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Outlander: Providence

The original Backstreet Boys
"Freedom is hard won but it is not the fruit of murder."

Tons of irons in the fire here. Next week is gonna be even busier if they want to tie up half of these loose ends.

Are we getting a four hour finale? Probably not, but I don't see how it can work any other way.

Sometimes when there are too many disjointed threads, the stories can get thin and wonky. I see that happening here. "Providence" had to drop one big plot almost completely just to have time to tend to the others and the show suffers. But there aren't characters or storylines that I want to get rid of that I think the writers will do away with. So this is me adjusting.

There was an interesting parallel between Bonnet and Roger. One being the worst person imaginable, can't seem to do the right thing ever. But in the face of facing the noose again and Brianna offering her forgiveness, he gave up his molar ruby. Ick. Possibly his last earthly possession. Literally all he had to offer and he gave it up. I would have sworn it was a trick. I kept expecting him to lunge at Bree when she approached him, but no. It was simply a kind gesture (at least as kind of a gesture as a man like him could get out).

Roger on the other hand is the perpetual nice guy. He can't not do the right thing. He even judged father Alexander for it when he recognized the trait. Roger spent so much of his screen time trying to talk himself into being selfish and look out just for himself but in the end he couldn't leave his cellmate to slowly burn to death. He went back. He played the idiot. He did the only right thing he had the power to do. For what it's worth, I'm sure the father appreciated his idiocy. Not to mention Roger and Bonnet both escaped their prison cells. And no, I don't believe for a second that Bonnet didn't get out of that building. Cockroaches never die.

I might find Roger particularly insufferable as a character but damn, Richard Rankin pulls some major acting gold stars out of seemingly thin air. It's impressive how he sucks the audience right into whatever he is struggling with.

I think I've said this many times but I was never in the Lord John fan club... until now. I think it might have been the weird power dynamic between him and Jamie that had turned me off before. I was aware always that if he wanted to, he could hurt Jamie just as much as he helped him. Or maybe I was petty because I don't like anyone coming between Claire and Jamie. Who knows. But I'm fully on board now. He and Bree compliment each other really well and I am enjoying their friendship very much. Bree says that he is "impossible not to like" and I am forced to agree. They've made each other more likable to me. She listens to him and respects him and seems to value his input or at the very least hears him out. And he helps her even when he doesn't exactly understand where she's coming from. It's a sense of partnership that I never get when she is with Roger. There is a mutual respect between John and Bree that the actors play on and emote quite naturally.

And speaking of people that have grown on me, I love Marsali and Fergus. Marsali in particular because I've always loved Fergus Claudel Fraser but she was a wildcard for a while. Would she be crazy like her mother? This is the new generation of love story that I can get behind. They're romantic, they're a team, and have been since getting on that boat together, they lift each other up and there is a kindness and warmth between them that makes me warm and fuzzy every time they're on screen together. Like a mini Jamie and Claire.

Almost no real Jamie or Claire this week at all. Ugh. I'm not ready for this to be such an ensemble show but it looks like that train has taken off without me.
1 out of 4 prisoner escapes.

Bits and pieces

Where has Willie been? Boarding school? Barber shop?

Did you notice that the letter was signed 'James Fraser Da'? Cute.

I'm glad Brianna got to make her peace with Bonnet. She was able to hold her head high and offer her forgiveness and put him in his place. Hell, she even inspired him to give up a ruby – no easy feat for a man like him. Him escaping with the knowledge that he has a child in the world can only come back to haunt her, though. I'm not looking forward to that.

I just realized that Bree and Fergus still haven't met and didn't know each other in the jail and it's really bumming me out hard for a reason I can't exactly put my finger on.

How cute would Fergus and Bree and Willie be in matching Christmas sweaters?

I'm worried that there will come a time that John is going to have to make a real choice between loyalties. A public choice. I'm more confident now than I ever have been before about the decision he would make, and I'm feeling a little sad for him.

As escape plans go, Fergus could've been better prepared. Disguised at the very least. I mean, they did get him out without getting caught. But now what? Their faces will be plastered everywhere, right?

Marsali driving the getaway wagon did good things for my soul. I just love her.

There was something really beautiful about the idiot hut prison cell that Roger has been confined to. All the light coming through the yellow leaves looks almost like stained glass. I wonder if it was deliberate imagery as it housed a priest?

Lord John: "Your father entrusted me to look after you. I'm not sure that encompassed taking afternoon tea with a murderer."

Brianna: "I thought I'd get used to being this size but I haven't. I just get more and more uncomfortable."

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