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The Originals: God's Gonna Trouble the Water

"May she sleep with the angels, and I'm sure she'll teach them a thing or two."

As much as I hated the last episode and the circumstances surrounding the death, I cried through a lot of this episode.

Whether I was crying for Hayley Marshall, the loss of Elijah (because I have little hope he'll ever be himself again) or out of sheer frustration is anyone's guess.

The thing is, I just don't think there is enough time to give anyone the ending I'd want for them. As if I even know what that looks like anymore.

Maybe the point that TPTB are trying to make is that the Mikaelsons have simply overstayed their welcome. Seems like an annoying hill to die on for a show about vampires with centuries of experience fighting their ways out of sticky situations, but whatever.

Parading through the quarter wasn't true to who Hayley was. I think I remember at Cami's funeral she said that she'd be pissed if someone threw a party when she died. (I couldn't find a quote on the review for that episode so if she said it, I didn't think it was important enough to type out at the time.) If they were only going to make one funeral commitment, I'm glad that the people that loved her showed up to her bayou sendoff. It was beautiful and understated and Hayley always felt more connected to the bayou and wolves than to her lavish Mikaelson compound so I'm glad that at the very least her story got to end there. Even with two funerals it still feels like she got the shaft. Like in the midst of fanatical vampires and with Elijah throwing a tantrum over his new lady friend instead of paying his respects, Hayley became almost an afterthought of her own funeral.

Everytime I try to put a cohesive string of thoughts about Elijah together, I end up in a black hole of YouTube videos to distract myself from how embarrassingly disjointed my ramblings get. So here is me trying to keep my thoughts concise and pointed:

-I never thought I'd say this but I LOVED hearing Klaus stick it to ELijah and reject his deal.
-Remember how devoted Elijah was to each of his siblings and Hayley and Hope?? All that devotion is now getting funneled to Antoinette. It seems like it'd be a little suffocating for someone that's been solo for so long?
-What exactly happened in Elijah's head? Is his subconscious refusing to allow him to face what he did or are outside forces at play?
-I completely agree with Klaus that realizing how royally he let his family down could be the end of honorable Elijah. I worry that in Uncle Eli wouldn't agree to stand in for parent teacher conferences in Mystic Falls and this is Julie Plec's punishment. So much for not rambling... these even border on conspiracy theory.

I hardly even know what I'm saying in the reviews anymore. What is that worth, 1 or 2 out of 5 necklace heirlooms lifted off of funeral pyres?

Bites and pieces

Greta's vendetta wasn't just a family affair. She had assembled an army to continue the ungood fight. Great.

The Caroline Forbes that I know would have shown up for the funeral of her friends' baby mama. Did she at least give Klaus and Hayley's charred body back to New Orleans? Ugh. That's all I'll say about that.

I liked seeing Klaus carving Hayley's marker into the same tree as Jackson and Mary. They loved her too, after all.

After her part in Hayley's wolfnapping, if Hope had anything to do with the meeting of Mikaelson minds, I don't know how I'll handle it.

The outstanding acting is something I'm really going to miss when we get to the end of this journey. This time it was Joseph Morgan's Klaus begging deceased Hayley to tell him what to do next. Like a knife to the chest. Ouch.

Josh: "This is my fault. I'm the one who let Greta get away."
Vincent: "You can't beat yourself up over this, Josh. Greta's plan was already in motion. You didn't start the fire, you just got burnt by the flame, like everyone else."

Vincent: "To Hayley."
Marcel: "May she sleep with the angels, and I'm sure she'll teach them a thing or two."

Klaus: "This family, we were cursed to each other and to Hope. She needs me now, but loving her brings her closer to death and I want her to live. I want her to grow up. I want her to love, and be as strong and beautiful a woman as her mother."

Hope: "My mom is dead. She's dead and it's my fault! And I need more than some half version of you!"

Freya: "Your mom made a mark on this city."

RIP, Little Wolf. You deserve better.


  1. What you said. I cried too, but I found it so frustrating. And there's only six episodes left.

  2. I wonder how many more characters will be killed before it's over.

    Elijah might be now taken ober by the part of the Hollow that he has inside of him. But who's casting the spell to keep Klaus together with him trapped in the mansion I wonder.

  3. It was Father Kieran’s funeral... after Micheal tried to kill her.


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