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The Good Place: Pandemonium

“That’s why everyone loves moral philosophy professors.”

Well, I cried.

Our main characters are either dead or immortal so you didn’t think they’d be able to pull off a major character death, did you? And I’m not talking about Simone.

Rebooting Chidi is tantamount to killing him. It destroys all the progress he’s made for three seasons. Well, maybe just this season. The humans do get rebooted a lot. But this time it HURT. It hurt like a motherforker. End of season three Chidi is barely the same man as season one Chidi. He no longer anguishes over decisions. When he comes to the conclusion that he has to be rebooted to save the experiment (and thus, the world), he doesn’t hesitate. He doesn’t get a stomachache. Our Chidi is decisive and calm and selfless and loving and it hurts like crazy we won’t have him anymore. But however much it hurts us, it’s hurting Eleanor more.

Eleanor got pushed into being “The Architect” of the neighborhood by Michael’s panic attack. It’s fun but it also means that she’s not going to be a part of Chidi’s moral philosophy lessons which means…what for their relationship? It’s not a big secret that I ship Eleanor with Tahani more than with Chidi but guys this episode HURT ME. What if next season Chidi falls in love with Simone again? That can’t happen! What an infuriating finale.

Oh, that’s right. Simone’s dead. I knew this was coming. Her character clicked too well with the group to not be brought back. I am curious if she died due to natural causes or if the Bad Place is somehow responsible for her death.

I love the twist that the Bad Place didn’t pick the worst of the worst, they picked people they knew would torture the humans. For Tahani, that means a vapid gossip blogger who picked on her and even outright lied to make her look bad. For Chidi, it means Simone, his ex. Of course, by erasing his memory they sidestepped that particular torture. Instead, Eleanor is tortured seeing and having to interact with a man she’s deeply in love with who has no memory of her. I can’t wait to see who the other two new people are.

It really was a simple episode. Instead of wacky supernatural hijinks we focus on the tragedy that is unfolding between Chidi and Eleanor. Quiet, and all the more painful for that. Michael’s final gift to the couple was a movie made up of their highlights from all the reboots, including a few we haven’t seen before like Eleanor teaching Chidi the Kardashian/Jenner family tree and the pair of them walking in on a…what was that, an alpaca?

Thank God or whatever the Good Place has in place of God that the show will be coming back. I don’t think I could bear it if we left it here.

Ethical Bits

Just some thirst blogging: D’Arcy Carden’s hair is somehow getting prettier. And Manny Jacinto’s arms? Those are good arms to have.

The score playing over the movie of Eleanor and Chidi was beautiful.

I’m getting through this trying time by believing that after the experiment, Michael can restore Chidi’s memories and he and Eleanor can be together for the rest of Jeremy Bearimy.

The Good Quotes

Eleanor: “Sorry, did I introduce Michael? He’s my assistant. He just transferred over here from dog heaven, so, you know, he’s still getting used to people.”

John: “What’s the craziest secret celebrity hook up?”
Janet: “Drake and Ruth Bader Ginsburg. On and off for years.”

Tahani: “Well, if I could pick anyone to impersonate an immortal deity, well, it would be me.”

Shawn: “What’s that thing you humans say when you’re playing chess and you trap your opponent into an inescapable position? Oh right. Eat butt, you ding dongs.”

Tahani: “I haven’t met a more perfect couple since I set up Drake with Ruth Bader Ginsburg.”

four out of four Chidis dancing in the rain



  1. Chidi and Eleanor's greatest hits were so moving. And, who's coming for Eleanor? Her mother? The dress bitch? Or environmental guy? And for Jason?

  2. I cried, too. And I didn't think I was even into Eleanor and Chidi.

  3. Billie I've been ride or die for Eleanor and Tahani since EPISODE ONE. And suddenly...Chidi and Eleanor were dancing in the rain and I was crying because they were breaking up to save the world.

  4. What a great finale. I agree with everyone that they really made us feel for Chidi and Eleanor... and these two have been dating for, what, four episodes in this iteration? The writers did a terrific job here. Earlier in the season I was so into Chidi and Simone, and now I totally bought Chidi and Eleanor as star-crossed lovers. And the season only had 13 episodes! How can the writers cram so much in so little space and still deliver?

    Chidi grew so much this season... he let go of Simone to protect her and, as she noted then, he knew what he wanted, which was new to him. He displayed the same calmness now, no stomachache, no overthinking which hat to pick. It's sad to see this Chidi go, but at least we won't have the four humans starting from zero. This ought to change the dynamics significantly. With Eleanor playing the role of the Architect and Chidi interacting with the new humans, their paths might not converge after all.

    I'm really excited to see Eleanor as the Architect, it just feels right for he. Michael's meltdown looked sincere, but what if he also wanted her to take over? I'm always suspicious of Michael.

    I've been ride or die for Eleanor and Tahani since EPISODE ONE.

    I enjoy them a lot as good friends, but they do have potential to become a couple. And we never saw what happened when Michael paired them as soulmates. This show could run forever just showing flashbacks to those different iterations we didn't get to watch.

    And, who's coming for Eleanor? Her mother?

    Well, they would have to erase most of her memory... or maybe not so much, considering what we know of her. I'm curious to find out.

  5. Just wanted to add that "Pandemonium" is the capital of Hell in Milton's "Paradise Lost." I hope that paradise is not lost! Also, the word "pandemonium," which can mean everything going crazy, is derived from "pan," which means everywhere, and "demonium" - a whole bunch of demons. So demons everywhere.

    It's such a great title that the writers must have been saving it for a special episode, such as a season finale.


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