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Lucifer: Mr. and Mrs. Mazikeen Smith

Review by An Honest Fangirl

"No rest for the soulless."

Apologies for the lateness of this review. I've been rather sick all week, and couldn't really get to it before now.

After two weeks without our favorite demon, we got an episode focused very heavily on Maze. I absolutely adore Maze, and this episode really highlighted all of the reasons why.

A main theme of Lucifer revolves around personal growth and finding out just who you are and what you want in life. Usually, the angels are the more visible aspect of this theme. Lucifer gets to sit down with Linda every week to talk through his feelings and ignore her very good advice. But Maze has been changing too, and we really get to see just how far she's grown.

I am very comfortable in saying that Maze has a soul, at least in the commonly understood sense. She's not a sociopath anymore. Yes, she still loves sex, alcohol, manipulation, fighting, killing, and violence in all of its forms, but she also has roots. She has people who she cares about and who care about her. I mean, how adorable was she with Trixie? Everything about their interactions simply melt my heart.

Ben Rivers was a rather interesting character. He was fun and charming, even if he didn't seem to live up to the hype that everyone else was building for him. I never quite got what made him so emotionally dangerous or compelling. I also didn't quite buy into Maze and his romantic arc. I saw the attraction between them, definitely, but nothing that would have led to Ben asking Maze to run away with him.

Regardless, he was a good way for Maze to realize that what drunk Linda said was true: she needed to slow down and just stop and appreciate what she has. The final scene of her drinking wine with everyone almost felt like an ending to Maze's character arc. She spent all of last season trying to figure out who she was outside of a demon sworn to Lucifer's side. She finally figured it out.

Ben's other important function was to give us a vague tie-in to our season's Big Bad. This episode was originally supposed to air during last season, but it became one of the four standalone episodes that got shifted to season three. So that explains why the Sinnerman was not mentioned by name. But I still liked that he's maintaining this foreboding presence. Lucifer doesn't always have the strongest Big Bads. Malcolm was... Malcolm, and Charlotte didn't really do anything to earn the title. The Sinnerman seems poised to change that, so I'm excited to see what happens.

With all of the focus on Maze, Lucifer and Chloe fulfill a more supporting role this time around. And that worked perfectly fine. Lesley-Ann Brandt absolutely can carry an episode. But what we did get of the two of them was just wonderful. One of my favorite scenes was how Chloe just gave Lucifer a little nod and look to let him know that he could use his superpower. He just looked so delighted. These past two episodes have really just served to remind us just how strong and solid their partnership is. Even if Chloe still doesn't know the truth.

I know, I know. They'll probably save it for the mid-season finale. I'm just impatient.

Random Thoughts

Ben Rivers had the episode title this week.

Maze is eating Dan's pudding.

No Amenadiel or Ella this week.

We didn't really have a Case of the Week either. Yeah, there was the cover up, but no real murder investigation. And (un)surprisingly, the show was just fine without it!

Poor Norm. You would almost feel bad for him if that scene wasn't so funny.


Chloe: Hey, Monkey, Maze is going to be just fine.
Trixie: Then why do you look worried about her?
Chloe: I'm not worried about Maze. I'm worried about Canada.

Maze: I mean, I was getting a little bored of the constant drinking, violence, sex. You know how it is.
Linda: Yes, of course. All those things, all the time for me.

Maze: Hey, Room Service! That's my bounty, you bitch!

Maze: Listen, I'm going to be okay. Besides, I need you [whispering] to watch your mom.
Trixie: [whispering] That's true. Without the two of us, she's defenseless.
Chloe: [whispering] I don't know if I like what you're whispering about.

I love this show.
An Honest Fangirl loves superheroes, science fiction, fantasy, and really bad horror movies. 


  1. Trixie and Maze are just adorable together. Which, come to think of it, is pretty strange, given that Maze is a torture expert from hell. But still. Adorable. This time the peak of it was their prolonged fist-bump.

    I wonder if that button was decorative or functional.

  2. Much agreement -- this was an adorable episode featuring Maze at her best. I also agree that something didn't work with Ben, though. I kept expecting some sort of reveal that he was a supernatural being of some sort to explain why women were so attracted to him.

    Get well soon, Fangirl!


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