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The Gifted: outMatched

Review by An Honest Fangirl

"When the job is done."
"Jace, the job will never be done."

This was a little bit of a weird one. I enjoyed it, don't get me wrong, but it was a little weird.

Something just felt off the entire episode, and I think that it's because we stayed solely with the remnants of the Mutant Underground. We've bounced back and forth between them and the Inner Circle for the past three episodes, and it felt weird that that wasn't the case here. I'm sure that this episode will have a matching pair soon where we see the other side of events, but until that happens, it'll still feel weird.

Lorna and Andy looked and felt like real antagonists and villains, which is where I think my biggest source of disconnect comes from. Because they aren't. We've spent too much time with them for me to fully buy how they acted. Which makes me think that there's something big being held over them in order for them to act this way. There were a lot of small, subtle moments from Andy and Lorna that seemed to support that, just small looks or pauses before they attacked. Even if those attacks did lead to a lot of people getting hurt, including Lauren. She didn't move at all once she hit the ground. That can't be good. At all.

What was less subtle was Caitlin's actions this episode. They were... a lot, but I can't say that they were entirely out of character either. Caitlin has always been the one to prioritize immediate action over careful planning, especially when it comes to her family safety. I guess that that would extend to torture and overdosing an addict to the point where he has a heart attack?

But her actions did bring up a good point. Like I said, Lorna and Andy looked and felt like villains, but the heroes really weren't doing any better. No one stepped up and said that they shouldn't torture Grid. They were uncomfortable with it, but they still let Caitlin and Marcos go through with it. Reed was right. They weren't acting any better than the Inner Circle.

Speaking off, what are the Inner Circle up to? Their actions at the hospital, while mutants got hurt, appear to have sparked some kind of conversation about mutant rights. Or at least a hashtag. Is this how their plan starts? By getting public opinion on their side? That's not exactly the tactic that I would have expected them to take, but it is an interesting one. It would be cool if our antagonists ended up going a more diplomatic route that an aggressive one. Well, as diplomatic as possible when you brainwash people into killing themselves for moving against you.

If the Inner Circle does go this route, then I can't see the Purifiers being very happy. We finally got a concrete introduction to them! And, like I predicted, Jace is going to join them. It was interesting that the same thing that sparked a conversation for mutant rights is what ultimately drove him to accepting the offer to join. I am still a little worried about how sympathetic the writers are painting him. Watching him lose Paula was painful, especially since they both still clearly loved each other. But Paula was right. Like the quote up top says, Jace will never be able to let go of his obsession with mutants. And that has cost him not only his job and reputation, but now what's left of his family. It's a weird balancing act that the writers are trying to do with him, and I'm not sure how well it's working.

Random Thoughts

Okay, so who did the Inner Circle rescue? When they said that the mental hospital held insane mutants that were a danger to themselves and others, but mind immediately went to the other Marvel show that I review. But I doubt that it's him.

Lorna's hair went short and now she has bangs. I don't like it.

We got another reminder that Lauren and Andy are sharing dreams and that those dreams possess knowledge that the other shouldn't have. That'll be important soon enough.

An Honest Fangirl loves superheroes, science fiction, fantasy, and really bad horror movies. 

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