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The 100: Ashes to Ashes

"Hesitation is death."

Clarke and Bellamy in this photo are all of hoping against hope that our fragile little hearts survive whatever torture The 100 has in store in the finale. Help.

The Bellarke heart to heart was just too sweet for words. But this is a review and words are sort of all I have so... it was just so perfectly written and acted and directed. I know they technically made up a few episodes back before Clarke was body-snatched. And I know Bellamy has spent the past few episodes risking life and limb and friends to bring his partner-in-war-crimes back. But they aren't the duo I love if one of them isn't actively doling out forgiveness and talking the other off a ledge. They can be so extremely gentle with each other in ways that they never are with anyone else. So so glad they seem to be staying on the same side for now.

In sanctum, Madi is strapped to the operating table. Seeing her bound this way really hit home the fact that we are back in Mt. Weather, human experiments and unwilling bone marrow donors to boot. At least they spared us the drilling this time. By mirroring this plot line so closely, they're close to hitting us over the head with the idea that Clarke and Bellamy can do better this time around. The facts, though, are that if they had another option in the mountain, they would've taken it. They weren't trigger happy for no reason and it haunts them to this day. This time around, they luckily came up with a plan that's less volatile right out of the gate. So they are doing better (for now), because (for now) better was an option. Monty can rest easy (for now), although after seeing Madi playing living marrow donor, I'm betting Clarke wouldn't exactly lose sleep burning Russell to the ground. And I can't wait to see the parenting tact she employs when she realizes what a power trip her kid is on. Yikes, Clarke can't catch a break. She just won her cage match with Josephine. Next: Wanheda vs. Sheidheda. Who will win? You decide... Clarke will win. Duh.

Also, I totally thought Murphy was talking out of his ass about making night blood from bone marrow. Did we know they could do this? Am I forgetting details?

I've been really looking forward to getting some Echo backstory and it didn't disappoint. Poor Ash. And poor OG Echo for that matter. I truly didn't see that twist coming and gasped when it happened so kudos for that. Echo is the one person that isn't really interested in doing better. There are people that she cares about now and that those people care about and depend on get. That endears her to our side but what would she do in a pinch? To survive would she make side deals like Murphy and go against the group? What about to save Bellamy or Emori? I think she would do what she's always done because she knows it works. She was taught that hesitation is death and that truth has been reinforced to her over and over and over again. If that's the truth, then the whole notion of doing better isn't much more than a pipe dream, is it? Should we start taking bets?

For the record, I'm not sad to lose Ryker. I hope someone took out his mind drive and put it in a blender. Good riddance. And take Russell with you. I'm over these wishy-washy characters that can't make up their minds.

Bellamy is a man that's made up his mind and he's having none of Octavia's apology tour but his face after she left the cave was very affecting and probably telling of a Blake family reunion some day (given they both live that long). This was a big episode for Bellamy. He had to not forgive his sister, bask in the glow of saving Clarke, beat himself up for leaving his friends and losing the mind drive bargaining chip, make peace with using the baby bomb in the name of doing better, harvest poison mushrooms. Very, very busy.

3 out of 4 creepy chess sets

My heart is not prepared for what is inevitably coming. There's only two episodes left, y'all. How can this be?

Bits and pieces

The title is a nod to Echo's real name, right? Or is that too straight forward?

This was directed by Bob Morley. Good job!!

Bob Morley is looking aged. Like more than in recent interviews. Is this on purpose? Am I crazy?

This is morbid and a little out of nowhere but are Monty and Harper's dead bodies on the ship somewhere?

Eliza has been KILLING IT playing Josephine. I mean, pat the girl on the back. Eliza playing Clarke pretending to be Josephine was over-the-top amazing. It was particularly gut-wrenching watching her pretend to be indifferent to Madi's suffering.

Miller and Gaia showing up to the machine shop super chill and saving Echo was very badass. Miller pickpocketing the guards was pretty cool, too.

Bellamy: "Hey, you're okay. You're still too-here."
Clarke: "Thanks to you."

Sheidheda: "Chess isn’t a game, it’s a lesson in strategy and you’re not paying attention."

Octavia: "Bellamy, he doesn’t want to kill his own people."
Bellamy: "Why not? You did. I don’t need a lecture on moral relativity from the Queen of Cannibals."
Is it wrong that this made me laugh?

Bellamy: "What do you want me to say, O?"
Octavia: "Say I'm your sister."
Bellamy: "You're my sister, but you're not my responsibility. Not anymore."

Clarke: "I can do this."
Bellamy: "Get that shield down. I'll bring in the cavalry."
Clarke: "For Monty."
Bellamy: "For Monty."


  1. In my opinion, this season has dodged the mid-season slump and endless repetition that afflicted last season-the main story seems much better paced, no character is making outrageous decisions, and the mythology is built around an intriguing science fiction concept. You can still maybe argue the main themes are being repeated, but it's tied to a much more coherent story. Assuming they stick the landing next week (which the show pretty much always does), I would place this season second behind Season 2.

  2. Excellent review, Laure. Good point about the reset of Mount Weather, but without the bone marrow torture, thank God.

    One scene that stood out for me was Clarke being able to act like Josephine while standing over Madi. She was so convincing that even Madi believed her. Clarke is such a strong character. I bet anyone else would have broken down.

    For the record, I'm not sad to lose Ryker. I hope someone took out his mind drive and put it in a blender. Good riddance. LOL. :)


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