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Orphan Black: Let the Children and Childbearers Toil

Sarah: "You were casing the joint."
Mrs. S: "So were you. Birds of a feather."

You can't go wrong with Siobhan and Sarah playing a mother/daughter spy duo.

This episode explored the dynamics of the parent-child relationship. Although she was unaware that Siobhan and Sarah were playing her, Dr. Elizabeth had a point that S and Sarah's problems with one another trace back to Siobhan's problems with her own mother. Sarah being a stubborn child reflects the type of daughter S was to her mother, and now Kira is growing an attitude as well – although, if I'm being honest, I was over Kira's attitude before it began.

But, as conflictuous as S and Sarah's relationship might have been before, they seem to have reached a point of mutual understanding ever since they overcame Kendall's death last season. I had a blast watching the two of them on a mission together, and I especially liked that Sarah went with it even though she didn't know what she was in for, nor if it would be worthy of her time. That showed how much she trusts Mrs. S now and how much their relationship has grown. Also, how much Sarah has matured.

S and Sarah's mission led them to Virginia Coady, whose return surprised me. It makes a lot of sense for her to be back, though, considering that the series needs to wrap up all of its stories before it closes the curtains. As Coady told "The Story of Neolution" to Sarah and Siobhan, she tied most of previous storylines to P.T. Westmorland, this season's current big bad. It was neat to have it all connect and form one big picture, though I wonder if on a series rewatch it will all make sense.

To sum it up, Westmorland first met Susan, then they recruited Coady. Their very first subject was a boy with an unique genome, but the more they experimented on him, the more ill and deformed he became. That tied to the weaker plot of the episode, the "monster" in the woods of the island. I find it hard to believe that that man has survived this long. Wouldn't the inhabitants of the island already know about him? Wouldn't they have tried to kill him already? It's just too convenient that now that Cosima is investigating the issue, suddenly people start to be wary about what's going on in the woods.

Anyway, once the boy became a monster and was useless to the science of Neolution, Westmorland found Kendall Malone and started the cloning project, with Leda going for Susan, and Castor going for Coady. Susan is all mighty in this episode, bragging about her supposed moral superiority in relation to Coady and Westmorland, though her means to her goals aren't as righteous as she wants to believe. I wonder what Coady will do to her as payback for getting imprisoned in an institution.

Coady didn't tell Sarah and S what Neolution's endgame is, but it's clear that Kira is their new favorite laboratory subject, a key element to whatever comes next. Sarah has reason to worry, especially when her kid isn't listening to reason. Surprisingly, Sarah's inability to reach to Kira took her to Helena, of all people. I didn't expect to see her in this episode and I absolutely loved the heart-to-heart moment the twins had. What a terrific scene. Who would have thought that Helena would give Sarah emotional advice?

So, the sixth sense that Helena felt when she met Sarah, the sixth sense that Kira feels once in a while, Sarah finally felt when she was all by herself in the Island of Dr. Moreau. She says that she could feel her daughter and that feeling picked her up. What is that psych connection that they have with one another, and that Kira has with all the clones? What was modified in Sarah and Helena's DNA that resulted in that ability? Sarah says that's the one thing that Rachel can't have, the connection they share. But from a scientific perspective, I'm sure that this is the kind of breakthrough that Neolution is looking for.

Keeping Up With the Clone Club

- Adele, Felix's biological sister, is back and she is now a member of the Clone Club. I understood why Felix didn't like that S, behind his back, brought Adele into the loop and asked for her help. But at the same time, I understood why S did it: she knows she can trust Adele and she knows Adele will care. And I just love watching Siobhan being such a badass, pulling all the strings to win this battle and keep her family safe. Felix ended up accepting the new scenario, and now he is off to Switzerland with his sister, to follow Neolution's money, which will kind of remove him from the story, unless his adventures in Switzerland are not off-camera. First Alison and Donnie, now Felix. Did the producers need to save money this season? Or that was just the way they envisioned the story?

Neolutionist Bits and Prolethean Pieces

- Sister Irina (had we met her before?), a Ukrainian nun, took care of Helena during her infancy, protecting her from the other nuns, who most likely thought Helena was an abomination. That cost Irina her tongue. Now Irina is helping Helena during her pregnancy. What a faithful person.

- I wonder if Kira, who has the psych connection in a more prominent way than her mom and aunt, can discern Rachel's feelings and intentions, and if that's why she believes she can trust her. Well, she shouldn't, because Rachel is extremely volatile. Kira is being naive, and I liked that Felix told her that she can't trust auntie Rachel.

- Ira is back. Frankly, this is a Castor clone I don't care about.

- I also don't care about Westmorland as a villain so far. I don't know what it is. Is it the actor, who doesn't have a lot of villain-y charisma? Is it the fact that P.T. is just another face to Neolution's never ending conspiracy?

- Felix has an art opening in three weeks, so he will probably be back.


Charlotte: "I think it's an ogre."
Cosima: "Um, what's the scientific name for ogre? Ogre ogre-is-not-realicus?"

Dr. Elizabeth: "Your problems with your daughter can trace right back to your relationship with your own mother."
Mrs. S: "Jesus. We'll be here all night."

Adele: "How do you feel about tracking patent-hoarding corporations and global profit flows in Switzerland?"
Felix: "I hate fondue."

Very good episode. Three out of four teeth.

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