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The 100: Damocles, Part 1

"Life should be about more than just surviving."

After all that the audience, not to mention the many scores of commanders living in Madi's head, have seen, is there more to life than surviving?

Sure, maybe there would be more to life after the surviving. But first they do have to find a way to keep breathing. Too bad for them, they keep stumbling on step one.

This penultimate episode was all about bringing Clarke and Octavia back to their rightful places within Skykru. Don't come for me if you think they don't belong with their former friends, another show already broke my fragile little heart and this is all I have left.

Arguably, Octavia has skewed the most off-center. Just ask Kane... as an unrelenting dictator, she forced people to give up their free will and humanity. She in turn became everyone she has ever hated... everyone that ever oppressed her. She is Jaha. She is Pyke. She thought she had to make those changes and become those people in order to lead and from what we've seen, okay sure, but she wasn't able to make the adjustments and let go of the personas she had taken on. It looked like she had in the nick of time to sacrifice her life but in true 100 fashion, we got a curve ball. I sort of loved Bellamy's mantra got turned into Octavia's would be last words. It drove home the changes we've seen in them. Him becoming someone willing to see the bigger picture and her becoming very narrowly focused. I guess that even mirrors how they've lived the last seven years. Her walls had literally closed in on her while he sat in the sky seeing the earth as a whole.

I barely know what to say about Clarke. She was super grating the entire episode and has been for awhile now. Right up until she wasn't. So is it even worth talking about anything she did before the big epiphany? I guess I have two notes. One, thinking ahead and taking the conductor out of the rover was so classic Clarke. Two, I feel like getting closure on the fact that Lexa regretted abandoning her at Mt. Weather was really lovely and earned and validated the trust she put in Lexa after that point. Because honey, I for sure couldn't have done it.

Diyoza's war plan and subsequent plan to thwart Wonkru were ingenious. And reminded me a lot of how Clarke and Bellamy used to plan against the grounders. I'm just hoping we don't see any of our friends get barbecued in the finale. Yikes.

4 out 5 friendsgiving episodes (a girl can dream, okay?)

Bits and pieces

Without someone she trusts, Kane, I'm sincerely curious what kind of character Diyoza will turn into.

I like that Echo was the one to bring Clarke home. It's like she needs us to know that she is a valuable part of Skykru.

I was too enthralled to properly take notes the first time I watched but I did manage to jot down 'mom Clarke is annoying, Octavia is annoying and Kane is still whining.' After Kane died and Octavia looked like she was about to bite the dust, I was really, really worried that I might have predicted something. Here's hoping Clarke didn't get cool again just to become a martyr.

For whatever it's worth, I also realized I'd rather Octavia recover from her insane narcissism and patch things up with her brother than die.

Vinson is dead. Representing the death of the cannibalistic Wonkru. But if they aren't unified under Octavia, do they have a chance at winning? If the symbolism holds up, Abby representing McCreary and taking out Vinson would indicate what? I think I just confused myself.

Also Vinson just delivered Abby a newly filled prescription and a steep emotional loss. Lawd help us all.

Do we have any proof that Echo was ever a good spy? Did I make up that she was good at spydom? She got caught by the mountain men. She got fingered for blowing up Mt. Weather... not so stealth. Her plan was foiled in the arena last season. She played right into Clarke's walkie talkied hand. I mean, maybe it's time she took up farming with Monty?

It's honestly cute watching Raven with Shaw. She deserves it and the chemistry is undeniable. Even if their attachment is silly and too convenient.

Monty didn't take Echo's trig courses. Bummer.

Clarke: "Madi, this is how we survive."
Madi: "It may be, but life should be about more than just surviving."

Octavia: "What do you care if I die? Isn't that what you want?"
Bellamy: "Yes."

Clarke: "You may be the Commander, but I'm the Commander of Death."

Octavia: "I may never be able to fix what I broke, but I can save you. I'm the one they want most of all. When they open fire, run like hell. All of me, for all of us."
Indra: "All of me, for all of us."

Octavia: "My brother. My responsibility."

RIP Kane, may we meet again.

1 comment:

  1. Great episode. It was the turning point for both Clarke and Octavia, but while Octavia's arc has been well written, Clarke's has been disappointing. Took her long enough to snap out of it. I did love her line about being the Commander of Death, though. And finally her relationship with Madi is working for me. The "all but one" line was terrific. Madi is awesome. Commanders are awesome.

    You know, I would judge Jackson for not learning more medicine with Abby during their time in the bunker, but it's not like I'm learning a lot during quarantine either, so I get him.

    RIP Kane, may we meet again.

    Did Kane die, though? We didn't get a proper death scene.

    Vinson is dead. Representing the death of the cannibalistic Wonkru.

    Interesting, I didn't catch that. And I think Abby taking him out symbolizes Wonkru leaving that chapter behind them.


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