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The 100: Matryoshka

"If you're worried about going to hell, the answer isn't immortality. It's morality."

Y'all, those vines are so scary. How freaking terrible and scary. No no no no no no no no.

Okay, okay, okay. First thing first.

As annoying as it was when Raven couldn't forgive Clarke, sometimes I wonder what the group did to deserve that angel. She is always calm – even in the worst of times, she is always thinking and planning and helping and she really has had to forgive a lot. This is me asking Raven for forgiveness for being harsh with her. She already has a plan to work on saving Madi from Sheidheda. Do we know what 'sheid' means?

And let's give Lola Flannery her due. If I've said it once, I've said it at least four times, the casting people on this show deserve some kind of holiday bonus. They really hit it out of the park. Did they know Madi was going to take such a dark turn? She is killing it going from a precocious kid that wanted to dye her hair to an outright monster. Her entire energy has changed and we can see her being less and less of the girl that is Clarke's daughter and more something else entirely. She's practically feral and I can't imagine that's easy to play. Well done.

Bye, Josephine. We won't miss you. Except I might. She was such a smooth talker and so charismatic that I almost want her around. Not instead of Clarke, obviously, but I fully found myself wishing they could find her a host that was comatose, a la Ruby in Supernatural or something. Watching her struggle with the loss of her memories was already interesting and fighting with morality and living with the shit decisions she's made fits right in with the ride we're on this season. Her banter with Clarke and Bellamy was next level (it's not often that someone can go toe-to-toe with them) and this show could've stood to have a romantical storyline, couldn't it? Josie even said that she and Clarke were friends, which was kind of sweet until you realized that it didn't mean much to her. Anyway, I guess it doesn't matter. If she was still in Clarke's head then she wasn't in the mind drive, right? Russell is going to be pissed. Maybe someone will hide his lighter fluid. Yikes.

Russell is probably the least interesting prime. He can't seem to pick a plan of action and stick to it. Ever since we met him, he is back and forth, here and there and back again. 'You can't stay here.' 'Oh wait, yes you can.' 'So sorry, I have to kill you to bring my daughter back.' 'On second thought, now I feel bad and want to take it back.' 'We can't kill people!' 'Except let's kill everyone, even my own people, in the most excruciating way possible.' It's astonishing he's made it this far as the de facto leader. I'm betting that Simone and Josephine had hands in him keeping the title, so it's annoying that they've both died and now we're left with this bumbling whiner. Get it together, Russell, do you want to be feared and worshiped, or do you want to be wise and benevolent? I'm so indifferent to him. He isn't sympathetic or scary. Am I alone?

Maybe I'm still a rebellious teen at heart because Abby is killing me, too. Get off your high horse, lady. You have no room to be slapping Murphy for making selfish decisions after the rampage you just went on and you really have no power to threaten Gaia for wanting to save the world from Sheidheda and Madiheda(?). Sure, Gaia's fanatic belief in the flame is part of where the threat was born but at least she's trying to do something about it and not just adding to the problems here. That's more than I can say for the not-so-good doctor.

In summation: Clarke and Bellamy, the best friends that have ever existed, rule. Parents and scary, murderous vines drool.

Again, a great one.
3 out of 4 axes to the head.
I wonder how many times she died that way? At least two.

Bits and pieces

Matryoshka dolls, also known as Russian nesting dolls, are sets of wooden figures of decreasing size placed inside one another. I think Josephine is the matryoshka.

Do we know why Josie was giving babies as sacrifices to the woods? Was she fueling the creepy woods for a reason, or is she just a sociopath?

Where the hell did Indra go?

There is something so lovely about the poetry of Bellamy keeping Clarke's heart pumping while she dealt with kicking Josie out of her head. It keeps coming back to the heart and the head.

Josephine: "She was right to depend on you."

Clarke: "We can let the bad things that happened to us define who we are. Or we can define who we are."

Gabriel: "We can't do this forever."
Josephine: "Why not? That's how long I'll love you for."

Bellamy: "No, I'm not losing you again. Come on, Clarke, come on. Clarke, I need you. Madi needs you! Now wake up."
Octavia: "Bellamy... she's gone."
Bellamy: "No, she's not! Wake up, Clarke! Come on! I'm not letting you go. You're a fighter! Now get up and fight! Get up and fight!"

Clarke: "The head and the heart."


  1. Great review! My heat also broke for Octavia who was so happy to see her brother but only got a lukewarm response.

    I think the baby sacrifice is because there's only so many people that can live at Sanctum. There are too many Null's. Every red blooded baby that get's left in the woods is an opportunity for a baby with black blood to be born. I wonder how the genetics work with the black blood...

  2. I dunno. I don't like Josephine at all. She's exactly why Sanctum is so awful, evil and corrupt. Laure, you're so right about Russell, though. At least Josephine is consistent. Russell is burning people and he's not even sure what he's doing.

    Loved Bellamy so determined to rescue Clarke. They're why I watch.


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