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Lucifer: Resting Devil Face

"Family. Can't live with them, no longer have the power to banish them to an alternate reality."

I'm not sure if sending God to some alternate reality is really going to help things. Especially if it's the same reality that Mom went to.

Parenthood and the effect that parents have on their children was the obvious theme of the episode, from the Colonel to our heavenly crew to Trixie. Our parents shape us into who we are, for better or worse. It was nice to see Trixie again, although I'm not sure how much I buy her as an eleven-year old. I know that Scarlett is only 13, so it's isn't that massive of an age gap, but still. I'm also not sure if I buy her sudden anger and acting out. It just felt very sudden, probably because we really haven't seen Trixie at all recently. I did really enjoy her conversation with God, though. There was something refreshingly open and honest about it, and I bought that it would be a turning point for God.

If these last three episodes have proven anything, it's that Amenadiel is right: God really is just as flawed and fallible as the rest of us. He exploded Dan for crying out loud! Literally exploded him into tiny, fleshy chunks! And we never quite got confirmation whether or not God did that on purpose.

He has spent a lot of time recently trying to understand and support His children, namely Lucifer. From trying to throw a football with him, to shadowing him on cases, to even becoming human, God has tried it all. None of it has really worked so far. Lucifer has still been snippy and angry and has seemingly given up on any hope of a decent relationship with his father. But we definitely saw a more complex side to Lucifer's emotions. He was scared when God went missing. He was outright furious when the Colonel actually hurt God and drew blood. I certainly didn't expect that kind of reaction from him, did you?

Unfortunately, the trailer for this half of the season spoiled the whole retirement plotline, so this reveal at the end of the episode didn't quite have an impact on me. I have to wonder, though. Was God always going to retire at some point? Was this something that the angels knew, even if they didn't necessarily know when it would happen exactly? Can an almighty, all powerful God really grow old and retire?

I had this thought last episode, but "Resting Devil Face" really cemented the parallel to the experience of adult children and their parent dealing with the onset of a cognitive illness. It's an incredibly emotionally difficult thing to deal with, especially when someone's relationship to their parent isn't the best to begin with. There's anger, resentment, grief, fear, stubborn reluctance to admit that you might need help... It's a lot to deal with. I'll be curious to see if the writers continue to explore this or not.

Also, Maze is apparently growing a soul. I'm a bit torn about this. I'm thrilled, of course, that Maze is getting something that she wants and is so obviously important to her. But I was also hoping that she would realize that she doesn't need a soul in order to love someone or be happy. That she is perfect just the way she is, to use God's phrasing. Although really, would it have been so hard for God just to tell her that from the start?

Random Thoughts

They really just had God sadly ask if Lucifer's "resting devil face" really was how he saw himself and then did nothing with that, huh?

God never knew how blinking worked. Or closing your eyes in general. Huh.

Loved the little moment between God and Ella, even if she didn't know who she was speaking to. Seriously, when is she going to get clued in to the whole celestial thing?

I both liked the interruptions of the music with Lucifer stressing to Amenadiel that they needed to be a united front because it was amusing, and was very frustrated because I really love that song and just wanted it to play.

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  1. God retiring could indeed inspire some interesting situations, and yeah, this one definitely made me think of recent happenings at home. My brilliant, favorite aunt died last summer after several increasingly unpleasant years suffering from dementia.

    Dan exploding was so bizarre that I didn't absorb that it had happened at first.

    Great God jokes. Really outstanding. Vaya con... you!

  2. I'm very sorry to hear about your aunt, Billie. That's a very tough thing to go through.

  3. As I am a fan of the Deckerstar, I loved it when Lucifer automatically bent down to kiss Chloe right before they had to go in separate directions.

  4. I didn't completely like how God was portrayed as a character all the time in every scene. Is he or isn't he all knowing? A buffoon? A child? Make up your mind writers! Also hate what they did to Trixie. She was one of the best characters in the show and they just made her hateful and awful!

  5. I didn't think Trixie was hateful in this episode. She was "acting out," but doing so in service of the greater good, to rescue a bullied kid. I thought that was kinda adorable.


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