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This Close: Night and Day

You drive weird. Your hands go wiggly wiggly on the wheel. 

While conducting an event for work Kate meets a Deaf celebrity who changes the way she sees herself. At the same time, Michael resumes the connection with his ex – in an unexpected way.

This episode showed an attempt to move forward for both of our main characters – but also brought to mind the old truism, two steps forward, one step back.

After the last episode Kate was crestfallen and downhearted. She'd been virtually paraded before a group of strangers and forced to unpack her life. Her relationship with her boyfriend came across as somewhat strained. At the start of this episode it seemed like she was going through the same old rollercoaster – another event flawlessly coordinated, despite the perky and annoying assistant. It's telling that Ben Genovese, the Deaf celebrity in this episode (played by the awesome Nyle DiMarco, winner of America's Next Top Model and Dancing with the Stars) is the only one in the episode who seems to recognize Kate for the work she does. The assistant focuses on Kate's physical deafness, and her boss, Stella (Cheryl Hines of Curb Your Enthusiasm) focuses on the assistant, completely ignoring the things Kate is trying to say. It can be tough when nobody seems to recognize you or what you do. It can be worse when someone does – but everyone else seems oblivious. Kate responds by gorging on cookies.

This is a mistake.

They're laced with marijuana.

Yep. THE marijuana.

I mean, everyone sometimes loses control and gobbles cookies, right? But this was more, gobble cookies and lose control. Kate's expression goes weird while talking with Aforementioned Assistant, and she winds up running to the nearest safe place.

Kate needs to be rescued from the bathroom by Michael. Now, Michael, at the end of last episode? Also a terrible place. He was surprised by his ex Ryan while trying to support Kate, and he was in danger of losing his contract and going into debt. After rescuing Kate, though, he seems to do an aboutflip, he texts Ryan, and we get a deeper view into what's been happening. The scenes in the club are intense, but through it all Michael seems weird and reserved, even before petulantly demanding Ryan go find drugs. It seems Michael is determined to reenact the process which ended up causing his breakup initially, claiming throughout that he's now fine with having sex with others. Ryan isn't very comfortable with the shoe being on the other foot, looks like he regrets ever having started the discussion (if that's what happened: I'm assuming) and walks his (very attractive) self to the bathroom, locking himself in (or Michael out) as he and two strangers segue into more sex. From one bathroom to another.

The whole Michael and Ryan thing doesn't seem like it could go to a good place. Both Michael and Ryan, and Kate and Danny, have serious and painful relationship power issues. Neither couple is truly honest with each other, and both are riding communication issues that need to be addressed before they can begin the path to that honesty. While Michael and Ryan's problem seems to be more physical, Kate and Danny's situation is just as bad – as we see when Danny does everything but kick Michael out to gain physical control of his pot-laced girlfriend, something Michael isn't very comfortable with. And Danny just can't take that Kate would call her best friend, and not her lover, for help.

Seen in the Scene

I would like to state I now have a serious crush on Josh Feldman. I think he's a very good actor and Michael is pretty damn nuanced.

Kate vomiting in the bathroom, forcing Michael to open a window and breathe. Hilarious. And then continuing to hold his head out the window in the next scene.

The masturbatus interruptus with poor Danny. "Mr. Penis. It's been a while." And what the hell are those green shorts?

Michael catches that Danny's looking for work after dropping off Kate. You know this is gonna blow up.

Read in the Captions

Michael: What happened?
Kate: I think I've been drugged. I am a bad person.
Michael: No, you're not.
Kate: I think I ate brownies with marijuana in them.
Michael: Let me guess. Stella?
Kate: Stella uses the marijuana?
Michael: You can just say weed.


I truly hope things end well for Kate and Michael, but I'm expecting the worst. Five out of five slightly damaged crystals.

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