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NewsFlash: Cancelled!

Sadly, Lucifer has been cancelled after three seasons. And apparently, they're going to leave us with a cliffhanger.

And we're not getting the Wayward Sisters spinoff.

Here's a pretty much complete list of the cancellations – for today: Alex, Inc.; The Brave; Brooklyn Nine-Nine; The Crossing; Deception; Designated Survivor; The Exorcist; The Expanse; Great News; Kevin Probably Saves the World; The Last Man on Earth; Life Sentence; Lucifer; Marvel's Inhumans; The Mayor; The Mick; Quantico; Rise; Taken; Ten Days in the Valley; Valor

But iZombie was renewed! And The Originals spinoff Legacies is going to series, as well as Charmed and Roswell reboots.

Update: Hulu will NOT rescue Brooklyn Nine Nine. Link.

Update: Wayward Sisters cast reacts to the news that the show wasn't picked up.

Update: Brooklyn Nine-Nine rescued by NBC! What a surprise!

Saturday update: Scorpion and Superior Donuts cancelled. Criminal Minds, Instinct, Life in Pieces and Man with a Plan renewed.

Sunday update: 9JKL and Kevin Can Wait cancelled. The Blacklist and Elementary renewed.

Sunday update: Gotham renewed for a fifth and final season.

Monday update: It looks like Gillian Anderson put a stop to The X-Files, because Fox has "no plans" for a twelfth season.

Monday update: Agents of SHIELD was renewed, but only for thirteen episodes. Bet that means it'll be the final season.


  1. It sucks to lose The Expanse and Brooklyn 99. They're two of the best shows on TV; I'm holding out hope that Hulu or someone will pick up The Expanse.

  2. Nobody will pick up The Expanse. That's a show that drew terrible ratings even at SyFy.

    Lucifer should be picked up. It's close to syndication.

    Please just tell me about the fate of Gotham right now. I'm all out of nails and have started biting at my joints.

  3. I'm not surprised about Lucifer, the third season has been frustrating. The last episode has been pretty great, but it was too little too late. Losing The Expanse hurts though. (Also Dark Matter, but that was last year.) It seems no space show lasts more than a couple of seasons lately :-(

  4. I would far rather have gotten another season of Lucifer, even with its lackluster third season, than another Vampire Diaries spinoff. Although that's Fox and the CW, apples and oranges, so maybe not a valid comparison.

    And I guess I can delete the four episodes of The Crossing I still have sitting unwatched on my DVR.

  5. Ugh, the Lucifer news hurts. I'm not surprised at all though. The ratings really haven't been good at all, and have been steadily dropping. I think last week's episode got a 0.7, and that's just not good enough for Fox.

  6. Furthermore! I can't believe that Wayward Sisters didn't get picked up? Seriously, what the hell, CW? You'd think that would be right in their wheelhouse, and the reaction to the episode was so so positive?


    This season has just been so rough for cancellations!

  7. The TV world layed down some harsh news today. Waa a widespread culling.
    But still no news on Agents of Shield

  8. Brooklynn Nine-Nine just got picked up by NBC! I don’t persoanlly watch it, but I know that that’s sure to make a lot of people happy.

  9. Lucifer will be missed even if the last season was a bit off.
    Praying for Gotham. I need this in my life.

  10. Fuck the CW. And fuck Syfy too (which has an stellar record with Farscape, Stargate, Dark Matter and so many many more). I wish the Netflixes and Amazons take over soon. The big channels don't deserve the viewership. Especially Syfy. Fuck them.

  11. Really, Wayward sisters passed up? For once I completely don't understand the CW, I just hope Sueprnatural will rescue some footage and bring us more Jody and Donna next season.


  12. Yes Billie, you can delete The Crossing. It's a very bad copy of Travelers with an unpleasant mix of The 4400, FlashForward and stuff. Good riddance.

    Any news of Agents Of SHIELD? We need another season of that!

    And I'm excited about the Charmed and Roswell reboots. Hopefully they can improve what the original shows lacked?

  13. TJ, no news yet on Agents of SHIELD. Is it the only one we haven't heard about yet?

    I'm not sure how I feel about the Charmed and Roswell reboots. They might be wonderful. They might be terrible. Look at what happened to The X-Files.

  14. I'm glad that everything I'm watching was renewed (bar Agents but I still hope), but it's getting increasingly difficult to watch everything so I kinda hoped for some cancellations this season. Even Elementary (that was basically relegated to a summer show by CBS this season) was renewed.

  15. I just added Monday's update -- that Fox has no plans to do a twelfth season of The X-Files without Gillian Anderson.

  16. Thank God.

    I'd wept tears of blood if Gotham was cancelled on this cliffhanger.

  17. If anyone is on Twitter and wants to try and fight Lucifer’s cancelation, #LuciferS4 and #SaveLucifer are our big hashtags. Especially during tonight’s finale!

  18. Shield got saved..This show has been on the bubble since episode 2 of its first season and it just keeps on ticking.
    The 13 episode order does not bother me, Shield could sustain a 22 episode season so i want to see what they do with 13..Also i wouldn't be so fast to call it the final season. It got saved for a reason. Disney may choose to move it to its streaming service in the future or they might just go with a 13 episode format form now on..The cw shows should take note. Speaking of the CW, i have a sneaky feeling they might step in and save Lucifer in a similar fashion to how they acquired Supergirl.

  19. Amazon has officially renewed The Expanse for a fourth season.

  20. So glad that The Expanse is getting a lifeline. I'm doubtful about what Elizabeth Mitchell's character is bringing to the show, so far. Her scenes are slowing down the action, big time.


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