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Supernatural: War of the Worlds

Lots of plot threads. I'm not sure they all knitted together into a cohesive whole, but most of them were enjoyable.

Surprisingly, I found Lucifer's part of the plot to be the most fun, maybe because he was less petulant and creepy than he usually is. Maybe what Lucifer has needed all along to make him a nicer character is a big slice of humble pie to go with his Daddy issues. I swear, I almost felt sorry for him when the awful Mad Max version of Michael put Lucifer in that iron maiden as they were discussing interdimensional theology. And then I almost liked Lucifer again when he was schmoozing in the bar with Castiel, asking for his help saving the world, and asking sideways questions about his son Jack.

And now Lucifer and Castiel are jailed roommates in Hell, waiting until Asmodeus needs them. I can't stand Asmodeus. He's not even close to being in Crowley's league; he's not even in the ball park. He's not in the parking lot of the ball park. And maybe I'm not being fair. We had eight seasons to learn to love Crowley. But then again, I loved Crowley from his very first scene in "Abandon All Hope." Pointless I-miss-Crowley digression over, moving on.

If you'd asked me which characters I would like Supernatural to bring back from the dead, Kevin Tran would absolutely be one of them. The alternate universe Kevin the Prophet was a hoot; was he really a meth head?

But there is no universe in which I want Arthur Ketch back in the story. And of course Ketch is evil and vicious and working for Asmodeus. Although he did save the boys from Asmodeus' minions... I'm confused. At any rate, could they maybe rethink this Ketch casting decision? They could rethink the Asmodeus casting decision at the same time, too.

The B plot really wasn't so much about Dean and Sam and their unexpected "enemy of my enemy" partnership with Daniela the witch than it was about the mythical Alexander Ketch. I did like the reveal that Rowena is still with us, since she had a "get out of death free" charm concealed within her body, like Ketch did. I was a bit sad that Rowena had been written out so summarily, so Rowena is definitely on my list of Supernatural characters I'd like them to bring back, please.

And then there was a C plot. Okay, maybe it was just the introduction of an important plot element. Apparently, angels are going extinct, and they desperately need Jack to create more angels. I'm not sure how I feel about that. How do they even know Jack can do such a thing? Plus, with the exception of Castiel, there haven't been that many angels in this series that I'd cross the street to save.

Maybe the end of the angels wouldn't be such a bad thing. As long as Castiel remains an exception.


— Michael only took some of Lucifer's grace, not all. Maybe it's just enough to keep his eyes glowing. And maybe removing his grace is the answer to how to beat Michael.

— Daniela the witch was smart to go to the Winchesters for help; it kept her alive. I wonder if we'll see her again?

— Dumah the angel was played by Erica Cerra from Eureka and The 100. She played another character in the season six finale, "The Man Who Knew Too Much."

— Nick's Bar, the one that Lucifer and Castiel visited, reminded me of Chuck's construct. I particularly liked the "Kingdom Beer" sign above their heads. And that Lucifer swore, "Oh my dad" instead of "Oh my god."

— Plus, come to think of it, "Nick" is another name for Lucifer, isn't it?

— Asmodeus tortured and killed a front desk clerk from last week's delightful Stampede Motel in Dodge City. Poor guy. Life in the Supernaturalverse is so unfair.

— Did Ketch's hand tattoo disappear when he resurrected, I assume?

— Cavity search. Yetch, Ketch.

— This episode was directed by Trickster Gabriel himself, Richard Speight, Jr.

— This week: I had no idea where they were. At one point, the boys were in "Clinton," but no state was given. And Lucifer and Castiel were at the playground slash entrance to Heaven, and I'm still unsure of where in the contiguous United States that is.


Minion: "I have news of The Jack."
Asmodeus: "What is it?"
Minion: "There is no news of The Jack."
It's like they're using "The Jack" as a title.

Lucifer: "Hey, hey, I got an idea. Why don't you whale on Mary Winchester for awhile. I'll go get a latte, okay?"
No Mary this time, but this certainly suggests that Michael has her under lock and key somewhere.

Lucifer: "Idiot. Can't you see Michael is a monster, pure evil?"
Kevin: "Okay, I'm confused. Aren't you Satan? Which would make you the evil monster? And besides, Michael's taking me with him to Paradise World so I can meet hot women."

