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Lucifer: Til Death Do Us Part

Review by An Honest Fangirl

"Trust me, Detective. No one is a worse neighbor than the Devil."

Lucifer and Pierce take on suburbia. Now that's Hell, right there.

Okay, let's get this out of the way first: we made absolutely zero progress this episode towards any kind of goal. We ended this week in the same exact place that we did last week: Pierce and Lucifer promising to work together to find a way to kill Pierce. This episode was just so fun, though, that I'm willing to keep my frustrations at bay for at least another episode.

So, Pierce follows Wolverine rules. Or Captain Jack Harkness rules. Pick your brand of geeky. That does make killing him a bit trickier. When Lucifer said that nothing human nor demonic could kill Pierce, my mind immediately jumped to Azrael's sword. After all, he said nothing about angelic weapons. Too bad the sword is in another dimension right now because it would certainly come in handy.

I absolutely adored seeing Lucifer as a domestic husband. He seemed almost in his element, arranging the snacks and the dip just so. It took Pierce longer to embrace the domestic bliss, but he got there. Their argument and subsequent reconciliation on the party were two genuinely moving moments in a largely comedic episode. Taken out of context, their words could mean any number of things, all of which are logical problems for a married couple to have. But we, the audience, are in the know, so we know that they're really talking about ending an eternity of suffering and torment.    

Chloe spent essentially all episode playing second fiddle to those two, and that is something that I will complain about. She's been pushed further and further into the background recently. Remember when she actually felt like a co-lead on this show? Those were nice times. I miss those. But of course, in order to regain that position, she would have to learn Lucifer's secret and that's never going to happen...

As much as I missed Maze while Lesley-Ann Brandt was on maternity leave, her recent storylines have been making me uneasy. This one straight up made me uncomfortable. I was cringing all through that initial scene that she had with Charlotte. Charlotte was clearly uncomfortable, and I couldn't help but think about the national conversation that America is currently having about sexual assault and harassment. I doubt that's what the writers intended, but that was still my major take away. Maze crashing Charlotte and Dan's date wasn't much better.

Regardless, Charlotte and Dan now seem firmly on the path towards coupledom. Dan's line about Charlotte being "worth the wait" was incredibly cliche and cheesy, but I found it to be sweet nonetheless. I've said this before, but I like them together. And God knows that both of them could use some happiness in their lives.

Meanwhile, the Pierce/Chloe relationship appears to be over? Maybe? He said that he's really not relationship material, but let's be honest, that's never stopped a TV couple before. The real question is how attached is Pierce going to let himself get to Chloe before he inevitably dies in the finale? I'll admit that this is definitely not my favorite arc of this season. I've been very open and honest about who I think Chloe should romantically end up with, but who knows? Maybe they'll surprise me and magically find some chemistry.

Random Thoughts

No Amenadiel, Linda, or Trixie. We haven't seen Trixie in awhile now, have we?

I loved how they actually played a song called "Lucifer" during his fight at the karaoke place.

Okay, also, that fight at the karaoke place? Gorgeous and stunning on every level.

I loved watching the rose bottle during the dinner Lucifer and Pierce had with their neighbors. It just kept getting lower and lower.

Is it just me, or did Tom Ellis look particularly handsome this time around?

Anonymous #2 brought up a very good point on my last review: Pierce should have been more specific regarding his deal with Lucifer. What if he goes to Hell after he dies? That doesn't sound much better than what he's experiencing right now.


Chloe: You can't just walk in there with your three piece suit and say, "Hello, drug dealers!"
Lucifer: I would never do that.
*Mere moments later*
Lucifer: (in Korean) Hello, drug dealers!

Brian: What do you expect from someone clueless enough to put a whole body into a woodchipper? Saw before you mulch! Everyone knows that.

Lucifer: What, you survived molten lava?
Pierce: Yeah, that was a rough six months.

I thoroughly enjoyed this episode. But can we please just give Chloe something meaningful to do?
An Honest Fangirl loves superheroes, science fiction, fantasy, and really bad horror movies.


  1. Terrific review, Fangirl. And as usual, we agree: while it's frustrating that we're still getting nowhere with Chloe, this episode was laugh out loud funny. Plus they get points for getting in the word "Kryptonite."

  2. My takeaway from this arc is how they've finally found a way to utilize Welling's stiff and wooden acting for something useful ;-)

  3. '''This episode was just so fun, though, that I'm willing to keep my frustrations at bay for at least another episode''

    I was just about to rant rave and cry about how they are still doing fillers and it was all pointless and how they are refusing to allow Chloe to grow as a character....But that rational sentence made me also bite my tongue. That was indeed a good episode, a great one by this seasons standard...IMO this is my fave episode since the Maze centric one.
    Speaking of, only Maze's character could have made that b plot work and even be mildly compelling especially concerning Charlotte.
    Also Dan is the man..from awkwardly agreeing/suggesting a threesome
    to his kind words to Charlotte near the end...Dan is definitely the normal underrated character in all this.

    @Thomas Welling excels at the Wooden and Stiff, made him a perfect Clark on Smallville... Like Keanu Reeves he has turned it into an art form

  4. The kryptonite joke MADE this episode. I also loved the scene with the Korean Power boss happily confessing to whatever would get him his K-Pop recipe back. I hope we don't go down the Chloe/Pierce route. She's just going to be devastated when he dies which will put Deckerstar even further on the back burner. There's slowburn and then there's just frustrating.

  5. Oh my God, how did I miss the Kryptonite joke? I totally forgot about Welling and Smallville!

  6. I loved this for the humor. My favorite was Lucifer describing the effects of k-pop and then miming tossing a chinchilla to Pierce.


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