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Lucifer: Detective Amenadiel

"You have more control than you think, my child."

"Which is it? Control or faith? You can't have it both ways."

Oh, this was significantly better. This was a lot closer to the usual Lucifer that I know and love.

Except, it wasn't really a usual episode, was it? We had some different pairings than what we normally do and they both worked great.

Dan and Lucifer isn't exactly a brand new arrangement, but it feels like it's been awhile since we've had the two of them spend any significant time together that wasn't full of angry and demeaning insults. I absolutely adored the friendship that they did have and I'm very glad that it's back. And I liked seeing the more mundane side of solving crimes. It also gave Lucifer something relatively mature to do while Chloe took the space that she needed in order to work through the whole Gift from God thing.

Which gave Amenadiel a chance to step in and try his hand at solving crimes. And it was equal parts hilarious and touching. Hilarious first: the nuns all stopping to stare at him as the camera did the slow pan around? Wonderful. Chloe and Amenadiel trying to interview the nuns with Chloe eventually just stepping out because she clearly didn't need to be there. Great. And yes, it was because they saw their own faith in God reflected back at them as opposed to people finally acknowledging how beautiful D.B. Woodside is, but the point still stands. There were many moments that simply made me laugh out loud.

Chloe and Amenadiel make a surprisingly good team, but it was the scene at the end where they confront Hank (who honestly just screamed "I killed her!" from his very first interaction) that really got my attention. There were shades of early Lucifer showing his devil face to the criminals that specifically displeased him in how he showed off his wings and invulnerability. It's easy to forget, but Amenadiel is still the oldest angel, God's favorite son. It's no wonder that he reacted the way he did when he learned that Sister Victoria was killed for having a true conversion experience.

And, of course, we also got forward momentum on what Chloe has been grappling with. I know that I mentioned this earlier, but I really appreciate how this season isn't dragging out reveals or plot lines. They occur, they're given space to breathe, and then they're dealt with in a timely manner. I love it. Season three could take a lot of lessons from this. But back to the episode.

Amenadiel made a very important distinction that I don't think I've fully appreciated until he pointed it out. Yes, Chloe's very existence is technically due to God's intervention, but that isn't the important part here. The fact that she's immune to Lucifer, that she can see and interact with him as an equal is what truly allows them to connect and bond and flourish in a way that Lucifer hasn't been able to find before. That's the gift. I also liked that we got an explanation for Lucifer's vulnerability. It's something that he actively chooses, subconsciously or not. So way back in episode four, he was already choosing to be open and vulnerable with Chloe.

So where does their relationship go from here? Well, I strongly doubt that it will be smooth sailing. But I can't help but hope that they'll be able to have at least two episodes of happy and content relationship-ness before the finale inevitably throws something at the pair to break them up again.

Linda and Maze's storyline was slightly divorced from the others, but it didn't feel completely out of place. So, Linda had a daughter when she was 17 and left her behind in the hospital. This isn't completely unexpected, although I certainly wasn't expecting to actually meet her daughter, as briefly as it was.

I'm glad that Maze didn't spend the entire episode angry at Linda for her decisions. Her initial reaction was very valid and realistic given that Lilith had just died, but it's really a testament to the strength of their friendship that Maze ended the episode by giving Linda the paperwork to put her in that database. I had no idea that such a thing even existed. But it's a very smart ending to this particular arc. Just walking up to someone and saying "Hi! I'm your mom!" would only inject chaos into their lives and I can't see Linda doing that. She's too aware of potential emotional baggage to simply drop that on another person.

Random Thoughts

Adriana really looked a lot like Linda. That was some excellent casting there.

I love that Lucifer is actually wearing the bracelet that he got from Dan a couple of episodes ago. That's cute.

Also cute and surprisingly emotionally mature was Lucifer taking Chloe to the beach in order to burn the gift. I thought that was a clever idea.

So... do we actually believe that God told Amenadiel that he could leave Hell? Or do we think it was an imposter? I keep bouncing back and forth. Still, at least now we don't have to worry about one of our characters being stuck down there for the rest of the season.