Dean: "Do I look stupid to you?"
Ketch: “Is that a trick question?"
Sam: "So you're seriously going to sit there with a straight face and tell us you have an evil twin?"

Sam: "So even if this is weird, yes, it's weird, but we eat weird every day."
Dean: "Yeah, but there's Ripley's Believe It or Not weird, and then there's weird that's just straight up bull. Now I'm thinking that Ketch weird is door number two."

Lucifer: "Will you do me a favor and stop looking at the door every five seconds like you want to get out of here?"
Castiel: "You'll forgive me if I'm a little on edge. The last time we were together, you killed me."
Lucifer: "Well, last time we were together, you stabbed me."
Castiel: (sarcastically) "I'm sorry."

Not a perfect episode, but I enjoyed most of it. Three out of four resurrected characters,

Billie Doux has been reviewing Supernatural for so long that Dean and Sam Winchester feel like old friends. Courageous, adventurous, gorgeous old friends.


  1. Nick was also the name of Lucifer's vessel, back in Season 5. I'm not entirely sure I like depowered Lucifer. I mean, he was supposed to be the biggest bad of all, and now. . . I was waiting for them to introduce the fact that no more new angels are being made, and now a lot of them have died. I wonder if the series is going to end with the end of both angels and demons.

  2. I've been thinking for awhile that the series will end with Dean and Sam dying in order to close the gates of Hell.

  3. OMG, were you in my head? I can't stand Asmodeus and I miss Crowley more than words can say! I had a big old smile on my face when Kevin showed up and I yelled "Why, why, why?" when Ketch did. Ugh.

    But to answer the question you posed. My guess is he saved the Boys from Asmodeus' minions because he was trying suss out where Jack was and he didn't have anything yet.

    Great review, as always!

  4. I want to meet more doubles from the other universe. They tease us with Bobby and then nothing... until Kevin. More of this please. Is there a Jo... Charlie? I guess they wouldn't have Crowley because the vessel we know would have been dead centuries earlier. I would love to Meg again... Rufus. Mrs. Tran! Would even have loved John Winchester... but we know he died because that universe doesn't have a Sam and Dean. This universe provided so much potential. Michael isn't cutting it for me. But as I always say, I will follow the Winchesters wherever they lead.

  5. I'm largely in agreement with you on this episode, though I think I enjoyed it much less than you. It seemed like a mess to me--what was it about anyway? So far Asmodeus is the weakest Big Bad of the series. I didn't want Ketch back either. I don't know if it's really the casting. There's just no nuance to the way those two characters are written. I was willing to suspend judgement on a Ketch evil twin (good twin?), but have zero interest in more Ketch. I hope Michael will cross over and kill both of them...I don't think I can stand a whole season of them.

    I'm really hoping for Kevin's mom to put in an appearance.

  6. I'm afraid it's hardly possible to return many characters, or the ApocalypseWorld would look like a better world than ours (supposedly Paradise variant).
    And sorry to disagree, but we need more bad guys now when Luci got weak, and Asmodeus isn't impressive enough. So - long live Ketch!

  7. I finally caught up on Supernatural! I can go on Tumblr again! :D!!!

    I think Rowena is really dead, unfortunately - when Lucifer found out about her charm and how she resurrected the first time, he said he'd make sure she stayed really dead this time (and the charm must have been burnt when she was).

  8. "So far Asmodeus is the weakest Big Bad of the series."

    I would be willing to bet that Jack goes evil about halfway through the season and becomes the real problem (aka Dark Willow Gambit).

  9. Was that Evil Dead's cabin?. It certainly looked like it, even the inside.

  10. Look at the bright side: at least this means that we can see Ketch die again. But I think Rowena is really dead, she already used that ressurection trick once.

    What bothered me the most in the episode was that they did not adress what Michael did to Mary back in apocalypse world.

  11. Since Ketch is on the outs with BMoL, perhaps he really does have an identical twin?

  12. Was it just me or did the safe house in this episode look very much like the cabin from First Blood (12x9)?

  13. I fell for the stupid Ketch twin deal and I hate him a lot! Man's pure psycho and not worth spit to put a fire out! Did love Cas and Lucifer meeting and honestly, I kinda like Evil Colonel Sanders.


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