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The Originals: There in the Disappearing Light

"The consequences will be devastating for everyone."

Truer words have never been spoken, Elijah. Too bad everyone hates you and you can't sit with us anymore.
Spoiler Alert: I am not a fan of whatever this is. And I'm choosing to express my bitterness with overlydramatic intensity. Bless.

I've watched this episode so many times. More than I've watched any other this season. I still don't have anything to say about it. It feels like I'm not even watching The Originals. Like I'm trying to review a show I know nothing about. One I haven't been watching and investing in for years. And this new show, the prelegacies if you will, isn't a show I'd choose to watch much less review. The very core of TO was the immortal and dysfunctional family, most of which aren't even a part of this final season. Will Rebekah ever learn to love herself? Who knows. Will Klaus learn compassion? Will Elijah finally indulge in the beauty of a business casual dress code? We will never know. Or maybe we all should rewrite this nightmare for ourselves in our own imaginations.

If there was a silver lining here, it was Klaus trying to be a good dad by finding his daughter people to torture. Not because I care how Hope is coping or because I think its particularly compelling story telling. But it is part of the miniscule continuity weve gotten in Klaus' personality. Victim supply is his love language.

1 out of 5 Vengeance filled father-daughter-dates. I truly can't wait for this to be over.

Bites and pieces
aka, things that don't matter and I barely care about anymore.

RIP Josh. Tell Cami we miss her but Leah Pipes should be thanking her lucky stars she wasn't obligated to be a part of this.

Davina is gonna be maaaaad.
Another silver lining was Josh reuniting with Aiden in the afterlife.

There was no Rebekah, no Kol, no Freya. They should've changed the name of this last season to Everyone But the Originals.

Hope has officially triggered the werewolf curse.

Antoinette is still popping up.

What the hell was the point of Ivy? She didn't find out anything that Freya couldn't have witched out. What a waste.

The ancestors stay tortured on their plane? Did we know that? No wonder they were so unrelenting horrible in those early seasons.

Not that anyone cares at all but the nazivamps are gone now.

Uhhhhh. This is laughably short. Sorry about it.

Josh: "But now you are my family."


  1. I hear you, Laure.

    I'm still watching, but mostly because I can't give up now. Josh's demise made me angry. He's one character I hoped would make it to the end. But then when Aiden picked him up in his green afterlife car (was that a little tribute to Six Feet Under? Probably not) I cried. A lot.

  2. This has the same fingerprints that the final season of Vampire Diaries had..Julie Plec.
    As someone who saw The Originals before VD you cant even blame the lack of Originals Some of My favorite episodes are from early season 1 when it was just Klaus and Rebekah and Elijah came back from being daggered.

    I do like Klaus and Hope finally being able to be together..Just her mom had to die a pitiful terribly choreographed death and they disintegrated Elijah's character.
    Alot of people find Hope bratty and annoying but i see her as the perfect combination of Klaus and Hayley mid temper tantrum. She even looks like the both of them and i commend the actress for being able to do the watery eye thing Joseph Morgan does.

  3. The show has gone down hill fast. Marcel can't even deal with 3 vamps and a witch but Josh can, just to die.

    Marcel could have ran faster than Vincent but a phone call could have saved Ivy just as easy, also poison was gonna be consumed even when Vincent choose nazivamps side? Plenty of this to go round this season.

    My point is people are weak and have no powers when it fits the writers. But ehen they need something they can be gods.

    This season has been a mess without any decent story telling, in it to see if the ending is reasonable not really caring much which is why I am still an ep behind.

    1. Also I like the review sums up the ep perfectly!

  4. Looks like this one is going out with a whimper, not a bang. Oh well.

  5. Going out with a whimper seems to be the standard TV show M.O.

  6. I actually didn't mind this episode. Yeah, the show is definitely showing signs of winding down to the finale/spinoff, but it still hit good emotional notes (though some weak ones too).

    I wasn't expecting Josh's death - but if he had to die, at least he got a much better send-off than Hayley. I bought him defeating the witch when Marcel did not because of a) Marcel's warning, and b) the witch showed himself this time. And a "happy" ending with Aiden was well deserved.

    Ivy was too new to the show for me to feel anything about her death or her choice to remain a witch till the end. I wanted Vincent to find some happiness in the end, but to use up so much of the limited time this season on their budding relationship only for her to die was just a waste.

    I do like that New Orleans witches are now no longer tied to their ancestors. I feel like Davina should have been a part of this happening somehow.

    Elijah is trying to win back points by being his smooth, devious self again. Baby steps. At least Antoinette is leaving. I don't want to see her again.

    Lots of Hope and Hope/Klaus stuff, which I liked. She's growing on me as a character. Crap, now I do have to watch Legacies. I liked that she was able to realize Roman was misguided instead of evil all on her own. I don't really like them as a couple, but if they can get to the sort of challenging friendship that Klaus and Hayley had, I think it would suit them.

    Haha, yes, victim supply is definitely Klaus' love language.

    Writing this review while I'm in Dublin. Just a side note - Declan's Irish accent is WAY over the top. Looked it up just now, and the actor was born in Canada. I would have bet money he wasn't actually Irish.


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