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Supernatural: Unhuman Nature

This episode was like one long Lucifer hangover.

Because Lucifer stole Jack's grace, Jack's body is out of balance and is slowly shutting down. Dean, Sam and Castiel got to experience how awful it is for a parent when your kid is in the emergency room. I was relieved when Dean said, "Enough." It made sense that the hospital couldn't do anything for Jack.

And how lovely that Rowena came to help, even if she initially thought it was Dean who was sick. She really has changed. Or probably more accurately, she's become fond of the Winchesters. I thought it was a really nice moment when Jack introduced himself to her and won her over, despite her completely understandable revulsion for Lucifer's spawn.

(I was much less enamored of Sergei the nomadic shaman, who helped out only because he wanted the Winchesters to owe him a favor. Especially when the cure didn't work and Sergei didn't care even one tiny bit. And also, I was going, where exactly was Sergei and his flower-decorated trailer? If he was a consultant for the British Men of Letters, what is he doing within easy driving distance from Lebanon, Kansas?)

The best part of the episode was Dean taking Jack on the road trip, letting Jack drive Baby as the rock music blared away, eating road food together. What Dean did for Jack was exactly the right thing to do. Jack's happiness at learning how to drive made me go awwww. Not too long ago, Dean actively wanted Jack to die; it was like Dean was doing penance for how he initially treated the boy. It was especially dear that Jack chose a father and son fishing trip with Dean over the possibility of picking up a woman at a bar. Jack is wise for a supernatural toddler. He knew that spending time with someone he cared about was better than a trip to Tahiti. (Even though Tahiti is a magical place.)

We've all been speculating that Michael is hiding inside Dean, ready to pop out at any moment. Dean got dizzy twice during this episode, and didn't tell anyone -- the first time when they were all talking about archangel grace, and the second time during the initial discussion about Sergei the shaman. Was the Michael within alerted by the subject matter? Would Michael be at all interested in using his own grace to cure Jack?

Meanwhile, the unfortunate Nick continued to search for the killer of his wife and baby, and actually found him. Unfortunately, Nick seems to have turned into a serial killer along the way: Arty, Arty's priest, Frank Kellogg the cop. (At least he didn't kill the Diane Fargo the crime reporter, or the woman in the alley outside the club.)

What has happened to Nick? He didn't kill his wife and baby; something called "Abraxas" did when it took over Kellogg's body. According to Wikipedia, Abraxas is the name of an Egyptian god or a demon. Was Abraxas helping Lucifer by killing Nick's family so that Nick would be more likely to choose possession when Lucifer came calling?

It's really tragic that Nick can't handle being human anymore. It's like he became addicted to possession, or that Lucifer ruined him somehow. In the end, he was praying to Lucifer, begging to be possessed again, and over in the Big Empty, something that looked very much like the Terminator woke up.

You know, I was happy that Lucifer finally died, and I'd hoped he was gone forever. I wasn't expecting him to come back, and I'm not sure how I feel about it. I also kept thinking that if Nick could be so deeply changed, so spoiled by Lucifer's possession, what about Dean and Michael?


— The opening scene where Nick had crucified Arty's priest showed Nick with a red sunburst stained glass window behind him.

— There were purple eyes (Rowena), yellow eyes (Jack) and red eyes (Lucifer). No blue this time, although I kept expecting Michael to show up.

— When did Castiel start driving a blue hatchback? Have I not been paying attention?

— This week: the Eastern Plains County Hospital, wherever that is (near Lebanon?); Wilmington, Delaware; Montauk, New York; wherever Sergei was (also near Lebanon?).

— The Winchesters told the ER clerk that Jack's last name was Kline and that his birthday was May 18, 2000. The episode "All Along the Watchtower" in which Kelly Kline gave birth to Jack initially aired on May 18.


ER attendant: "Let's start with the father."
Dean: "He's dead."
ER attendant: "Cause of death?"
Castiel: "He was stabbed through the heart and he exploded."
(The attendant looks at them)
Dean: "Okay, you know what? We don't have time for this, all right? He's sick, his name is Jack Kline, his father exploded. You got all the basics."

Nick: "As soon as I figure out what happened that night, these demons will disappear."

Jack: "I just want a chance to get a tan, to see a hockey game, get a parking ticket… get bored. And when it's all over, die."
Nice performance by Alexander Calvert.

Dean: (re: driving Baby) "What do you think?"
Jack: "It's like I'm you!"
Dean: "No, it's not."

Jack: "This is the best day ever!"

Castiel: "Archangel grace?"
Sergei: "Vintage. From Gabriel. In trade for my home-brewed cloaking spell. He used it to hide away in Monte Carlo."
Castiel: "With porn stars. Yes, I know the story."

This episode began sadly and ended sadly, and I really don't want Jack to die. Three out of four fishing trips,

Billie Doux has been reviewing Supernatural for so long that Dean and Sam Winchester feel like old friends. Courageous, adventurous, gorgeous old friends.


  1. I HATE the Nick plotline. I just want it to be over. I felt like this could have been such an emotional episode with the Winchesters and Jack and the viewers coming to terms with Jack's impending death and it would've been beautiful if that was all it was, like in Death's Door or something. Instead, they had to intersperse it with Nick's quest to find his family's killer, which RUINED the emotional impact for me. Every time I would get into it and really start to feel for Jack and everyone, I'd just get slammed back into distaste for the episode.
    I kind of like the fact that Lucifer's back, but the special effects were AWFUL. All I could think about when Lucifer's skull showed up with the glowy red eyes was "that's plastic".
    Four stars for the Jack plot, zero for the Nick plot.

  2. Yeah, Dragonfire, I hear you. I was initially intrigued by them exploring what happened to Nick, but I definitely do not want Lucifer back.

  3. I don't get why there was no other hunters in the bunker in this episode. I don't get it ��

  4. And also, I was going, where exactly was Sergei and his flower-decorated trailer? If he was a consultant for the British Men of Letters, what is he doing within easy driving distance from Lebanon, Kansas?

    Like the McGuffin in the Angel episode "Awakening," Sergei exists in an interdimensional hotspot accessible from numerous global locations. Obviously.


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