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The 100: The Old Man and the Anomaly

"I got a bad feeling about this."

I've heard that the best plans are fluid. They change as is necessary. By that yardstick, the race to save Clarke is maybe the best plan on the planet. Or uh... moon.

About last week... I have to acknowledge how disjointed my last review was. Sorry about it. If it helps, how I feel about that episode is still disjointed and confusing. In short, the attention to detail and beautifully woven clash of wills was great. I think it was my favorite episode of the season so far but I still feel like it was some kind of stand alone weirdness. I loved it but I wanted it to do more for the story. Does that make sense?

Anyway, on to the episode at hand.

There was a point when my mind was spinning. I thought Diyoza, Octavia, Jordan, Murphy and Kane would all be dead by the end of the episode. But surprisingly no. No one died – yet. Raven did the space walk and helped bring Kane back. I'm a little weary that the new actor can live up to what Henry Ian Cusick had been bringing to the table but if what Eliza Clarke is doing with Josephine is any indication, the casting folks know what they're doing. Can anyone tell me why she changed her mind? I wholeheartedly expected a doublecross. Murphy and Jordan are seriously injured. Also not good. Madi is guilty and caught but they probably won't kill her because they know what a powerful bargaining chip she will be.

Octavia, Diyoza and Gabriel (not Xavier) take a field trip into the woods. I think these are different scary woods than the scary woods they've been traipsing around in because we weren't getting the hallucinations before. I am loving the budding friendship between Diyoza and Octavia. I'm thinking Octavia hasn't had anyone to rely on since sometime in the bunker. Maybe a gal pal is just what she needs to start to heal and forgive herself and ask for forgiveness. Maybe not. It's been fun either way. But they do say that all good things must come to an end and it looks like the swirly just ate Diyoza. Oh no. It did spit Octavia back out so maybe there is a chance. Are the woods and the swirly connected? Does what happens to you in the swirly get decided by what you see in the woods? Why did Octavia make it out when no one else ever has?

All the big happenings were in Sanctum though. Josephine shenanigans. The girl is clearly unhinged and watching her manipulate people, including her dad, is almost poetic. She's the ultimate politician. Watching Emori trick her into a trap and Bellamy drag her ass out of Sanctum was pretty satisfying, but I'm a little worried about the mind juju she's about to work on him. Which of Clarke's memories is she going to use against him? The strong money is on being left to fight in the pit but I bet it gets worse. Josie is nothing if not resourceful. Jordan's continuous whining about a girl he knew for twelve minutes is really starting to grate on my nerves but when I think about it, he hasn't known any of these people for that much longer. Only through stories he heard from his parents, which does not a strong connection make.

And speaking of people being unhinged and getting on peoples nerves, Madi and Shedheida are going for some sort of gold medal in scorched earth asshole. Didn't Clarke's stories have some sort of cautionary tale about an eye for an eye retaliation? This is something else I'm waiting for clarification on. Is this all Madi? Mostly the dark commander? Probably a combination but who is influencing who? And why can't Lexa and the other commanders step in to play a little devil's advocate? I get that she's pissed. Is this what she thinks Clarke would do?

Bits and pieces

Octavia and Dioza have built a pretty solid bond. Being alone in the woods of your nightmares would bring any people together. I'm just a little shocked that it reads so naturally on screen. Like these two lone wolves have been building a relationship for many years and not a few weeks. How long have we been on this moon?

Ryker let Gabriel escape. Maybe even helped him? How many of the primes have a guilty conscience? Does that even matter? It hasn't moved them this far.

If Jackson survives this, they better start treating him like an endangered species. Abby is still on a steady decline into crazy town and I've lost count of the times that they've needed a surgeon. Note to self: make friends with surgeons in case of the apocalypse.

How naive is it to hope that Gaia shows up to save the day?

Diyoza: "First the old man cures you."
Octavia: "Then you put a bullet in his brain."
Diyoza: "Look at us finishing each other's thoughts."

Diyoza: "He loved her, didn't he? You can tell by the picture. She was just looking to get laid."
Poor Gabriel.

Russell: "When the universe gives you a second chance, you take it."

Murphy: "So what do you say? Think you can love me forever?"
and later...
Emori: "My answer is yes. I will love you forever. Even if we die today."

Josephine: "Which brings us to another episode of no good choices."

Echo: "We got this."
Josephine: "You so don't."

"For the glory and grace of the primes."


  1. I was so so happy Emori chose not to betray the others. I believe she loves John, but she's smart and capable of making her own decisions.

    I'm really interested in the swirly thing, because it's something new in the 100 universe entirely. I hope we haven't lost Diyoza, but maybe the swirly time anomaly will spit out her child, but eh.. grown?

  2. Lol, Laure. Loved the review. And I'm all caught up!

    I've also been enjoying Diyoza and Octavia and am hoping the swirly spits Diyoza back out -- I'm sort of expecting she'll come out with the baby not only born but half grown or something. And I'm weirded out by Kane in another body. I assume Henry Ian Cusick is leaving the series?

    I'm also still a bit confused by what Gabriel is doing.

    But I'm happy that we're clearly getting somewhere with Clarke-retrieval. And that Emori didn't betray her friends.


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