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Supernatural: The Scar

"Why would Michael just give up his vessel like that?"

And so say all of us.

Dean doesn't want to talk about it, not a surprise. The episode began with Dean lying to Sam, saying it was all a blank, and ended with Dean admitting that the entire time he was possessed, he felt like he was drowning. And of course, Dean blames himself for every bad thing that Michael has done.

So, again of course, Dean threw himself into hunting – in this case, figuring out the source of the scar on his own shoulder that actually hurt Michael (loved Castiel and the Vulcan mind meld). This led Dean and Sam to reunite with Jody Mills in Sioux Falls, which led to disembodied vampire heads on pikes, which led to the Bad Place version of Kaia.

Firstly, big points for addressing that particular dropped plot thread. I really liked Kaia in "Wayward Sisters," and I hated how she died. Turned out that Dark Kaia was actually aiming for Claire, and I'm going, really? Especially when Dark Kaia said that she and her doppelganger had been connected their entire lives, and Jody mentioned that Claire had fallen hard for Kaia?

At any rate, Kaia, who tumbles over fences and through windows and beheads monsters with great coolness, has a super spear that can hurt Michael, and after failing to recruit her for his big upcoming war, Michael is now sending his super monsters after her. I'm still confused about how Michael is creating these super monsters, by the way. How can he possibly exude enough angel grace to make this many of them, especially with the angel shortage? Is there something I'm missing? The super monsters remind me of Buffy's ubervamps, too. Although it was definitely upsetting that Dean, Sam and Jody were losing to the three of them until Kaia came to their rescue.

It's always great seeing Jody Mills again, especially when she defies the odds and survives the episode with just a broken arm. (Ouch.) I would have liked more of the Wayward Sisters than text messages, though.

Meanwhile back at the MoL bunker, there were some at first cool but then disturbing developments. A hunter named Jules brought in a young woman named Lora, only to discover that Lora was the victim of an aging spell cast by the witch Jules just killed. Jack, who has been feeling so inadequate that he had packed up to leave, felt compassion for Lora and cleverly figured out what was wrong with her, saving her life.

But Jack's discovery of his own self-worth without his powers appears to be for naught, since he's concealing the fact that he's coughing up blood. I think that Castiel being unable to heal Lora was a big hint that he won't be able to heal whatever is wrong with Jack, and I am not happy about this situation. I've grown to like Jack a lot, and nearly everyone on this show dies. Don't do this, show. Please?


— Lora asked Jack if Castiel was his dad. That was so sweet. And there's definitely a resemblance.

— I really like how hands-on Castiel has been lately. He seems more human than he used to be.

— Kaia insulted Dean repeatedly, calling him violent, frightened and weak. That's not how I see Dean, but I get where she was coming from.

— How many times has Dean had some sort of scar on that arm? Castiel's hand print, the Mark of Cain, what else?

— Nick wasn't in this episode and he's not returning Castiel's calls.

— Bobby and Mary stayed back in Duluth to clean up the… uh, situation. Hmmm.

— Dean was a bit shocked at the crazed hunter busy-ness in the bunker, and that everyone was calling Sam "chief."

— This week: Sioux Falls, and the woods outside of Sioux Falls.


Dean: "It's just, every time I think about it, you know, it's like a nightmare. I mean, I can't eat, I can't sleep. It's always just there, watching."
Sam: "Dean, it's just a beard. I've been a little busy lately."
Dean: "Yeah, well, that's not an excuse, you know. 'Cause Duck Dynasty called, and they just, they want it all back."
Sam: "Some people say I look good."
Dean: "No. No, Sam. No people say that."

Dean: "Stabby, prongy…"
Jody: "Like someone stabbed you with a giant meat fork?"

Sam: "Dean, we still have no idea why Michael let you go, or where he is now, or what he wants."
Dean: "Or who his favorite Spice Girl is."
I think I'd go with Scary Spice.

