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iZombie: Dot Zom

"Your time's almost up, zombie."

As we hurtle towards the finish line, it seems odd that we’d be introduced to a bundle of new stories and characters. But as hard as it is to process more faces and threats, each of these new elements tied in with this season’s biggest plot points.

The first new face and potential threat: an as of yet unnamed new bad guy who sniffs a lot of Utopium, and is using the newly unfrozen ex-Fillmore Graves men who shot the human at Warmbloods in the premiere to do his dirty work (phew, a mouthful of a sentence). I’m not sure what to make of this guy and I have no idea what his end game is, but the scene that introduced us to him felt oddly jarring, and at odds with an otherwise more straightforward episode.

In any case, “New Boss” (I had to Google his name) seems like someone who will be seriously muddying the already murky waters in New Seattle. He used Voss and his friend to kidnap Mr Moss, an ex-elementary school teacher who was fired for being a zombie, so he could recruit him to his mysterious cause. The term “recruit” in this instance is being used rather loosely, since New Boss also kidnapped Mr Moss’ partner to blackmail him into going undercover in Renegade’s operation.

It’s also unclear why New Boss would want to have a spy in a zombie operation. He seems like someone who might have the same goals as those who want zombies to survive the growing tensions in the city. Perhaps he has similar aspirations as Angus did last season, and sees zombies as better than humans. I’m a little worried about how Liv and those she’s harboring might get hurt with Mr Moss relaying back sensitive info to this guy.

One thing I noticed this week was how well the episode used Liv’s brain of the week – a genius IT developer – to help further other plot points. In this instance, she helped to get the zombie orphans some guidance. It may be in the form of Mr Moss who is not to be trusted, but I liked how she used her temporary analytical mind to solve issues prevalent in her day to day life, not just the case-of-the-week.

Though, it should be said that the case at hand's ties to data being used to identify zombies does feel like a smart way to bring real world issues into play, without it seeming as contrived as other instances of this type of writing we've seen elsewhere. With humans using this information to track and hurt zombies attempting to live their lives, the show is able to say something real and important about the larger world, and how sensitive information can be deadly in the wrong hands; something Blaine may be about to learn the hard way.

The final new face: Nora Shaw – a reporter who seems to have found a major scoop after being invited in to do a profile on Blaine. I liked how well she played off the criminal mogul, with his own ego causing the zombie reporter to stumble upon some damaging evidence; the mask Blaine wore in the video where Mayor Baracus was killed. She hasn’t done anything with this information yet, but I’m curious to see if this will be what finally takes away the ninth and final one of Blaine’s lives.


Peyton impressed this week’s victim so much that he selected her for the bunker he was building to save the human race from the impending zombie apocalypse. I get that.

Peyton and Ravi fired Jimmy from writing Hi Zombie and hired his co-star Jasmine instead. I still don’t know where this could possibly be going or if it could have any feasible impact.

He Said, She Said

Melissa Schultz: "He wanted to save humanity. I wanted to save zombie-kind."

‘Dot Zom’ had some interesting individual parts, but feels in line with the episodes before it in terms of how disappointingly they all come together by the time the credits roll. I’m hoping that most of what we’re seeing will make sense soon so we can see the show craft an ending that makes sense for the series as a whole, because I’m fresh out of tolerance for writers destroying a series’ legacy with shitty endings for great characters.

6 out of 10 kombucha brains.

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  1. Nora Shaw is not the reporter, she is the life enabler or whatever. The reporter is called Al.


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