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The Flash: When Harry Met Harry...

“We caught the bad guy. Isn’t that what superheroes do?”

The Team Flash Superhero Training School. A Progress Report:

Our most recent recruit, Ralph Dibny, shows an in-depth legal knowledge and a zest for apprehending criminals, most likely due to his experience as a former police officer and current private investigator. However, given his belief that the ends justify the means and his next to nonexistent concern for the consequences, his ethical and empathic abilities leave something to be desired.

Dibny is also predisposed to disregard any advice Barry has for him. This is an understandable response given that his former trainee is now his mentor. While the consequences posed by the garden variety mugger shooting himself were mildly amusing (the mugger was not amused), the little girl injured as a direct result of Dibny’s overwhelming need to capture the bad guy reaffirms our previous concerns.

The bad guy in question is the latest bus-meta, Mina Chaytan A.K.A Black Bison. She is a former professor turned violent activist bent on restoring Sioux artifacts to her tribe. Chaytan’s new-found abilities enable her to sense and control animal and human effigies. Despite her homicidal tendencies she manages to avoid being stereotyped mainly by mounting a convincing argument that leads Dibny, of all people, to believe she’s right. Her methods may have landed her in Iron Heights but the necklace she sought mysteriously made its way back to the Sioux.

Prognosis: While Dibny’s misogynistic disposition and willingness to take shortcuts to get desired results remain troubling, it appears that the injury sustained by the young girl succeeded in providing the clarity that Barry's mentorship had been unable to produce, at least as far as the prioritization of bystander safety. We believe that his inherent goodness may outweigh his numerous deficiencies. However, substantial mentoring is still required.

Our most advanced student, Harrison “Harry” Wells, frustrated in his efforts to discover the identity of the mysterious DeVoe, recently combined his search with his latest assignment – to make friends. The results were mixed. He succeeded in forming the aptly named “Council of Wells” but since all its members were genetic variations of himself the term friend can only be loosely applied. It did not help that he showed difficulties working with even these "friends". Note: Wells 2.0’s cannibalistic inclinations, Lothario Well’s particular predilections, and Wolfgang Well’s narcissism all warrant further study. However, after additional counseling from Cisco, Harry renewed his efforts and was not only able to restore relations with the other council members but ascertained the true identity of The Flash’s latest nemesis.

Prognosis: Wells continues to excel in all areas with the exception of tact and empathy. Yet, he has shown marked improvement here as well. He may soon be ready for the next stage.

What do we know?

We have a name and an address - Clifford DeVoe of 43 Hibbard Lane. Apparently, he is married to the woman known up to this point as The Mechanic. And as with Eobard Thawne’s impersonation of Harrison Wells, he is confined to a wheelchair.

Barry immediately sought a confrontation without any attempt at surveillance. Despite his graduate status, Barry still shows an inability to curb his impulsive tendencies. It is unclear what outcome he sought when approaching DeVoe, but it appears he has only succeeded in providing Clifford and his a wife an opportunity for further misdirection. We will continue to monitor this closely.

3.5 out of 5 dirty sounding effigies

Parting Thoughts:

Barry sped the mugger to the hospital while in his civvies. That’s still a bad thing right?

Dr. Finkel was back. She’s a relationship counselor and hypnotist. Who knew?

I like the fact that Barry has returned to CSI-ing.

Have you noticed that no doctor in the Berlanti-verse has ever heard of HIPAA?

If more proof was needed that Dibny does not fit in we have his Cisco designed super suit, a gray onesie that may be a technical marvel but purposefully lacks any finesse that Cisco is known for.


Barry: “Don’t forget how I turned you into an amorphous, stretchy blob."

Dibny: “She is cute. What’s her deal?”
Caitlin: “She’s in jail.”
Dibny: “When are visiting hours?”

Barry: “If you could fix his personality too that would be great.”

Barry: “Do you remember back in the day when we wouldn’t calmly consider a stone statue our prime suspect?”

Cisco: “Your friends are from different earths?”
Harry: “You know, I would’ve thought ‘multi-verse holo-projector’ would have given you that clue, but... apparently not.”

Wolfgang Wells: “You must be the little one they call Cisco.”

Cisco: “Dibny needs to wear the prototype Cisco so lovingly made for him. Either that or fight crime naked... Nope! Don’t fight crime naked!”

Cisco: “I’ve seen a lot of strange here, but this takes all the cakes.”

Wolfgang Wells: “I can see your frank and beans.”

Dibny: “I’ll get my ugly suit.”

Wells 2.0: “Apologizing is punishable by banishment under Krung the Face-Crusher!”
Harry: “Well, that’s unfortunate.”

Dibny: “That belongs in a museum.” (he he he)

Dibny: “For the love of Jeff Goldblum, stop.”

Dibny: “Still say it sounds kinda dirty, but I’m not the Mayor of the dictionary, so whatever.”

Joe: “What kind of criminal master-mind has a welcome mat?”

Shari loves sci-fi, fantasy, supernatural, and anything with a cape.


  1. I LOVED this! Very creative, Shari ^^ Maybe you can help me write my thesis ahhahha

    I think all I can say about Dibney is that he is fun. But I still don't see the point in benching Wally and then bringing someone new. Especially when there are other characters who could use the screen time (yes, still talking about the women. stoping now).

    I also liked the not-stereotyping of Black Bison.

  2. What Lisianpeia said. :) Really fun and creative, Shari -- loved it.

    I wish I liked Dibney. He feels a bit like a poor man's Jim Carrey. I keep wanting him to say, "Alrighty then!"

  3. I didn't get why Flash was trying to get Plastic Man to save the girl when he was sitting on the ground right next to her and could use his super speed to save her and catch the bad guy and empty a train full of people mid-crash.

    Oh, its so he could make Plastic Man feel bad. Maybe someone should make Flash feel bad.

  4. The costume is bland and featureless to make the special effects guys job easy. They don;t need to amimate a stretching suit and tie for exmaple ;)

    I think Dibny is there to fill in for both Julian and Wally not to replace Harry, but I would like a lot more Harry and the girls.

  5. Considering that The Thinker seems to have a specific plan for all the bus-metas, I would imagine there is a point to Dibney that we cannot see at this moment. Unfortunately, that probably means bad things for our heroes. In the grand scheme of things, I think The Powers That Be are attempting to redeem him, but I find it hard to get past his treatment of women. And just for the record, I would pick Julian and Wally any day of the week over Dibney!

    I watched the scene where the little girl gets injured quite a few times, and I think that Chaytan’s attack incapacitated Barry in some way which is why he asked Dibney to help. Then due to speed healing, Barry eventually was able to assist. 1) This could just be head cannon and 2) it was awkwardly done no matter how you slice it.

    Finally, this is as close as I want to get to writing any college papers EVER again! :)


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