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Supernatural: Damaged Goods

"I don't know what's going on, but something is going on."

I've been a fan of Jensen Ackles for fourteen years. His performance as Dean Winchester was the reason I kept watching this show during its not-so-great first season so, so long ago.

And this episode gave us the character of Dean Winchester at his best. Dean is the sort of hero who would commit himself to something unspeakable to save the world, which is exactly what he decided to do. It was so endearing that Dean thought he was being subtle, but that the people who love him knew immediately that something was very, very wrong. Jensen Ackles did such a good job projecting what Dean was trying to conceal. When Dean hugged Sam on his way out the door, so casually, so offhand, I said, "Oh, no." It was so obvious that Dean was saying goodbye.

"Damaged Goods" was so emotionally and literally dark that it honestly upset me. In order to stop Archangel Michael from destroying our world, Dean is going to bury himself alive. (Shades of Angel and Captain Jack.) I can't handle the thought of Dean buried alive. It strongly reminded me of how upset I was when Dean went to Hell back in season three. I even thought Mary might die, or that Nick was going to kill Donna. During the "best hamburger ever" scene with Donna, there was actually a bell tolling in the distance.

Even worse, Sam has reluctantly agreed to help Dean do it. All this is assuming that Billie was telling Dean the truth about the contents of her reading room. I think she was. The old Billie the reaper might have tricked Dean, but I don't think Billie as Death would.

Abraxas in the Enochian puzzle box was an obvious parallel to the coffin-size box that Dean was creating for himself. Was anyone surprised that Abraxas killed Nick's family on Lucifer's orders? I think the audience figured that one out a long time ago. At least Nick did finally avenge his family. Even with everything he has done, I still felt a little sorry for him.

Is this going to be the end of Lucifer? Nick being taken away by Donna in her cop car?

At least it wasn't all grim. I loved Mary's storage locker at UL-2MAT Storage. I don't know what was funnier, that she actually had a head in a jar, or her shrug when Nick saw it and looked questioningly back at her. Although when Nick needed a host for Abraxas, I immediately thought Nick would cut Mary's tattoo off and I was freaked. Fortunately, no.

And bologna and cheese on a hot plate? Honestly, I don't even want to know what was in the Winchester Surprise. Can you tell me why Dean can eat like a pig and still look so adorable?


— I loved that Sam kept calling, asking if he could come, and that the last time he called, he was already on his way.

— "No Time" by the Guess Who was a perfect choice, lyric-wise. Almost too perfect.

— Bobby wasn't at the cabin. That was a good choice, since having "Other Bobby" around would have muddied the emotional waters.

— January 24, this past week, was Dean's fortieth birthday. Jensen turned forty last March 1, 2018.

— This week: Hibbing, Swan Lake, and Grand Rapids, Minnesota. And yes, there's a Grand Rapids in Minnesota as well as Michigan so I'm going with Minnesota.

— The 300th episode will air in two weeks. I hope Dean won't be in a coffin for the 300th episode. He won't. Will he?


Sam: "He hugged me."
Mary: "That's sweet."
Sam: "Mom, we don't hug. I mean, we do, but only if it's literally the end of the world, you know?"

Joe: "That's new."
Mary: "What?"
Joe: "You buying food. I just mean, you usually only pick up whiskey, pumpkins and crossword puzzles."
Mary: "Well, crosswords do get better with whiskey."
And I immediately thought Joe was a demon when Mary said she had family in town. Glad he wasn't.

Sam: "You change one little thing in our past, and that was me. Lucifer wearing me to the prom. Besides, since when do we give up on people? Since when do we just cut people loose?"
Dean: "Well, maybe you need to learn, okay? 'Cause when people are past the point of saving, maybe you need to learn to walk away."
Dean was talking about himself.

Three out of four Enochian storage boxes,

Billie Doux has been reviewing Supernatural for so long that Dean and Sam Winchester feel like old friends. Courageous, adventurous, gorgeous old friends.


  1. "Can you tell me why Dean can eat like a pig and still look so adorable?"

    Probably the same way Lorelei and Rory Gilmore could eat nothing but garbage and remain 30 pounds underweight.

  2. Shadow, I think Gilmore Girls is fantasy, not dramedy. I grew up in a small town, and it was more like Peyton Place than Stars Hollow.

  3. One thing I've really enjoyed about getting back into SPN is how matter-of-fact the boys are about so many things that used to throw them for a tailspin. Like demons, for instance.

    But that matter-of-factness just makes these horrifyingly depressing moments, like Dean being willing to be buried alive, even more depressing.

  4. I expect I missed someething, but didn't the archangel blade kill Lucifer but spare Nick? Can't they use the same thing on Dean?

  5. Victoria, that blade can only be used by an archangel :) -KR

  6. When Dean left I just knew he was heading out on a suicide run! This is how great the show was in showing vs telling out loud, ah, hey have to go and die now to save the world from a baddie. Everyone did great and I was happy to see Donna live! I love her! She's so kick butt and take no names! Did have a nitpick with her turning her back on Nick, while checking out his prints.Not safe or good! Loved Mary's shrug and her hmm expression when she "acknowledges" her weird issues, etc. Kind of like Dean now that I think about it.. Overall, terrific.


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