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About Us: Victoria Grossack

Next on our list of writers who were nice, not naughty, this past year is Victoria Grossack!

What area of the world do you live in, and what do you do in real life? (Because we all know you don't make any money doing this.)

I split my time between Switzerland and Arizona. I have worked as an actuary and as a writer.

What show or shows are you covering for Doux Reviews? Why those particular shows?

I am covering Supergirl, The Crown, and I participate in the coverage of The Good Place and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

Which TV character do you identify with the most, and why?

I am drawing, alas, a blank on this. Perhaps Major Kira of Star Trek Deep Space Nine – not because I’m a kick-ass fighter like her, but because these days I feel as if I’m a member of the Resistance.

If you could have any superpower, what would it be, and how would you use it?

I would love to be able to control people, so I could make them less angry and more reasonable. Sure, I’d be a dictator, but a benign one! My real superpower is the ability to find four-leaf clovers almost anywhere that clover grows.

What's your favorite television show of all time? (Okay, top few will do if you can't narrow it down to one.)

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. It has some flaws, but overall the story is incredible. I’ve watched all the episodes many times, in English, French and in German.

What is your favorite reality show, and why?

I don’t watch them, unless you count the actual news, which has taken on many aspects of the genre.

Marvel or DC?

Despite reviewing Supergirl, I can’t distinguish between the two brands. Which may make me the least-qualified reviewer of Supergirl.

Cats or dogs? Or is there some other animal involved?

I like both, but I would prefer to have a cat. I am also fascinated by birds, especially by crows.

What random skill would our readers be surprised to know you have?

I don’t know if people would be surprised, because I always say that I love math, but I’m pretty good at mathematics.

What is your most wished for holiday gift?

Well, my new computer died twice already this year, so I’ll have to say a reliable computer.
Victoria Grossack loves birds, math, Greek mythology, Jane Austen and great storytelling in many forms.


  1. Victoria, you're the second of our writers that said Star Trek: Deep Space Nine was your absolute favorite -- it's CoramDeo's favorite, too. (Although Buffy has clearly pulled ahead of the pack.)

    And I have to add that, before we adopted a cat when I was ten, we adopted parakeets. I've always wanted to adopt a parrot or a cockatoo, but having cats of course made that impossible. My aunt and uncle found an injured pigeon once, took it to the vet, and because he couldn't fly any more, they gave him a home. That pigeon (whom they named "Pidge") lived so long that they used to joke about leaving him to me in their will, but Pidge did finally pass away a few years ago. I think the short version of this is that if I were allergic to cats and dogs, I'm certain I would have ended up adopting birds. And there would be a bird at the top right hand corner of Doux Reviews.

  2. Yes! Some more love for DS9! That makes me very happy.

  3. Switzerland, huh? I got to visit a few years ago and it is such a beautiful country!!

  4. Deep Space Nine helped me improve my German and my French - both languages important for living in Switzerland - the German dubbing is terrific; I actually prefer it to the English original. Also, my DVDs of DS9 got me through the recovery of a really bad ski accident. So, besides its being a really good story, I have additional reasons for my attachment to the show.


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