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Supergirl: Of Two Minds

“Just because something is hard doesn’t mean it’s impossible. You break through impossible every day. You inspire the rest of us to do the same.”

People in National City start getting sick – really sick. And it’s up to Supergirl and her team to find a cure.
In most reviews, I do the main review and then devote a paragraph to interpreting the title (Title Musings). I won’t do that this time, because nearly everything is reflected in the title. This whole review will be title musings!

Having two minds can be more or less literal, and in this episode we have three Worldkillers who are overtly so: Samantha/Reign; Dr. Grace Parker/Pestilence (the future Blight); and Julia/Purity, who shows up at the end. We also have an update on M’yrnn J’onzz, who is losing his mind – he has a healthy mind and an unhealthy mind. Having two minds can refer to disagreements between people who are allies, even friends, who want the same thing but who disagree on how to achieve what they want. We see this repeatedly: most overtly, Imra and Supergirl; but also Imra and Mon-El, as they debate the best course of action to take with respect to Pestilence. Finally, "of two minds" can refer to someone who is simply undecided.

Here's central question of the A story: should they kill Pestilence now or not? Supergirl says not, that the Worldkiller still has a human side and they can try to reach her. And I am glad that Supergirl has this code of ethics. Given her powers, if she had any other attitude, she would be too terrifying and tyrannical.

But the question's still valid. To what lengths do you go to redeem one person? Do you let someone else die? What if you’re condemning millions to death? Good people, nice people, as opposed to one who is damaged? A whole world? Imra has a point, and Supergirl isn't acknowledging it, or rather only barely acknowledging it.

Winn had some great deathbed speeches – James Olsen was even in tears – but of course Winn does not die. I think Winn’s death would have been better for the story. Right now Supergirl’s insistence on never killing is not really being put to the test, which is one way I think the episode falls short. On the other hand, I’m glad Jeremy Jordan still has a job.

Another point that we flit past is that Imra’s approach fails. If you’re using outcome-based morality – and although Supergirl knocks it, evolution does not – what do you do when you don’t know the outcome? Imra is from the future, which she wants to change (which also causes a logic paradox but we’ll skip that for now). But she does not know what will happen from her actions.

I also enjoyed the other story-line, the interactions between Lena and Sam/Reign. I like Lena more and more – although the reproaches of the others at the end are spot on- Lena should not be doing this on her own. On the other hand, if she were successful at banishing Reign from Samantha's body, then her actions would be justified. I like, too, where Samantha and Reign hang out when the other is in control.

Bits and pieces

Mon-El states that they base the entire philosophy of the Legion on Supergirl. That’s at least the second cult that she has inspired. And how weird for him, her ex-boyfriend.

Liked the plot twist with the “cure in the DNA” being the wrong cure because Pestilence has not yet turned into Blight.

Brainy has a new look. I liked the other one best, but I could understand if blue make-up is too annoying – perhaps causing some skin irritation - or too expensive.

I’ve been writing Supergirl and not Kara Danvers, because we haven’t seen much of Kara outside of her uniform. Hmm, given this bit and the prior piece, I wonder if Supergirl is suffering from budget cuts to their costume department.

Very female show these days, with the few males just in support roles. What’s weird is that I barely notice it. In shows with just guys I do notice the lack of women. I'd be interested in reading how others are reacting.


Imra: That’s not how I usually operate, but these are extreme circumstances.

Winn: Well, I find that I – have no retort.

Mon-El: There has to be a way to do this without making a moral compromise.

Supergirl. You don’t get to pick and choose when your ideals matter. You either live by them, or you don’t.

Reign: There is bliss in surrender.

Brainiac: Are you two having a marital conflict – which I should stay out of – or is this a work-related quandary where my intellect might be of use?

Winn: I have made some true friendships. That has been the best part of my life.

Overall Rating

A solid episode, with some excellent moments, but several missed opportunities. Three out of four faux-Worldkiller cookies.

Victoria Grossack loves birds, math, Greek mythology, Jane Austen and great storytelling in many forms.


  1. Winn's "deathbed confession" kind highlighted this for me but I saw someone point out recently that while Winn used to be Kara's best friend back in ye olde season 1, we haven't gotten much of them together recently. And while I certainly don't begrudge the strong friendships they've each made with James and Lena respectively, I kinda miss that aspect of their relationship.

  2. Finally Lena has to stop with the secrecy. Let's just hope the samples survived and will provide some way to defeat the Worldkillers.

    To be honest they should just cut CatCo completely along with James, I have not missed Kara's adventures in journalism one bit. But I do miss the glasses and her tick of adjusting them often. :)

  3. I think the problem with the question of whether or not the kill Pestilence is that it shouldn't be an either-or situation. Supergirl is taking a huge chance in her effort to save the human side of Pestilence. She should acknowledge that, and be prepared for drastic measures if her efforts fail.

    Not that she shouldn't try to save Grace, she should. But I think she's falling for her own press, believing a pep talk from Supergirl will always do wonders. It doesn't. And it shouldn't. The show should stop prop Supergirl up as this symbol of hope who solves everything with a speech. It's not really inspiring when Supergirl hadn't really been challenged on her moralities in her career as a superhero.

    AS for Mon-El building the Legion on Supergirl's ideals, that's just really weird, because these are not just Supergirl's ideals, but also of Superman and other superheroes, and even normal everyday heroes. The way Mon-El behaves is like Supergirl isn't just his love, but also his idol, his religion, which isn't exactly healthy.

    By the way, I like Mon-El even less now. He wasn't a favourite character before. He didn't really have much chemistry with Kara. But now, he's more charmless than ever. He lost what little spark he had with Kara. He became sanctimonious. A wet blanket. I wonder how did Kara ever fall in love with him in the first place?

    I like Imra though, mainly because she's so beautiful.


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