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iZombie: Killer Queen

"Honey, I'm the new thing."

'Killer Queen's well-paced story and sharp script help to continue a positive run of final iZombie episodes, even though the case-of-the-week feels like an attempt to jump on board the drag hype-train.

Last week the case felt very much intertwined with the season’s major narratives, and helped make inroads in getting things set-up for the finale. Though this week’s investigation is oddly inconsequential considering its place near to end of the series, it’s so well executed that I honestly didn’t really care. And thanks to Liv and Ravi’s successful theft of the original tainted Utopium from Martin, and Major and Ravi’s rescue of the captured Freylich’s kids from Blaine’s clutches, things weren’t exactly stagnant.

Where the case-of-the-week was concerned, there were so many opportunities for this episode to feel like a cheap attempt to capitalise on drag’s prominence right now. It’s certainly taking advantage of it, but the script feels quite genuine in its love for it, and the art of drag doesn’t feel completely out of place in a series that’s heavily reliant on the adoption of theatrical personas. Rose McIver also looked snatched in her dolled-up zombie looks, and clearly had a great time. She dished out shade like a pro, too.

With Liv busy judging the SPD office color-scheme, Ravi and Major take it upon themselves to act on a tip she sends their way: rich zombies getting their hands on zombie cures. Naturally this leads them to the Freylich kids who are being held captive by Blaine and his goons for hire. A bit of leg-work and a fun stake-out later and Ravi and Major have them out of captivity and hiding in the safety of Renegade’s headquarters. Hopefully now Ravi can stop beating himself up over his discovery of the cure, since it’s being made public knowledge isn’t anywhere close to being his fault, and most of the missing kids are somewhat safe.

The blame for their capture, and the death of the others, should remain 100% on Blaine’s shoulders. He’s really given in to his worst instincts this season, and his pursuit of these innocent kids is probably one of the worst things he’s ever done. Though, it may be second to killing his partner’s fiancĂ©e on the day of their wedding. We don’t know that it was him for sure, but given the fact that Blaine discovered that Don E was the leader of Seattle’s brain smuggling operation this week, I think he may have wanted to get back at him in a big way, and what bigger way to do that than to hurt the only person Don E seems to give a shit about. Darcy was largely forgettable, but I was sad to see Don E suffer her loss, since he’s been more of an anti-hero than a full-on villain this season.

It’s also worth discussing Graham Moss’ role in helping Martin’s mole get out of Seattle with three supposed human sisters; a plot that’s been several weeks in the making. Graham did it to help protect his boyfriend, whom Martin ended up offing anyway (at Enzo’s request). I felt bad for him when he realized this, and at least Liv was merciful when she found out the truth. But with zombies in place ready to infect the world during the National Electronics Convention in Vegas, the damage has well and truly been done.

Liv might also be feeling some bit of remorse given her belief in her father has been completely shattered. She knows about his end goal of bringing zombie-ism to the rest of the world, and though she might see the human side of those infected, she also gets that infecting others is messing with their health and their lives. Martin might have been close to listening to reason, but Enzo’s attempts to kill him in frustration may have pushed him over the edge. Martin had protection on the back of his skull, but I couldn’t really make out if it was the same for the front. Is he gone? And if he’s not, can Liv convince him to do the right thing?


No Peyton this week, she must have been sleeping off her hangover.

He Said, She Said

Liv: "Look around, Clive, this place is utterly gray. Not a nice Kim Novak suit in Vertigo gray, I mean, a lifeless, greenish gray. We work inside a dead frog."

Bitchcraft: "Bitch needs to have her eyes checked."
Liv: "As should you. Those lashes look like drowned spiders."

You could argue that some of the run-time of 'Killer Queen' might have been better spent on the season's more important set pieces, but it was still arguably one the highlights of the season, and featured stronger story-telling that less standalone focused episodes have recently.

8 out of 10 glued-on rhinestones.


  1. yeah that ending was a jaw dropper imo

    all the cogs are starting to turn lets hope the cure can be made fat enough HURRY RAVI HURRRRY

    1. I wonder if they’ll throw a curve ball and Ravi’s cure won’t be what saves the day? I mean, I doubt it but it WOULD be an unexpected way for the story to go.


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