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Lucifer: Stewardess Interruptus

Review by An Honest Fangirl

Do not explode into fangirl squealing. Do not explode into fangirl squealing. Do not explode into fangirl squealing. Come on, be at least somewhat professional here. You can do it, Fangirl. I believe in you... me... us.

Shall we tackle the case, or the basic structure of these next few episodes first? "Stewardess Interruptus" is only the first act in a three episode trilogy. That's something a little bit new for Lucifer, but I'm really glad that they decided to go this route. We only got a taste of what the overarching arc will be, but we have the promise of a mysterious man with some sort of biological weapon. What can be better than that?

This specific case, however, gave us a closer look at Lucifer's love life. Is it an odd coincidence that he just so happened to sleep with the first two victims, yeah. Probably. But hey, Lucifer's slept with a lot of people. It's just too bad that the parade of his former lovers all said the same thing: best night of my life, but the sex was completely meaningless. Ouch. I don't care who you are, hearing that over and over again is bound to hurt. Especially when you're already pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and trying to have an actual, serious relationship.

(Do not explode into fangirl squealing. Do not explode into fangirl squealing...)

But still, it tied the case to Lucifer in a way that seemed like it would actually be important, but ultimately ended up to be a red herring. I find that I tend to like the cases a lot more when Lucifer himself is involved or related to them in some way, so I wasn't annoyed by this at all. Plus, it introduced us to the great character of Suki. She was too crazy and fun to not bring her back in future episodes, right?

Dan and Maze spent the episode dealing with the repercussions of selling Percy out to the Russians. Maze simply could not understand why no one was happy about what she and Dan did. She saw it as doing everyone a favor, but no one agreed with her. At least now she knows that self-worth comes from within. It took me a long time to learn that Maze. Good for you!

(Okay, I realize that that may sound sarcastic, but it really wasn't.)

Dan, on the other hand, was far less proud of what he did. There's no way that this all just blows over, is it? Do I want it to just blow over? I'm honestly not sure. I want there to be consequences for the characters when they take certain actions. But we literally just had a whole season devoted to Dan doing something highly illegal and deadly for the sake of Chloe. Give Dan something new to do! Give him a break. God knows that he needs one.

Charlotte and Amenadiel didn't really have all that much to do this episode besides encourage Lucifer to try and give him and Chloe another shot. I just wish that they did so out of love instead of out of a place of manipulation. And we're still no closer to figuring out what Chloe being an actual, legitimate miracle means. Apparently, it means that she and Lucifer need to get together. But beyond that? Whatever Charlotte's plan is, it's still very much cloaked in shadow.

Have I danced around the subject of Lucifer, Chloe, and their relationship enough by now? Charlotte told Lucifer that Chloe had proved herself to him, and that now it was time for him to prove himself to her. And that was exactly what Lucifer strived to do this episode, despite Chloe's numerous protests that they were simply too different to work.

And you know what? Chloe's probably right. There's no way that a romantic relationship will actually work out in the long run. Never mind the fact that they're both still oblivious to each other's secret identities. (Devil and Miracle Baby.) But it doesn't really matter. Lucifer was just so earnest — well, as earnest as he can be — that I couldn't help but feel like Lucifer has really changed. He is so different from the Devil that we meet back in the first episode.

Chloe, for her part, was very much in denial mode. She refused the notion that a moment had happened between her and Lucifer, and yet I detected a note of disappointment in her voice when Lucifer said that he was no longer going to actively pursue her. Deny it all that she might, but Chloe really does care for Lucifer. She might not be as explicit in her desires as he is, but they're certainly there.

Was her sudden turnaround on the beach a little, well, sudden? Yeah, maybe. I'll admit to that. But Lucifer had just given a frankly beautiful speech. One that proved to her that how Lucifer feels about her is different from how he feels about everyone else that he's slept with, that proved to her that he really does know her, and sees her, and still cares about her.

So, yeah. They probably won't work out. At least not immediately. I've watched enough shows to know that heartbreak is probably right around the corner. But at the moment, my shipper heart is squealing in joy. Lucifer and Chloe finally kissed. It's about time.

Random Thoughts

Oh no. Lucifer is turning into my Legion reviews in terms of length. Whoops.

That scene where Andy dies at the airport was just gorgeous to look at.

I loved how basically everyone at the pool party knew who Lucifer was.

Lucifer's former lovers included men and women. Did we know that already? Either way, it makes sense for the character.

Trixie was adorable. She's always adorable.

Chloe's middle name is Jane. And she doesn't like ketchup.

No Ella this episode. Not nearly enough Linda.

I absolutely loved this one.

9.8 out of 10

~An Honest Fangirl


  1. I think it was in the first season that Lucifer got some male guard to spill his desires (as usual), and the guard revealed that he desires Lucifer. Luci politely rejected, but wasn't at all offended or anything — which to me looked like he is not homophobic (obviously), but straight. So, it was a bit of a surprise for me to find out in this episode that he had sex with men and women alike. Although it certainly fits better.

  2. Love the little actress who plays Trixie. She's so natural and great for the part.Sweet child.


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