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Lucifer: All About Her

Review by An Honest Fangirl

"He is who he is."

We have forward momentum! It's slightly unsatisfying forward momentum, but at least we are in fact moving forward.

Three weeks ago, we learned that Pierce was actually Cain, as in Cain and Abel. (No, I will not call him Kane, no matter what my subtitles tell me.) We got a little bit more information on how exactly his mortality works. He can be mortally wounded. He feels the pain of dying. But then his wound heals and his life goes on. Lucifer was right; that does sound like hell. I'm not quite at the point where I'm sympathizing with him, but it does position Cain as a somewhat complicated antagonist.

Cain is still the season's antagonist, right? The whole Sinnerman plot – the idea of an evil, criminal mastermind – seems completely over and done with. We now know for sure that he was the one who dropped Lucifer off in the desert, not that there were any competing theories. Will someone new take his place as main antagonist? Will it be God? The episode ended with Cain and Lucifer teaming up in order to go on the offensive and spite God, which I really can't see ending well. If He really did give Lucifer back his wings for the sole reason of screwing up Cain's plan, then who knows what other obstacles He might create.

I said if God gave Lucifer his wings back because, well, we still have no proof of God's motives. For anything that He's been blamed/credited for. I'm not sure how much I trust Lucifer's deductions on the matter. He's more than a little biased when it comes to his dad.

For an episode called "All About Her," I was expecting a little bit more Chloe. I'm glad that we saw some kind of fallout from Lucifer kidnapping/being kidnapped by the fake Sinnerman, but I'm still a little torn on the resolution. Maze told Chloe that she can't change Lucifer, and by the end of the episode, Chloe accepts this. Except that she is changing him. This entire show is about Lucifer's emotional growth and developing maturity. He still has a long, long way to go, and is still incredibly self-centered, but he is growing and changing and learning. I'm a little annoyed that no one acknowledges that.

The Case of the Week was surprisingly good, and Chloe's anger towards Lucifer gave her a good chance to spend more time with both Dan and Pierce. The wake/memorial with Dan and the Orcas was one of the highlights of the episode. For whatever reason, I found it to be rather beautiful. It was nice to celebrate someone's life, even if his only role on the show was to be a random murder victim. The killer was obvious and the motive was weak, but it had some really good scenes.

Finally, we have the Linda/Amenadiel/Maze drama. I was not expecting Linda to break up with Amenadiel so quickly, which makes me worried that the only reason why they got together in the first place was to create drama and give these characters something to do. It looks like Maze will certainly be out for blood in the coming episodes. I don't want Maze and Linda to fight, especially not over Amenadiel. They're best friends. Best friends shouldn't fight over any guy, especially not when Linda already feels guilty about starting the relationship in the first place. Hopefully this particular plot wraps up soon. And happily.

Random Thoughts

Charlotte had one of the best scenes with her conversation with Pierce/Cain.

I'm glad that Ella got to be something other than incredibly perky and optimistic, as much as it hurt to see her upset. It made her feel more human.

I feel like Amenadiel has mentioned the prostitute before. He probably has. Lucifer has very, very good continuity with these kinds of things.

Trixie was mentioned, but not seen.

I loved how Lucifer made himself Chloe's computer background. Of course he did.

Cain doesn't know why the fake Sinnerman, his righthand man, did the things that he did. What things exactly were they talking about? Gouging out his eyes? Trapping Lucifer in the meat locker or wherever? Killing people? All of the above?

The more I think about it, the more this episode feels like the writers trying to do damage control after the first half of the season did not gel like they wanted it to do.


Ella: Pierce yelled at me yesterday. He said that I talked too much. So I'm trying to talk less.
Charlotte: If I fell apart every time a man told me that he didn't like what I was doing, I'd be in a million pieces right now.

Amenadiel: I can't have chlamydia. I'm an angel!

Lucifer: You can't just walk out on me! I'll tell everyone who you are!
Pierce: Go ahead. They don't even believe that you're the devil.
Yeah, because Lucifer (and Luciferrefuses to prove it...

Chloe: Time to go home and be with the person you love most. Yourself.

This season has been a little shaky, but I'm hoping that this episode means that we'll about to improve.
An Honest Fangirl loves superheroes, science fiction, fantasy, and really bad horror movies. 


  1. Lucifer trying repeatedly to kill the unkillable Cain has its comical aspects, so I'll reserve judgment. For me, the best part of the episode was Tricia Helfer easily out-acting Tom Welling during their coffee scene. :)

  2. The prostitute was in "What Would Lucifer Do".

    I like seeing Ella being other than how she normally was, but I would have liked at least some acknowledgment that going up to someone who just killed a man and congratulating him like that was horribly inappropriate on her part.

  3. As we learnt from one of the previous eps hell is a place where the sinners get rotated in the same vicious circle forever, again and again repeating the same painful events that actually brought them to hell. Cain should have thought twice before making the deal with Luci, because he's not gonna win anything, or he should've specified the terms, like "no hell after death but an eternal sleep without dreams"... Something of the sort. And I can kinda relate with the murderess, those intruders just before your home's doorstep could be botheration. Strangling was a bit harsh though.

  4. Anonymous, if I may speak in defense of the murder victim: this episode was drawing on a perpetual controversy about public beaches in Malibu and nearby areas. They are public beaches, not private. Homeowners in the area like to restrict access to the beaches for their own pleasure.


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