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Superman & Lois: Heritage

"Feels like home already."

A serious misstep, Clark. One kid has to break in a new high school where the cool kids are giving him flak, while the other gets to fly to the Fortress of Solitude with Superman? Totally unfair. Clark should have taken them both.

Jonathan was amazingly cool about it, and didn't take it out on Jordan. I sure wouldn't have been that nice. In fact, I am really liking both of these young actors and the supportive, positive relationship the Kent twins have with each other. I'll skip right over the fact that Jor-El's doppelganger is clearly wrong about Jordan not having significant powers, despite his "ocular release of energy." I can pretty much guarantee that both twins will eventually develop something. It's a television certainty.

A good chunk of this episode resolved my questions about Lois. She was indeed still working at the Daily Planet right up until Morgan Edge did the unforgiveable – he rewrote Lois's story about him. I loved her two-word resignation letter. I also loved how the twins face-palmed when Lois initially confronted Edge at the Smallville town council meeting.

And now, Lois is working at the Smallville Gazette for serious Lois-fangirl Chrissy Beppo. I'm going to assume there will be a slight difference in salary. But this could be fun. Some small town papers can acquire a national profile. What do you want to bet Lois can make that happen, especially since she is married to the biggest newsmaker on the planet? I also like how Lois is clearly the boss at home, but not in an obnoxious way; it's not surprising that a high-powered, nationally famous journalist would have a type A personality at home, too.

I like how this show is balancing the super stuff by making Clark an approachable, normal dad. The stubble, the hornrims, the stocking cap give him a human feel, especially when you put it together with the fading wallpaper and shabby appearance of the Kent farm. It all feels so real, and that's clearly what they're going for.

The references by Luthor to Kal-El destroying "his world" made me think that he was talking about Earth's future, and voila. Although I didn't guess that Luthor's nemesis was an evil Kal-El in a black version of the super suit. What should we call him? Black Suit Kal-El? I am definitely intrigued since Tyler Hoechlin was terrific as a dark Superman in the "Elseworlds" crossover. I shouldn't have been surprised that the writers would want to revisit this.

Tyler Hoechlin as evil super-Deegan in Elseworlds, Part 3

It explains why Luthor went to Moldova and Mongolia and possibly other countries starting with the letter M, looking for K. It also makes this Luthor's rage at Kal-El understandable, and even sympathetic. That future evil Kal-El can't be our Kal-El, can it?


— Everyone at the Cushing house barbecue party in line for the bathroom was a fun real life moment. I don't think we've ever seen Superman waiting in line to pee before.

— Jonathan still has a girlfriend back in Metropolis. Too bad he can't fly back and visit her.

— Apparently, General Sam Lane is going to be an antagonist, attacking Clark for telling his sons the truth. Kyle Cushing, ditto, making all sorts of justifications for Morgan Edge financially victimizing the people of Smallville.

— The Fortress looked different than the one we saw on Supergirl. Crisis on Infinite Earths comes in handy again.

Superman & Lois has already been renewed for a second season. Guess last week's premiere did well.

— I keep wanting to call this show Lois & Clark. Bet I'm not the only one.

This second episode worked for me, just like the pilot. What do you think? Three out of four villains?

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. Could you call him Kal-Evil?

  2. Josie, you always make me laugh. Kal-Evil is perfect. :)

  3. This episode didn't work for me at all. Loved the pilot, not this one.

    It might just be that I am getting superhero fatigued.

  4. Great review, Billie. I may have to steal "a television certainty."

    I think you're right about General Lane and Kyle being antagonists. But I'm glad to see that neither of them are evil. They each believe they are doing the right thing. The General wants Superman to remain in his arsenal and he wants to protect his daughter and grandsons from the fallout that might entail. Kyle's hometown is dying and he sees Morgan Edge and his money as a lifeline. Realizing that Morgan is in it for the money is just being realistic.

  5. Another good episode! I'm also enjoying the supportive relationship between the brothers, Clark being a relatable dad, and Lois taking charge. I also like that General Lane and Kyle are not evil despite their antagonism, and I hope neither ever goes that route. I do think some of the conflict is sort of contrived, or at least the dialogue of the conflict. But maybe that's just me. Still loving the effects as well. I'm also guessing that evil Superman IS the same Deegan Superman we saw before, and Captain Luthor's world was a parallel Earth that Kal-Evil (love that name Josie!) destroyed and now he thinks the real Superman is the same guy so it's all a big misunderstanding.


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