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Lucifer: Monster

Review by An Honest Fangirl

I didn't necessarily want to watch this episode. I had a basic idea of the plot, and I didn't want to cringe through 45ish minutes of Lucifer acting out. But he wasn't acting out. Not really. He was grieving, and rightfully so.

Obviously, this episode deals a lot with the fallout of Uriel's murder. Lucifer and Amenadiel are both heartbroken, but process their grief in very different ways. Lucifer behaved horrendously, trying to get somebody to punish him for his actions. Whether or not that person was Chloe or the sniper didn't matter.

Was Lucifer genuinely suicidal? I guess that's the wrong question to ask. The bullet wouldn't have actually killed him. It would have just sent him back to Hell, right? But he knew that Chloe would be there, so he knew that he would be vulnerable. This wasn't a selfless shielding of an innocent person like he did in "Sweet Kicks," no. Lucifer felt like he deserved to go back to Hell for what he had done.

I'm surprised that it took Chloe so long to reach her breaking point in regards to Lucifer's behavior. She immediately knew that something else was going on, yes, but Lucifer broke so many rules that it's not even funny. A good defense attorney could have a field day with the handling of the case. Still, Chloe continued to reach out to Lucifer and offer support. She actually looked visibly upset when Lucifer shut her down that final time. I'm starting to realize just how much of a fundamentally good person Chloe is. She has a lot on her plate at the moment, but still cares about and tries to be there for her partner, no matter how difficult he's being.

At least Lucifer took her advice and went to Linda. She's another fundamentally good person who genuinely wants to help Lucifer. Although, the reveal of Lucifer's true face may have ended that relationship. I really, really hope not. Lucifer needs someone who he can confide in. And Linda knowing the truth adds a new, interesting dimension to her role on the show. She's the only human to actually know the truth. It was definitely a very necessary progression. Linda said so herself: she could only keep up with all of the metaphors for so long. But the look of hope on Lucifer's face, only to see it be crushed by Linda's reaction. It was a very powerful way to end the episode.

If Lucifer grieves by acting out, then Amenadiel grieves by bottling it up inside. I'm not sure which is better. Regardless, Uriel's death was the final push needed to truly divorce Amenadiel from his father. Was that Charlotte's intention? This was the first time that I really got the feeling that she had an ulterior motive. What exactly did she mean when she said that there was a way for both of them to get their powers back? That scene at Uriel's grave was absolutely gorgeous with the sunlight streaming through that ancient, twisting tree. I just felt on edge the entire time, like I was watching someone make a terrible mistake.

Maze and Trixie served as a very nice counterbalance. Chloe might (rightfully) give Maze a lot of grief, but Maze is very good with Trixie. She even made a costume for her that she would like! (The whole President of Mars thing was a very nice callback to their first meeting.) That face reveal went a lot better than Lucifer and Linda's did. Maze was definitely nervous about Trixie's reaction. It was very sweet that her immediate reaction was "Cool!" Granted, Trixie probably thinks that it was a mask of some kind, but who cares about details? Chloe finding them asleep and snuggled on the couch was just adorable, even if I would have been a little upset about Maze showing an eight-year-old Nightmare on Elm Street.

The case of the week was actually very, very good. It wasn't immediately obvious who the killer was, and it didn't blatantly mimic the character drama like Lucifer is prone to do until the very end. I was shocked when the second murder happened. I wasn't expecting it at all. It was a good, fun twist that propelled the case in a new direction without necessarily feeling like it was there just for the shock value.

Random Thoughts

The zombie wedding was so freaking cool. I'm sure that I would hate it if I was a member of the bridal party, but I absolutely love the idea.

Wait, now Linda knows that Maze is actually a demon. No! I like that relationship!

Poor Dan puts up with so much crap. The writers should be nicer to him.

Where is God? You would think that He wouldn't want one of his sons to be erased from existence. His absence is becoming conspicuous.

No Ella this week.

For an episode that I was almost dreading to see, I had a great time.

9.4 out of 10

~An Honest Fangirl


  1. No Ella, but enough Trixie, and that's the same thing.

    The pirate guy was really smart. When Maze looks at you like that, you better give up all the treats. And money. And limbs.

  2. I always think God is showing up when there is blazing, beautiful light. So God was there at Uriel's grave, grieving with his ex-wife and Amenadiel.


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