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Lucifer: City of Angels?

Review by An Honest Fangirl

"See? You're as bad as me, brother. Pride is your sin, too."

Just a heads up, the next episode of Lucifer won't be on air for another three weeks, because we needed more proof that FOX can't schedule anything.

This was another holdover episode from last season, so we got no forward motion on the whole Cain arc. Instead, we saw how Lucifer and Maze permanently landed in Los Angeles.

Maybe I'm just desperate to get back to the season arc, but this episode didn't really do much for me. It was nice to see all of the little callbacks, like Lucifer watching High School Hot Tub, the start of Taco Tuesday or Amenadiel's dress/robe, but I wanted something more.

The Lucifer and Amenadiel interactions were unsurprisingly great. I didn't really like Amenadiel back in Season One, but seeing him in Angry, Superior Big Brother mode was one of the better parts of the episode. The dynamic between that and the slowly rebelling Lucifer is probably one of my favorites on the show.

We never did find out who would win in a fight between the pair, did we? Amenadiel let Lucifer win because he refused to sink to Lucifer's level. Of course, the only reason why Lucifer wanted to fight in the first place was because Amenadiel called him "evil" without so much as blinking. If we've learned one thing about Lucifer these past couple of years, it's that he hates the stereotypical perception that people have. He's not evil. He simply chooses freedom.

My favorite scene was definitely at the end on the beach. I couldn't decide what I wanted to watch more: Maze's absolute despair over having to cut Lucifer's wings, or Lucifer's painful, taunting grin towards God as she did so. All of this without words, too. I love these actors, even if I don't love the episode.    

Of course, Lucifer and Chloe had a near-miss encounter. Of course, it happened in Lux. Of course, it happened while they're both pursuing what was essentially the same lead. I was surprised that there was only that one moment, though. I expected more near-misses, but I am kind of glad that we only got the one. Any more and I would have wondered why they didn't just meet-up already, especially since Chloe is a miracle sent by God.

Random Thoughts

This took place in 2011.

Dad thought that Lucifer looked particularly devilish this episode. I didn't quite see it.

How fitting that Lux was previously a MMA arena.

Also, pretty sure that a choke hold is an illegal move in boxing.... fighting.... what is the proper term for that?

I expected to see Lucifer use his superpower at least once. Guess not.

Lucifer has been on Earth before. For whatever reason, I thought that him moving to L.A. was the first time that he left Hell. This was the first time that Maze left, though.

Quotes: (Lots of Lucifer and Amenadiel)

Lucifer: You remember that news report thingy? Well, there was a picture of our dead man standing next to a very distinctive d├ęcolletage.
Amenadiel: You identified a woman by her boobs.

Amenadiel: Don't you need some kind of key to start it?
*Engine roars to life*
Lucifer: You know me, brother. I can turn anything on.

Amenadiel: Oh, these poor creatures. They know not what they do.
Lucifer: I beg to differ. Everyone here is well aware that they're doing me.

Chloe: So a jack o'lantern stole your necklace?
Amenadiel: So you know this man. Where can I find this Mr. O'Lantern?

I'm realizing that I liked this episode more than I originally thought. Still, I'm itching to get back to Cain.
An Honest Fangirl loves superheroes, science fiction, fantasy, and really bad horror movies. 


  1. Yes. I did enjoy this one, especially the focus on DB Woodside for a change, but it was sort of frustrating.

  2. Lucifer is still great but the audience have cottoned on that the whole season has essentially been filler. The show has accumulated alot of good will but im sure if episodes like this continue that will quickly stop being the case...
    Also the 'secret' is ridiculous at this point..Even the episodes that have actual plot the characters are making no progression because everyone is in a sort of holding pattern because of it. I just watched an early season 2 episode and you could put any of this seasons episodes after it and you wouldn't miss a beat in story or character. I have even begun to lose interest in Lucifer and Chloes partnership as they hardly have scenes because its all ground they have covered.
    The best ting this season was Linda's self reflection in the episode with Amenadiel.

  3. Anonymous, I definitely don't disagree with you. My last review of this show was essentially saying everything that you just did! I honestly think that a large part of the pacing issues stems from the fact that the writers had to out 4 standalone episodes that were meant to be in last season into this one. "City of Angels?" is the last of the 4, so I'm hoping that the pacing picks up from here!

  4. This was fine, I suppose, but it feels very random, and I'm glad you explained the scheduling weirdness in your review, Fangirl! I wish Netflix had re-ordered the episode so they'd be in the order originally intended by the creators rather than mandated by the network.


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