An Honest Fangirl has dearly missed this show and is very, very glad to have something to binge again.


  1. A lovely episode. The Chloe/Amenadiel partnership was charming and fun and I loved how the nuns all reacted to him. It was great seeing Lucifer and Dan all buddy buddy again, too. I particularly loved the little bit where Lucifer walked into the church and crossed himself, sort of. Very cute.

    But we're meant to be picking up that Lucifer has some sort of deadline. He was upset that Chloe didn't want to immediately jump into his arms and he pretty much stopped himself from telling her that they didn't have time for her to work through her issues. And then he told her to go ahead and take her time -- but that wasn't what he was initially going to say. Right?

    Fangirl, you're doing such a great job with these reviews. I'm not rushing through these episodes -- I'm savoring them. And I seem to be sticking to your posting schedule, because I saw this one last night and haven't watched the next one yet. :)

  2. I also agree that "Detective Amenadiel" was the episode that made me feel like I was watching Lucifer again. It was so well done and allowed DB to shine in a way I don't think he's gotten to before. I loved it. It made me smile...a lot. I hope the rest of the season they have planned flows as well or better.

  3. Billie, I think the reason why Lucifer was on a deadline was because he thought he had to go back to Hell. He told Linda (or was starting to) that the reason why he wants Chloe to work through this quickly was so that he could go back down and get Amenadiel out of there. Although then God said that Hell didn't need a warden anymore so the point was moot. No more deadline.

    And thank you! I'm glad that this schedule seems to be working for people! :)

  4. I thought it was a fabulous episode, too. However, given Amenadiel's super power, why doesn't he have an impact on Ella?

    I also loved the idea that Linda has another child. It explains perfectly the guilt she mentioned before. I also loved how Maze, as a bounty hunter, could find her so easily. I hope we see her again!

  5. The most enjoyable episode of the season so far! I agree: what a fantastic reveal for Linda, harkening all the way back to S2E13 (“A Good Day To Die”), when Linda told Maze she was sure she’s going to Hell. The writers keep impressing me with how well the character and mythology revelations honour continuity from all four previous seasons.

    Speaking of exceptional continuity, in this episode Amenadiel figures out some important subtleties regarding celestial powers. Now we know why none of Lucifer’s former lovers felt any emotional attachment (S2E11 “Stewardess Interruptus”) — they never actually connected with Lucifer, since they only saw their own desires reflected back at them. And if Lucifer is subconsciously choosing to be vulnerable around Chloe, it explains why he was still invulnerable when he first met her (S1E1 “Pilot”). Kudos to the writing team!

    Lucifer isn’t the only angel who learns a lesson this episode, as Amenadiel expresses regret to Chloe that he wasn’t curious enough to ask why God told him to do certain things. Case in point: why didn’t Amenadiel ask God why Hell no longer requires a warden? This is a critical piece of information, since his son’s life depends on it. Amenadiel, you sure are beautiful, but you can also be galactically stupid at times ;-)

    Favourite Quotes:

    Lucifer: “If you finish that sentence, I will punch you in your “mysterious ways”!

    Amenadiel: “Are you saying a goat ate your alibi?”

    Chloe: “I know what you’re thinking. That once this case is solved, I’ll have magically figured everything out, and it’ll all be fine.”

    Lucifer: “Well I’m definitely not thinking that now.”

    Favourite scene:

    It was a tough choice (which means it was a great episode), but I’d have to say my favourite scene was Chloe interrogating Lucifer and Amenadiel. Both immortal angels sat at that table looking like sheepish grade-schoolers — which is a great reminder of the fact that these powerful beings are so emotionally stunted that in many ways, they really are “children”.

  6. Another point: I love the title! Not just because Amenadiel helps so much with the case, but because he figures out several other things: why Lucifer is so magnetic; the nature of Chloe's gift; the reason why Lucifer is vulnerable around Chloe.

  7. "Also cute and surprisingly emotionally mature was Lucifer taking Chloe to the beach in order to burn the gift."

    And nice continuity there, too, since that was really the same beach!


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