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Renewals and Cancellations Guide Spring 2018

The seemingly unstoppable Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
If you’ve been having trouble keeping track of the many cancellations and renewals lately don't fret. I've put together this handy little guide of all the currently airing shows that we cover so you know what is and isn't coming back.

3% - Currently unknown

The 100 - Renewed for season 6

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - Unexpectedly renewed for season 6

Arrow - Renewed for season 7

Brooklyn Nine Nine - Renewed for season 6 (Yeah, we don't cover it but NINE NINE!!!)

The Crown - Renewed for season 3 due 2019

Daredevil - Renewed for season 3 due later this year

Doctor Who - Renewed for season 11 also due later this year

Lucky number 13?
Fear the Walking Dead - Currently unknown

Game of Thrones - Final season due 2019

The Gifted - Renewed for season 2

Gotham - Final season due 2019

The Handmaid’s Tale - Renewed for season 3

iZombie - Renewed for season 5

Jessica Jones - Renewed for season 3

Legends of Tomorrow - Renewed for season 4

Legion - Currently unknown

Lucifer - Cancelled

Luke Cage - Renewed for season 2 due June 22

Midnight, Texas - Renewed for season 2

Mr. Robot - Renewed for season 4

The Originals - Cancelled, final season currently airing

Preacher - Renewed for season 3

The Punisher - Renewed for season 2

Sense8 - Cancelled, two-hour series finale due June 8

Sherlock - Fuck knows

Star Trek: Discovery - Renewed for season 2

Supergirl - Renewed for season 4

Supernatural - Renewed for, bloody hell, season 14

All their kids will be in college by the time the series ends for good.
The Walking Dead - Renewed for season 9

Westworld - Renewed for season 3

The X-Files - Cancelled (hopefully) for good
Mark Greig is still raging about The Expanse More Mark Greig


  1. Thanks so much, Mark. This is great. I can't believe we're covering this freaking many shows.

    While I'm glad that Gotham and probably Agents will get a final season to wind up their stories, it is absolutely infuriating that Lucifer has been cancelled after giving us the two best episodes they've ever done. In my opinion. If only they'd spread more of that out over the third season, the show wouldn't have been cancelled. Well, then again, Fox does shit like this.

    I can't believe I've never seen that photo of Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki and Misha Collins. :)

  2. The note about Sherlock just made me laugh out loud at work. :)

  3. Anonymous, The Flash has been renewed, but we're not currently covering it.

  4. Yes, we really would love to have someone join us and review The Flash.

    https://www.douxreviews.com/2001/01/so-you-want-to-be-guest-writer.html (apply here!)

    And btw, if we can't find anyone, our terrific Arrow reviewer, Shari, might be reviewing the rest of Flash season 4 this summer.

  5. I'm happy about Gotham. At least it gets a chance to finish this madcap ride well. Laughed about Sherlock. So true.

  6. So, like...

    I'm very, very happy about Gotham being renewed, because I do not want to finish my coverage on this note. I made no excuses for my loathing of some of the storylines this season, and knife-to-the-throat, the people in charge HAS to be able to do better.

    Lucifer, though. Yeah, I watched the finale. They realized they had it to the throat and THEY FUCKING DELIVERED. Over the years I hold it far weaker than Gotham, but these last two episodes far outshone its former sister show's recent fare and at last showed us its potential.

    I truly morn its cancellation. It has to get a fourth season. It just has to.

  7. NINE NINE! So relieved it's been saved. Now NBC or someone needs to save The Expanse.

  8. I'm currently writing the review for Lucifer's finale, and it's very hard. I had a feeling that the cancelation was coming due to ratings, but it still hurts, especially after these past two episodes were so fan-freaking-tastic. And while I am happy that Gotham was renewed and that hopefully it can end on a better note, IT HAD LOWER RATINGS THAN LUCIFER AND I'M SALTY.

    Ugh. I'm sorry. I know that I shouldn't necessarily pit shows against each other, I'm just frustrated at FOX.

  9. Fangirl, I think this is a special case.

    In normal circumstances I think Fox would've renewed Lucy. But Fox is getting bought out, adding more football, etc etc etc... It's not normal circumstances.

    I think the deal is this:

    WB was determined to get Gotham to 100 episodes. It had 88. It's a somewhat valuable commodity that can be sold in syndication. Letting it end on 88 with a cliffhanger would have been economic suicide, and renewing it and possibly even taking a financial loss on Fox for only a season would be worth it long term.

    With Lucifer they need 1.5 seasons to the bare syndication minimum. Now that's a very heavy incentive to get it renewed (1.5 isn't a lot) but also... basically giving the show away for free for 1.5 years?

    I think Lucifer will be renewed. I'll eat crow if I'm wrong, but I don't see WB wasting three years on the show and failing to get it to syndication, especially after this cliffhanger. Ending it like this would be a black stain on their mark, not only Fox's.

    If you want my advice? Like, as a "veteran of the game" (been into the worrying business for 25 years...)? ;-)

    Forget twitter campaigns. Or well, do them if you like, but:

    Raise money. Money matters. Money is all that matters to companies.

    Kickstart the shit out of this thing.

  10. You're right, Thomas. And I think that I know that intellectually speaking. As much as I hate to admit it, TV is still a business, and a goal of a business is to make money. There's all of these calculations that networks make that fans aren't privy to; they just see that their show is canceled.

    (And it certainly doesn't help that Lucifer is a DC property on a network that's being bought out by DC's main competitor. Hey, CW, I got a preposition for you...)

    I think the appeal of Twitter campaigns is that is an easy, quick way to make your voice heard in a sustained way. Not everyone necessarily has the means to donate money, but nearly everyone can write a quick tweet to a handful of executives. Or even if they can't, they can easily spread the word to other people who can.

  11. The only thing that's currently getting me through cancellation season is the news that Berlanti is doing Doom Patrol for DC Universe (Is that a streaming service? That sounds like a streaming service. I should google that.... technologing is hard...)

    Apparently it's the classic lineup, BUT includes Crazy Jane, the cornerstone of the Grant Morrison run on Doom Patrol, aka, the best thing to happen to comics in the last ever. (argument to made in favor of Animal Man issue 5 - Coyote Gospel)

    It's not really clear to me how she can possibly gel into the classic version of the team, as the absence of 1.5 of the original team members was kid of the point of that phase, but I'm totally down to see how they do it.

  12. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel got a third season and the second hasn't aired yet. That's pretty cool.


  13. "The Expanse" has been picked up by Amazon. Don't know when they will air.


  14. Legion got a third season!



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