a phone call if we weren't going to have the rug pulled out from under us.

I legitimately yelled at my TV in anger and frustration when Lucifer was knocked out. It is past time that Chloe knew the truth. My mom, who was watching with me, said that there was no way they would tell her so soon because it would ruin the show. BS. At this point, it is the only way that their relationship can progress. And I'm not even talking in a romantic sense here. In order to progress as partners and friends, they have gotten to the point where Chloe cannot be kept in the dark any longer. I can only hope and pray that Lucifer getting his wings back won't derail that conversation. I want this conversation, and I want it to happen within the first or second episode of Season 3. That is all I want from Season 3. Please.

So let's talk about the cliffhanger. My immediate thought is that this has something to do with Candy. She was from Las Vegas, and Lucifer looked like he was in a Nevada desert. Doesn't the mob kill people and dump them in the middle of the desert, supposedly? But then, how did they knock him out? He's only vulnerable to humans around Chloe. Was something/one divine involved? That would certainly explain the wings.

How does Lucifer have his wings back? I have no idea. God? That's the only logical explanation, right? I mean, we watched Lucifer burn those to a crisp. (Heh. Crisp. Crispy. Maybe that's what the episode title was referencing?) I honestly wasn't too surprised to see them since the theory that Lucifer would get them back has been floating around the fan community for a few weeks now. I wish that I wasn't so annoyed about Chloe not learning the truth, because I feel like it's stopping me from fully appreciating this cliffhanger. Because it is a really good cliffhanger. It's just... not the one that I wanted.

Random Thoughts

My mom thought that Charlotte's light seepage was inconsistent. She kept asking why it wasn't shining when Charlotte was stapling the wound, and why just a little bit wasn't shining through the hole in her clothing. I wouldn't have even thought to question that.

Linda had the episode title this time around. I really thought that it would have been Lucifer. I could hear him saying it in my head.

They emphasized the height difference between Charlotte and Linda one last time.

Amenadiel doing improv. It went about just as well as I'd expect it to go.

Also liked the continuation of the Dan/Amenadiel bromance.

Trixie was adorable. That is all.

How dare they break Lucifer's piano. My heart hurt to see it smashed to pieces.

Did we ever learn what was in the silver case that Lucifer bought/retrieved in "Candy Morningstar?" I just remembered that as I was typing this review. I don't think so, right?

Good bye, Tricia Helfer. It's been a pleasure.

I don't know, lovely readers. I'm trying to push past my annoyance in order to give this episode a proper rating. But even looking back on the parts that I did like, it just doesn't feel as strong as past episodes have been. I enjoyed it. It just didn't wow me.

8.4 out of 10

~An Honest Fangirl

1 comment:

  1. Well I am a bit late to discovering Lucifer but here I am now and no going back.
    We did actually find out what was in the silver case in Candy Morningstar, it was the wedding ring. That whole conversation makes sense in that light," It is your funeral" and all that.


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