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The 100: The Face Behind the Glass

"First we party, then we pray. It's not really my scene."

It's nice to have priorities.

Let's not dance around it. The face behind the glass is Clarke. Right? Clarke isn't really gone gone, right? Right?? She's chilling out behind metaphorical glass? Jordan was talking about the glass of the cryochambers but the first thing Josephine did was look in the mirror – a different kind of glass. The real upside of constantly being behind on watching and reviewing this show is that I don't technically have to wait a whole week for the new episode.

But is it true?? Did we lose Clarke? Her making peace with Bellamy and finding a little of the happiness she's long searched for points to the end of an arc. But she wasn't able to kiss and makeup with everyone. Raven definitely blew her off and made it clear that they aren't okay. I guess this could be the (apparently required) torment the writers are putting on Raven this season. She has to make peace with the fact that she didn't forgive her friend when she had the chance. And Murphy wasn't even around to blow off her apology tour. Hm. It could be wishful thinking but I just kicking and screaming refuse to believe think we've seen the end of Clarke. Paralyzed and helpless isn't the way Wanheda should be taken out, first of all. And secondly, how shitty for this hero and champion of the people to die with no one she loves around her at all.

And speaking of... what exactly is the plan here? Did they only allow them all to stay to get their hands on Clarke as a host? Do they plan on playing this as some kind of a long con? How long could Russell and what's-her-name hope to keep Bellamy and Madi and Abby in the dark about where the real Clarke Griffin is? I assume it'd be bad for them if their own people found out, too. Josephine wasn't next in line, after all.

The other big todo was Delilah's naming day. Or is it Priya's naming day? Delilah's nervous demeanor really doesn't leave a lot of hope that people are ever themselves after leaving the room of skeletons. And Priya really didn't seem to have any recollection of Jordan, like at all. Poor, sweet Jordan. This is really going to crush him.

This twist was really good. 3.5 out of 4. I'm tempted to give it a 4 but having so little to say in the review is giving me pause.

Bits and pieces

Jordan forgave Delilah for reporting back his secrets pretty quickly.

Between the past love lives of Bellamy, Clarke and Raven they should maybe consider taking vows of celibacy. Echo has been safe so far (well, as safe as anyone can be in a show like this) but I can't imagine the writers are starting to give the character more emotional development out of the goodness of their hearts.

In other affairs of the heart, Raven is making friends with a mechanic. Back to her roots. I like it.

I love that Clarke and Bellamy still offer forgiveness to each other. Always. Bellamy was owed that apology and so much more for being abandoned in the pit, but it was barely necessary. All he needed was for Clarke to return to rational thinking.

Is it possible that Gabriel was originally a prime that grew out of the idea of taking over the bodies of other people? Hell, he was maybe even the one to push Josephine in the first place. Who knows. Five prime families just makes more sense. Doesn't it?

I'm embarrassed to admit it took me awhile to realize the importance of taking the heads of dead primes. The freaking chips are in their heads. Duh.

Abby is in the library and Murphy and Emori are protecting the ship.

I am into seeing Octavia and Diyoza team up.

RIP Cillian.

Delilah: "You know what I think? We're should take happiness while we can."

Baker Man: "A good cookie can change your life."

Cultists: "Repent. Renew. Rejoice. Rebirth."


  1. First I don't think I can ever hate Jordan, he's just so pure.

    It was so cruel to seen Clarke being paralyzed, knowing what they were going to do to her. I hope Clarke's experience with the flame will help her fight back. Wait. I just occurs to me. There's is still an old version of Clarke out there! It's inside Madi!

  2. Sjusjun, Gaia made a point of telling Madi that Clarke wasn't in the city of light anymore.

  3. Oh no, I thought I solved it :( I'm so anxious now! I still have to wait for the next episode.


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