Dean: "How can I be running from something when I'm racing towards it?"
Sam: "I don't know. Kinda your thing."

Jules: "Sage, pyrite and sheep's eye? We got that here?"
Castiel: "Yes. Storage room, red cabinet, bottom drawer. It's marked 'gross stuff'."

Dean: "So you're Kaia's double. Like Bad Cass or New Bobby."
Laugh out loud.

Pretty good. Three out of four giant meat forks,

Billie Doux has been reviewing Supernatural for so long that Dean and Sam Winchester feel like old friends. Courageous, adventurous, gorgeous old friends.


  1. Dean: "Or who his favorite Spice Girl is."
    I think I'd go with Scary Spice.

    I'd think Micheal would be partial to Posh Spice. He really jazzed up Dean's wardrobe in a hurry.

  2. I don't think Michael left Dean. I think he's still in there... hiding. He's waiting to see how the situation plays out. He knows he can be hurt by Kaia's blade. He has let loose all these uber vamps. Hiding inside Dean is the perfect way to spy on what's going on.

    I really hope that Jack survives the season. And as always, I'm relieved the Jody suffered nothing more than a broken arm.

  3. Castiel's handprint was on Dean's left arm. The mark of Cain and this scar from Kaia's spear are on Dean's right arm.

  4. Not a fan of Kaia being the savior of Sam Jody and Dean. Especially when Sam, Bobby and Mary easily dispatched the super-charged werewolves in the previous episode. And I am uncomfortable with Berens continuing depiction of Dean as a brute that threatens physical violence on a small woman/girl (RW Kaia wasn't a supergirl). I hated it when he pulled a gun on Kaia and now the brutal treatment of Dark Kaia was over the top. Just Stop It!
    Dabb promised that Wayward Sisters was going to be a dominant theme on Supernatural. I am not really very happy about that. It was passed by the network for a reason. It isn't a very good premise or story.

  5. Laure, you might have a point about Posh Spice. :) The only thing I've enjoyed about the Michael possession is Dean in gorgeous clothes.

    Heather1, I was thinking that, too -- that Michael might be hiding a la Gadreel in Sam. But I hope not.

    Beth Stokes, thanks. I knew someone would know!

    dakota64, I agree. I don't like Dean being portrayed so negatively. They did that back in the early seasons, too. I do rather enjoy the Wayward Sisters, though. Probably as supporting characters more than lead characters. Maybe they don't work as lead characters?

  6. I didn't really liked this episode. Actually I looked at the Berens' episodes and.. they're not my favourite, even ifnI really liked Kaya and the WD idea. I thought the dialogue between Lora and Jack was cheesy, and too obvious, I don't like when the parallels are SO obvious (I mean, even the last Ghostfacers ep had more subtle dialogue, and it was the antithesis of subtle).
    I hope we get to explore a bit more the Bad place Kaya, because now I want to know: why did she want to kill Claire? And the brothers? How she got here? I understand it was plot-material for WD, but if you are poking at it, explain a bit.
    I actually don't really like the Bunker as HQ, it has been a home in the last seasons, it's too crowded and leave no intimacy space (and I love domestic scenes, so there's that).
    Didn't hate it, but the ep left me pretty cold (except for the beard bits. I love it so much when it's funny, and I miss it).

  7. I really like Dark Kaia, although I wish she and Dean had more of a conversation about everything. Not just because I skipped the backdoor pilot in the previous season (so I had only your review, Billie, to know what happened) but also because it seemed like a lot of angst could be avoided with a few more lines of dialogue.

    Then again, I suppose that's true of most television shows. And life itself.

  8. If you compare Jack to Misha Collins in "Charmed", the resemblance is even more apparent!

    Great reviews and commentary. I am shy so I have never posted before, but I read EVERY review and EVERY comment and love the feeling of community here.

  9. Anonymous, thank you so much! I love comments like yours.


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