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The 100: Exit Wounds

"Your secret is safe with me."

I don't know if there's another show that can take as many stories and intertwine them with such ease.

There are so many balls in the air in terms of who to trust, which is funny considering how few people are actually left on earth. With Kane's help, Diyoza was able to tap into the dissenting people of Wonkru. She was able to get a fair amount of defectors to join her. These weren't people like Kane, switching sides because they wouldn't be allowed to stay. They made a choice and were hopeful that it was one that would better their situations. But did that gamble pay off? The ones that weren't shot in the back as they fled, are now wearing shock collars at the mercy of convicted killers.

Given everything that the Wonkru defectors are now facing, having an option has to be better than the time in the bunker when there was never any hope of a way out. Which is pretty much the situation that Clarke and Bellamy now find themselves in. Joining Charmaine is not a viable option after the brief but eventful times they've spent with her. Octavia and Wonkru are practically the only option. Scary, unpredictable, probably cannibalistic Octavia. Clarke was willing to throw herself at the mercy of Diyoza in order to keep Madi as safe as possible.

The fun of a time jump (particularly ones that include a dark year and fighting to the death) is that people are all over the place in terms of what they do and who they are and what's important to them. So many characters have spent all of these separated from ones that they love. Now that they have better access to each other, sometimes even standing in the same room, they seem still as disconnected as possible.

Also, I have to assume that there is a reason that Charmaine and McCreary are the only ones from the Elgius crew that we've met. Should we not expect anyone else to survive this season?

Before becoming the Red Queen, Octavia could have never imagined that she would ever be a threat to a child. Hell, she was that child and she, her mother and her brother paid the prices for those secrets. Now she has this power over Madi and both Clarke and the audience is left waiting to see what Octavia will do with that power if she feels threatened.

Clarke has always seemed responsible for her friends in a very maternal way. Always willing to make the hard choices for the survival of them. Always will to sacrifice herself. Always staying a few steps ahead of them so that they can sleep a little more sound – so that they survive. And she has saved them many times over. I wonder how they are going to feel when they realize that they've all been bumped down a peg? In most cases probably understanding, but I feel a clash between Clarke and Octavia coming and the only leverage Octavia would have over Clarke is Madi.

I have to say, I'm into Bellamy and Echo. Like Murphy and Emori when they found each other, I think the pair sees something of themselves in each other. In the former's case, it is forgiveness. Being able to find a peace in someone else makes them so effortless to watch for me. After six year on the Ark, the sins they committed on the ground were almost committed by different people. Unfortunately, Octavia (and probably a lot of fans) haven't had as much time to see past Echo's action and the lives that she took. Also unfortunately, who you are in seclusion and in love isn't necessarily who you are when clawing your way to survival.

Solid episode.
3.5 out of 5 flash drives in bullet wounds.

Bits and pieces

Kane still thinks he can save people. This isn't news, but thinking about this in terms of the way people have changed made me wonder if Kane has changed at all. Sure he's doing the exact opposite of executing and public lashings but its still trying to take control of a situation in which he has no control.

Octavia's eyeshadow game is on point.

Murphy and Emori sitting in a tree... again. Too cute.

Niylah has back-stabbing, obsessive acolyte vibes written all over her. I've never had that much invested in her so I'm not really worried about whether or not Clarke can still trust her.

Bellamy: "She was a spy, but now she is with me, your brother, who is trying very hard to understand who you are compared to who you were six years ago. All I'm asking is for you to do the same."

Echo: "Bellamy, Octavia wasn’t joking when she said defectors would be shot."
Bellamy: "Admittedly not a perfect plan."

Bellamy: "Clarke, she’ll kill you!"
Clarke: "I know it sucks."


  1. I liked the idea of Echo nad Bellamy since season 2. (That's why the beginning of season 3 hurt so much) I also dig Octavia as a villain. So I know where I stand there, but just as You I'm not sure what the producers will do with it. Let's hope I'm not dissapointed by the time the season ends.

  2. I loved this one. This season has been really good so far.

    Octavia's eyeshadow game is on point.


    I actually liked Octavia in this one. The way she dealt with the situation was very clever. Evil, but clever. By shooting her own people, she reduced the number of defectors and gave Echo a stronger coverup. If the writers keep this up, Octavia might end up being an interesting villain to watch.

    And go Echo! Wow, what a way to hide that chip (clever episode title as well). I've always wanted her to be one of the good guys, and I'm so glad she has a bigger role this season.


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