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Midnight, Texas: The Virgin Sacrifice

Review by An Honest Fangirl

"Family isn't about blood. It's about people who love you without judgement."

We've finally arrived: the season finale of Midnight, Texas.

I was rather underwhelmed. I was expecting more from a season finale. More action. More drama. More oomph. More... something. What we got wasn't bad. It was actually a fairly decent episode. It just wasn't what I would consider a good season finale. It didn't leave me excited and anxious for the next season to start. It was just meh.

I had a feeling that either Lem or Olivia would be in danger, and I fully approve of characters being in mortal peril. I just didn't like how they handled it. The introduction of vampire blood making humans heal incredibly quickly felt like a cop out. You can't go introducing things like that in the finale and then immediately use them in order to save someone's life. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad that Olivia survived and remained a human. It was just poor writing.

Last week, I wondered why Fiji didn't just have sex with someone. If Colconnar wanted her because she was a virgin witch, then there was a very easy solution for that. Bobo and Fiji's romance hasn't been my favorite, but that scene where Bobo was holding Fiji and touching her and asking how she pictured it happening was surprisingly sexy.

However, I was disappointed that Fiji didn't get to directly confront Colconnar, the demon who had been making her life a living hell for the past few months. Instead, we had Manfred allowing himself to be possessed by demons with seemingly very little consequence. I will say that a possessed Manfred and Colconnar were very cool looking and their battle looked powerful. It was just so short! That's in keeping with Midnight, Texas, but still! This is your Big Bad, a demon who is destroying the Veil! Have him last at least a little bit longer.

The Grand Finale Battle also happened just a little bit too soon in terms of where it fell in the episode. We spent a lot of time on establishing every character's Happily Ever After as it were. We checked in on each couple and saw that they were together and happy. This worked as a potential series closing moment, but it dragged on just a bit too long. I kept waiting for the inevitable cliffhanger, but we didn't really get a good one. Manfred is bleeding out of his ears, and Midnight is... going to become a tourist town? That doesn't really have the same stakes as the Apocalypse, especially there's no a fraying Veil to affect the supernaturals.

I don't know if Midnight, Texas is going to be renewed or not. As for today, there's no concrete word. I suppose the better question is where or not I want it to be renewed. I really enjoy most of the characters, and they have some really talented actors here. The world is exactly the kind of world that I enjoy. But I'm just not that excited for the future plots that they've set up here.

What about you, lovely readers? Would you watch Season 2?

Random Thoughts

Olivia looked absolutely gorgeous at her wedding. She always does, but still. I loved her bracelet.

Madonna, the owner of the restaurant, apparently works for Olivia's father. Why do I feel like he's responsible for Midnight's impending revitalization?

A vampire needs to feed from you in order to turn you.

I do love an epic, badass walk into certain danger.

How was Lem allowed in the church? Rev said that he could help with that, but did we ever see how he helped?

What kind of construction trucks cause houses to shake?


Creek: How exactly are you planning to kill Colconnar?
Manfred: Details aren't–
Creek: Important? You said that.

Manfred: Okay, we save Fiji, kill a demon, close a portal to hell, and we don't die. Sound like a plan?
Lem: My flesh is burning stop talking.

Colconnar: Evil is making you powerful.
Manfred: Nah.

Melanie Pratt: This town has a very colorful history.
Manfred: That's one way to put it.

So, I'll see you guys next summer? Maybe?

An Honest Fangirl loves superheroes, science fiction, fantasy, and really bad horror movies. 


  1. I will definitely watch season 2!!

    I really enjoyed this first season. The only complaint I have is that the storytelling was on speeeeed. They managed to stuff the first season with things that took Buffy 7 seasons to develop. And as a result, all this action was at the expense of character development. Great actors can sometimes save bad writing, but i.e. Peter Mensah didn't have much to work with. I LOVED him in Spartacus, where he and the likes of Manu Bennett, Daniel Feuerriegel, Lucy Lawless sometimes saved poor writing and made the show fantastic.

    So, season 2, less speed ---> more character development.

  2. While I really love the characters, I'm not sure I'm rah rah for season two. They're taking Charlaine Harris' characters and zipping through plots in an episode that took her entire books to build. It's like they forgot storytelling 101.

    But I did like the wedding at the end. :)

  3. I did enjoy the series and I will definitely watch any potential Season 2, but like you said Fangirl, this episode just felt a bit anticlimactic. Not enough payoff for the buildup of the Big Bad (rushed though it was) and definitely not enough consequences.

    I do hope they get another shot, since I really like the characters and after all, some of my favourite shows didn't have the best first seasons either.

  4. Not entirely sure where to put this, but I just wanted to share the good news that we'll get a season 2! I'm so excited!


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