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Lucifer: Homewrecker

Review by An Honest Fangirl

Last episode, Lucifer said that Earth was his home. So, naturally, this episode we explore the true meaning of that, as well as everyone's reactions to that declaration.

When Lucifer said Earth, he really meant Chloe. Right? That's what "Homewrecker" clearly established. Yes, he's very protective of Lux, but Chloe is what Lucifer had been looking for when he arrived in Los Angeles. And the realization of that was enough to make Lucifer skip out on dinner with Chloe without any explanation. Not even a quick "Can't make it, sorry," text.

While it is certainly a dick move, I can understand why he did it. This is a man — celestial being — who has never really had a close relationship. With anyone. He's estranged from most of his family after being banished to Hell, he seems to engage in only one-night stands, or at least sexual relationships with no strings attached, and before a few months ago, his only friend was a demon who was sworn to protect him. And even that relationship is a little bit rocky. Basically, Linda, Chloe, and maybe Dan are the only real friends that he's ever had. It's perfectly understandable that Lucifer would freak out at the suggestion that one of those friendships might turn into a deep, meaningful relationship.

Chloe might be less understanding. She has proven time and time again that she fully supports Lucifer. Maybe not in his less than legal terrorizing of the witnesses, sure, but in the things that truly matter to him. Her securing Lux's safety was just the icing on the cake. As she told Lucifer, she was always on his side. She just needed to do it through perfectly legal means. That final scene at the piano was simply beautiful. I had never seen Lucifer speechless before. But all of this, and the intimacy that had been growing between them, is just going to hurt Chloe more for being stood up. (Because the steakhouse was essentially a date in all but name, let's not kid ourselves here.) And knowing her, if Lucifer doesn't have a really good excuse (he won't. Lucifer doesn't lie, remember?) then she'll automatically assume that he was with another woman. Which really couldn't be further from the truth.

Linda brought up a very good question, one that Lucifer has been dancing around since the first episode: why hasn't Lucifer shown Chloe his true face? Why hasn't he proven to her that he's the Devil? Let's ignore the fact that it would fundamentally change the show, and I don't think Lucifer is ready to go there quite yet; they can still drag out that reveal for a while longer. Lucifer saw what happened to Linda when he showed her the truth. She absolutely freaked out. He genuinely thought that he had destroyed their relationship. And while, yes, Linda eventually came around, it's not surprising that Lucifer would be a little gun shy when it came to Chloe.

Linda is very astute. She was the first person, besides Dan, who picked up on what was really happening between Lucifer and Chloe. I just don't know what the hell she was thinking saying as much to Charlotte. Charlotte seems to have entirely dropped her "I just want to be with my boys" facade. No, that's not true. Because she really does want to be with her family. But she wants them all to be together in Heaven, whether her family wants to join her or not. Charlotte is definitely getting tunnel vision where it comes to her goals. She doesn't even consider the idea that leaving Lucifer on Earth is for the best. No, she just goes straight to figuring out a way to manipulate him into going to the Silver City with her and Amenadiel.

Not that anyone has really asked Amenadiel what he wanted. He was definitely a little hurt by his mother's intense focus on Lucifer. He already feels like his father abandoned him, and now his mother's only goal is to convince Lucifer to come with him. I think Amenadiel is feeling rather unloved and unappreciated. But still, he was pretty defensive when Maze accused Charlotte of trying to take Lux away from Lucifer. He thought that there was no way that Charlotte had any hand in Dean Cooper's murder. And he was right. But then he also learned that she played on blowing Lux up with C4. There's still no realization that Charlotte might be dangerous, but at least Amenadiel is keeping an eye on her.

Even if he thinks that her date with Dan was just her looking for a bit of happiness. Does he not know about her utter distaste for humans? Charlotte doesn't exactly hide it. Poor Dan. He picked probably the worst person — celestial being — possible to get back into dating with. Charlotte didn't even bother leaving the room before calling in the bomb hit on Chloe. I can't wait to see Lucifer's reaction to the fact that they had sex. If it was anything like Amenadiel's reaction, it will be golden. But still, Dan deserves better. Especially since I'm sure that Charlotte is just going to manipulate Dan into revealing more information about Chloe.

I don't believe for a second that that bomb is going to kill, or even seriously injure Chloe. Lucifer is not that bold. I'm not sure how they're going to resolve that cliffhanger, but it will happen relatively peacefully. And then Charlotte will move onto a new way of separating Chloe from Lucifer. I get the feeling that that's going to motivate a lot of her character arc going forward. Like I said above, Lucifer found whatever it is that he was looking for in Chloe. Charlotte knows that she needs to break that bond if there is any hope of convincing Lucifer to return to Heaven.

Should I talk about the case? Probably. I know, I know, I focus a lot on the characters. That's what I love. Anyway, the case! The resolution was ridiculously sugary sweet. I think it gave me a toothache. And granted, I haven't really ever been in love, but both of them confessing to the murder just seemed a little ridiculous to me. Lucifer did do a good job of hiding who the murderer was though, while still making the final reveal seem reasonable. I'm actually not sure who the murderer was. It sounded like Eric was covering for Christi, but all of the physical evidence pointed to him. Not that it really matters since both of them are probably going to jail. The case also provided the episode's laugh out loud moment when Eric crashed to the ground the moment Lucifer said that his feet wouldn't leave the floor. That kind of humor is exactly in Lucifer's wheelhouse.

Random Thoughts

There is some height difference between Tricia Helfer and Rachael Harris.

Lucifer asked Linda a good question: is she running from something, or looking for something? We don't really know a lot about her.

That was an impressive ice sculpture in Lux.

Ella is a Star Trek nerd. Of course she is.

Is it just me, or were my paragraphs particularly long for this review?

I'm only just now realizing just how long this review is, and I could probably talk a lot more about the episode. There was way more to unpack here than I thought there would be.

9.8 out of 10

~An Honest Fangirl


  1. Yes, I'm all about the characters, too. Most of the time, I don't even remember the case of the week on this show.

    Your comment about the height difference between Tricia Helfer and Rachael Harris made me laugh out loud. Tricia Helfer is an Amazon. :) I'm sure that's one reason they cast her, since Tom Ellis is so tall. Of course, Helfer is also an amazing actress and fits in well with the genre shows.

  2. I think Maze has been right about Mom all along, and the whole "wanting to be with her family" is her way of manipulating Amenadiel and Lucifer into getting her back to heaven and getting revenge on God. After all, Lucifer's first thought when she appeared in L.A. was that she was out for revenge on him. He read her motivation correctly, just not her target.

    I'm assuming Maze has been following her and will prevent Chloe from getting blown up.


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