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Lucifer: My Brother's Keeper

Review by An Honest Fangirl

"We're engaged."

Brothers, brothers everywhere, and not a single healthy relationship in sight. This does not fill me with warm, hopeful feelings.

Is Lucifer going to kill Amenadiel this season, because that's what this episode strongly hinted towards. It makes sense from a story perspective. Lucifer's goal recently is to upset God and fully embrace his devilish side. What better way to do that than to kill God's favorite son, especially since Amenadiel is so determined to stop him. It'd give us a nice parallel between them and Cain and Abel. Honestly, it was the mention of Malcolm that sealed the deal for me. It feels like we're coming full circle with Amenadiel, which is almost always a sign of impending doom. That's my one big prediction for the end of the season.

For a brief, fleeting moment, Tom Welling actually impressed me. The conversation between Pierce and Amenadiel over the gun had me at the edge of my seat. For being the first murderer, Pierce has been a largely nonthreatening presence – Sinnerman or not. It was nice to see that change, however briefly. Then the fight scene came along and ruined everything.

Did it feel off to anyone else? Something about the camera work and the fight choreography felt weird to me. It was hard to follow and didn't really have the power behind it that I was expecting. Lucifer can do good fight scenes, so I'm not quite sure what happened there. Maybe the director tried to get too fancy and it backfired on him?

All of this divine brotherly drama unsurprisingly mirrored the case. I thought for a second that we would get to meet Ella's criminal brother. Well, we did. Just not the one that's been mentioned in the past.

I really loved this case. It allowed for some wonderful character moments. Believe it or not, Chloe and Lucifer's fake engagement was not my favorite, although it did make my heart happy. That title goes to the final confrontation between Jay and Lucifer at the end. It's easy to forget sometimes that Lucifer deeply cares about "his" people, and that that circle is larger than just Chloe. It was interesting that he didn't want to destroy her faith in her brother, especially after spending the episode insisting that Jay was a disappointment and a murderer. You would think that Lucifer would have jumped at the chance to prove that he was right.

I think that seeing Ella's reaction when Jay took the gun and ran is what changed Lucifer's mind. Lucifer doesn't have faith in his brothers. I think that died a long, long time ago, even with the strides that he and Amenadiel had been making. But in that moment, he remembered how important that faith and belief was.

Cain was also the elder brother, right? There are so many mentions of his sin that I keep expecting either a flashback or for Abel to show up in the present. Did he have faith in his older brother's goodness? That could be an interesting thing to explore.

Random Thoughts

Amenadiel had the episode title. Interesting, considering that the quote is attributed to Cain in the Bible.

Three weeks until the next episode. It feels like Lucifer just came back!

Pierce needs to continuously reapply his tattoo. I never considered that. Nice touch.

Trixie and her glittery knives.

Is this the first time that Ella and Maze had any real scenes together?

I appreciated Linda's reaction to seeing Charlotte again. It felt real and natural. I also liked how quickly Charlotte realized that she hurt Linda.

Maze is still harboring those angry feelings towards Linda and Amenadiel, even if they aren't being directly addressed.


Pierce: Your research is watching The DaVinci Code?
Lucifer: And the sequels!

Chloe: If you guys were her, where would you go?
Lucifer: Ahh... strip club.
Dan: Comic-con!
Lucifer: Ahh!
Dan: Forensics convention.
Lucifer: Strip club.
Dan: Dude, you already said that. Why would Ella take her brother to a strip club?
Lucifer: For the free buffet.

Lucifer: Tell me, Tiffany. What is it that you desire?
Tiffany: To punch every millennial in the face.
Lucifer: Really? I mean, I don't disagree, but still.
Tiffany: They're killing my industry!
Hey, as a millennial, I resent that.

This episode really felt like a return to form to me. Let's keep going forwards.
An Honest Fangirl loves superheroes, science fiction, fantasy, and really bad horror movies. 


  1. First time Ella has had scenes with Maze and Trixie also..and they were predictably wonderful. Maze training Trixie is entry number 467 on their cute list.
    What got my attention this episode is the hints at what Family meant to maze..

  2. Maze is amazing! (Was I the first one coming with this pun?)


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