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Arrow: Thanksgiving

“It doesn’t matter what I do, Mr. Queen.  It matters what you do.”

Oliver was front and center in this week’s episode. And in true hero fashion, he made all the wrong choices for all the right reasons. Anyone want to hazard a guess how that’s going to work out for him?

I got almost everything I asked for. There was a vote the referendum, and surprising absolutely no one, it passed. Although, I'll give bonus points for the twist on why. I realized immediately that the cops were fake, but I didn’t see the video coming until it was on my screen.

Agent Watson arrested Oliver - at a charity event, in front of the cameras, and his son. She really doesn’t like him. How sad is it that my first thought was “Finally.” And yet, still no real progress. We have no idea what she has on Oliver but using the term “definitive proof” is, well, definitive. Is Agent Watson accusing Oliver of being the Green Arrow, being the mastermind behind Roy and Diggle (Nice call back to Roy by the way) or having them cover for him when the heat is on? If so, why didn’t she arrest Diggle too? And what about the rest of the team? It’s no secret the Arrow has “friends, ” and I’m pretty sure Watson knows who they are. Is it that she just can’t make the case against them yet? I did like her comment about idolizing someone hiding in the shadows. Could we be heading toward a time when the public knows Oliver really is the Green Arrow? How is that going to go over since he’s been denying it for years?

Dinah came clean to someone, at last. And Lance was the perfect person for her to open up to since they are both emotionally attached to criminals because of people who may or may not exist anymore. Has she been keeping it a secret because she didn’t stop The Vigilante? Or is it because Diggle was right? Her feelings for Vincent are affecting her judgment. I see a guilt trip in her future if and, most likely, when The Vigilante kills again. On a side note, it struck me during Dinah’s conversation with Lance and Felicity’s conversations with both Diggle and Curtis how little this team has been talking to each other. That is not good.

Speaking of long-overdue conversations. Wow! Oliver knew why Diggle never told him before he ever walked through the door. And while it may be true Diggle has put Oliver’s goals ahead of his own, he did so willingly. Telling Oliver it was a mistake was deliberate. He knew what would hurt the most as did Oliver with his comment about trusting Dig to wear the hood. The good news is that Oliver has matured over the years and it didn’t take him long to return with an apology. To his credit, Diggle was also quick with the mea culpa.

Last but not least, the question of William vs. Star City was answered. As Grandpa Queen once said, “This will not finish well for either of you.” No one even raised the question of whether Oliver should put on the hood when he’s out on bail for being the Hood! Really? And then to lie to William on top of it? I yelled at my TV when Oliver told William that the Green Arrow wasn’t at the stadium. I added a few expletives when Oliver said he was going to continue to do so until Diggle healed. Didn’t Dig say he had permanent damage? What if he doesn’t heal? Ollie, have you learned nothing from Slade? Don’t lie to your kid!

If there was any doubt the theme of this season was fathers and sons, I trust we can safely put that to bed. Not only do we have Oliver and his growing relationship with William, and Slade’s attempt to reconnect with Joe, we now find out that Cayden has it in for Star City and the Green Arrow because he believes the Green Arrow is responsible for separating him from his son, Owen Post. Owen apparently disappeared two years ago when Cayden was captured by ARGUS. He’s always referred to as a boy, so I doubt we’ll have a Prometheus redux. But I cannot think of any male child from that season who could be a potential Owen. And we’re not likely to find out next week, what with the 4th annual DC Crossover event.

We’re pretty much where I thought we’d be going into the mid-season finale. But I’m not sure that’s a good thing.

2.5 out of 5 Arrows

Parting Thoughts:

The last time Oliver got arrested it was Lance that did the arresting. Now he’s trying to clear “Oliver’s good name”? Wow, have the tables turned.

When I realized there was going to be a hearing I wondered if Oliver would get his mother’s attorney. He did.

I had just been thinking that there is no one left to call Oliver “Ollie” and Auntie Thea wakes up. Yay!

So, why do I think Helix Dynamics is going to lose the Bail money Felicity put up?

This is the 2nd show I know of that mentioned Billy Joel in the last couple of weeks. I’m pretty sure the other one was The Flash. Am I right? Anyone?

And if anyone was curious, Thomas Szasz was a real psychiatrist and not a comic book character.


Felicity: “You have four turkeys near the entrance and five more stuffed in on the floor. All puns intended.”

Rene: “I’m gonna go work on an algorithm over there when I figure out what an algorithm is.”

Oliver: “I’ve been mad at you before, but this is the first time I’ve been disappointed.”

Oliver: “If you can hear me. Just wake up, alright?… Please?”

Dinah: “We see the best in the people we care about And I, for one, am not ready to believe that that’s a bad thing.”

Cayden: “To get your attention, to talk that’s all. It’s not like I have your number.”

Oliver: “I’ve never had more to be thankful for.”

Shari loves sci-fi, fantasy, supernatural, and anything with a cape.


  1. I know she is just out of a Coma and has reservations about suiting up but i really want Thea to lead the team...She made seasons 3 and 4 bearable for me and has cool fight scenes (Thea against Diggles brother Andy is still my favourite fight of the series).She is infact the most skilled after Oliver, Diggle of course is stronger but she can use Arrows and all the ninja shit Sara can.

  2. She did have some of the best fight scenes but the only way this ends is with Oliver back in the hood full time, right? I guess she could do it temporarily, though.

  3. At lest the didin't go with Cayden James actually wanting to bomb a convert. Would be so dumb for such a genius and a waste of Michael Emerson. They way he speaks as mission control to Black Siren really brings back all the Person of Interest memories. Such a brilliant show that was.


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