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The Originals: 'Til the Day I Die

"Oh, wow. Are we like totally almost done here? The hours are really inching by like seconds now."

Okay, okay. You caught me. That quote was made up by me.

Don't read this if you're looking for someone to coo about the wedding vows. In case you're new, consider this your disclaimer: This isn't going to be a rave.

Weve all heard about the Legacies spinoff. Trying to forget that Hope will absolutely be attending the Salvatore school sometime soon and pretend to be worried or invested in her possible demise isn't working for I. The slightest. At the very least the powers that be knew that a spinoff was being shopped around. Why would they settle on trying to push this story off on us. Unless a) they're planning on carrying this ridiculous storyline back to Mystic Falls or b) they truly are out of juicy stories for this lot.

This week in inconsistent character confusion...
Exhibit A. As much as I would appreciate Elijah to crawl in a hole and cry himself to sleep over Hayley's death, he would never ever ever leave knowing about Hope's imminent death. Freya is right he would be able to put aside anything he's struggling with personally to take care of his family. I fully disagree that the wedding is something deserving of that kind of compartmentalization but that's neither here nor there. Sitting idly by while the death of yet another family member approaches is definitely deserving of a little prioritization. But who knows, maybe he saw the Legacies preview.
Exhibit B. A smaller grievance is Klaus not being outrageously pissed to find out that Elijah recognized Hayley. So stupid.

Everytime Hayley has shown up in flashbacks since her death, I hope we will get some kind of closure for her character that her death just didn't provide. Some reason to make sense of the terrible way she was written out and every time I am monstrously let down. Here's the thing, the beautiful art gallery date and very poignant letter might have given me something as it was all so exceptionally poetic and fit with who Hayley and Elijah were as a couple. Classic without being sappy. And she was saying that she let Elijah off the hook for whatever shortcomings he's had in their relationship. But I don't and I genuinely don't think that the Elijah we know would get over losing the greatest love of his life in that manner or the part he played in it. I also don't think Julie Plec is trying to claim that they weren't a great love. I think they ran out of time and got lazy which is pretty pathetic considering what powerful storytellers this group has proven to be.

Less dumb.
Davina!!! I really enjoyed seeing her. And seeing that her relationship with Kol is still going strong and that she is thriving out of New Orleans. She gave Marcel a reality check about how to deal with the human faction and Declan. And thank goodness the Declan introduction this season seems like it could have more purpose than Ivy's did. He's going to lead the humans out of darkness. With any luck, he will honor Hayley and Cami and father Kiernan by doing this (or at the very least, it'll be vague enough that I can pretend).

The least dumb.
Rebekah gave such a lovely pep talk to her sister about not how none of them could ever turn out to be as horrible as Mikael and Esther were. It was powerfully sweet and heartfelt and moving and it really brought the series around full circle for me. These siblings did start out in life under the watchful care of very selfish people. They were manipulated, used as pawns and ultimately hunted by their parents. Damaged so much so that they've only been able to occasionally trust each other. Even Kol pointed out, sometimes it's dinner and sometimes it's a dagger. Bex was so compassionate with her sister, not at all tinged with jealousy. She held Freya up. I like it when the Mikaelsons hold each other up.

Also, Klaus and Elijah made me feel things at the end when Elijah didn't even have words to comfort Klaus and they shared a teary-eyed hugs. This is the only reason I saw fit to even give this episode a rating.

1/2 1 out of 5 upside down rooms

Bites and pieces

Nothing brings families together like a wedding.

Rebekah- Maid of Honor
Kol- Ceremony Officiant
Vincent- Best Man Not paid enough to be included in obligatory season final wedding extravaganza.
Elijah- Brother of the Bride
Klaus- Wedding Planner
Freya breaking down the part she saw everyone playing was too good, honestly. Almost enough to bring this episode up another half point.

Vincent is depressed and had decided to skip town. I was wondering who would lead the witches and worried that Davina might get stuck holding the bag. I don't want that for her. She seems so much happier living on the beach or whatever.

But also, without ancestors to facilitate the ancestral magic, do the witches still have power?

With a spinoff coming based on legacies, it was pretty apropos for Freya and Keelin to have the baby talks. The fact that they really tried to hit home that they both decided they wanted children because they were happy and successful was pretty annoying though. Not all happy, successful women want tiny werewitch babies doing around, okay? It's 2018, y'all.

Freya: "I'm so sad about Josh, and Ivy and everything that Hope is going through, but I look at you, and I can't help it. I'm happy. It just feels so selfish."
Keelin: "Josh and Ivy wouldn't think so."
Freya: "Yeah, well, they're not here."
Keelin: "If they were here, they'd tell us not to waste it and they'd be right, so let's do it... let's get married."
Freya: "Yeah, that's the plan."
Keelin: "No, let's get married today."
Keelin's imaginary next line: Gosh Freya, the final season is almost over. We're running out of time here.

Rebekah: "Well, it wouldn’t be a Mikaelson family gathering without one of us being mad at another one."

Rebekah: "We may be damaged, but we are not doomed to repeat our parents mistakes."

Kol: "By the power vested in me by a Franciscan monk in the 13th century... and by the internet a few hours ago, just to be on the safe side, I now pronounce you married. You may both kiss the bride."


  1. Well, the wedding was lovely. And I thought it was fun that Klaus stole the venue. I enjoyed Freya and Rebekah in particular. And Davina and Kol still happy. And Klaus and Elijah hugging at the end.

    How many more to go? :)

  2. Still two episodes to go and plenty characters to kill. I'm starting to get tired of TV writing, where not the characters matter but which actor wants out and what spinoff has been greenlit.

  3. I realize that my problem is the Halijah thing. They were my ship on this show, and the powers that be sank the ship, and Elijah, in a really awful way. His memory of the two of them in Manosque when he didn't know her was tragic, and not in a good drama sort of way but in a "why did they do that and make it hurt more?" sort of way.

  4. I obviously share the problem Billie has. Shipping Haylijah became such a central part of TO and Elijah's character for me. Assassinating them isn't something that I can see bouncing back from in such a short span. And like Patryk pointed out (and others too over the course of this season) the writers hands get tied by actors being ready to move on etc. There are only so many ways to blow something up.

    Billie- The wedding was lovely. Seeing Hope let loose was a nice reprieve and getting Klaus, Elijah and Rebekahs reactions to Hope taking an innocent drunken stumble was also a nice touch.


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