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The Flash: P.O.W.

“We all must choose a path.”

I know what the title says, but this episode was all about family. What we owe them, or don’t. and the sacrifices we’re willing to make on their behalf.

Enter Diggle: Stage Left. (Your Happy Dance may commence.)

Diggle has long served as The Powers That Be’s avatar within the Berlanti-verse. So, when he states family has to come first, Team Flash takes it as gospel.

I have to start with Allegra and Esperanza just because it was so unexpected. There was always a possibility Esperanza would die (although I was hoping for a recurring role). Possibly in the season finale. A blaze of glory to protect Allegra and the rest of Team Flash and prove that she was truly redeemed. I did not expect her end to be so sudden or (mostly) off-camera.

Especially since it didn’t need to happen. It’s not like Allegra refused to help Esperanza. She didn’t see the issue as either or. The Godspeeds were a threat to Central City now. The few members left of Black Hole may be evil, but they did not endanger the entire city. Plus, the little fact that Esperanza was still healing. For Esperanza, the issue is personal. How can she sit idly by while those people hurt others the way they hurt her? Esperanza needed to stop them, and her cousin should be there to help. It’s only after Allegra overhears Diggle’s speech that she believes Esperanza might be right.

The fact Esperanza went after the dregs of Black Hole can be considered proof of her redemption, but unfortunately, this was never about her. This is about Allegra. She may have levelled up during her clash with Dr. Olsen and Ultraviolet, but her journey is not over. Unfortunately, losing her cousin appears to be the next step.

Like Allegra, Barry is torn between protecting the city and caring for his family. Except in Barry’s case, we have to wonder if the threat is real. This is the second time Barry dreamt of Nora, and the second time the dream was false. Are his dreams prophetic? Is someone putting ideas into Barry’s head? Or, could they, God forbid, be just dreams? Regardless, it sets Barry at war with himself. Does he go to the future and confirm his daughter is okay, or does he stay in the present and protect his city?

Again, Diggle’s speech gives Barry permission to do what he’s been dying to do. Make sure his daughter is safe. While I don’t disagree with Dig’s sentiment, I have to say I wasn’t 100% on board here. First, this wasn’t about saving or protecting Nora. This was about assuaging Barry’s personal fears. Second, who’s to say the potential Flashpoint Barry could cause wouldn’t be a bigger threat to Nora or his future. Third, as if I needed a third, Barry wasn’t wrong about leaving the city unprotected. The best way to protect his and Nora’s future is by saving the present Central City from the Godspeeds. But who am I to argue with The Powers That Be?

Freed from his guilt, Barry attempts to travel to 2049 only to be stopped by multiple Godspeeds who were chowing down on the Speed Force. Luckily, Deon is there to rescue both of his metaphorical parents. Barry from whichever half of the Godspeed civil war that discovered the all-you-can-eat-buffet and Iris from fracturing through time. It turns out Iris isn’t sick, she’s temporally unstable. Who knew that was a thing?

Lest we forget Joe and Kramer are stuck in Adam’s personal version of The Most Dangerous Game. When Kramer finally confronts Adam, he states that he can’t be killed right before claiming Kramer died on the mission that killed the rest of her team. Just for the record, I’ve been getting weird meta-vibes off Kramer for weeks now. Could she have the same ability as Adam?

Diggle may be the fount of knowledge for Team Flash. However, it appears he’s forgotten some lessons he learned from Team Arrow. Primarily, don’t go out into the field when you’re compromised. It’s a danger to you and your team and I know for a fact Oliver literally tried to pound that knowledge into Dig. Unfortunately, Diggle took the doctors’ inability to diagnose him as proof that he’s fine. A belief that would have gotten him killed if Frost hadn’t shown up. I’m assuming this will have some decidedly green connotations in the not too distant future. The only question is, considering Diggle’s been making the rounds to the other Berlanti-verse shows, where will he end up?

Okay, the episode was a little about prisoners too. Although, even that was a bit of a misdirection. Team Flash may have captured a Godspeed but as they soon learned, he wasn’t their prisoner. Joe and Kramer succeeded in capturing Adam, but he seemed to be the only one happy about that. And while August may be in Team Flash’s custody at the moment, does anyone think he’ll be there for long?

This was not a perfect episode. There were several moments I fan-waved past (Special Forces Creyke’s poor tracking skills, or why Chester has to recreate the entropy trap when Cisco built it). That said, this was the strongest outing I’ve seen in months. There was a consistent theme through multiple major and minor storylines, including the teenage sized bombshell at the end. Fingers crossed, it continues.

4 out of 5 Entropy Traps

Parting thoughts:

August Heart was the original Godspeed in the comics. Once again The Powers That Be have played fast and loose with his origin story.

Now that Chester has fist bumped Diggle, how long will it be before he washes that hand...


Diggle: “You’re fighting a war, Barry. I know a little something about that.”

Barry: “These new Godspeeds saved my life last night. If there’s any chance of finding allies in this war, it’s with them.”

Kramer: “The twelve soldiers Adam killed were my family. I promised I would do whatever it takes to get them justice. Justice is that way.”

Godspeed: “When two sides are evenly matched there is no winning. Only endless suffering.”

Barry: “I understand the need to defend yourselves. But if you’re from the future, why bring your war here?”

Godspeed: “Join us, Flash. And by doing so, you can end this war, save your city, save your family.”

Barry: “I won’t kill. Not even an enemy.”

Diggle: “I’ve been a spy, a vigilante, a soldier... hell, I’ve even been the Green Arrow. The most important job I’ve ever had is as a dad.”

Esperanza: “I fought alone. Now I die alone.”

Adam: “I gave my life to the army. What did it get me? Nightmares and a kick in the teeth.”

Kramer: “Doing something good doesn’t erase something evil.”

Barry: “Even with all my speed, I’ve never felt so helpless.”
Cecile: “Barry, it’s okay to be scared. And... angry. But I just need you to save a little bit of room for hope.”

Nora: “If you’re happy to see me, you’re going to be twice as happy in just a second.”

Bart: “This place is crash!”

Shari loves sci-fi, fantasy, supernatural, and anything with a cape.

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  1. I do love Diggle, and it was great to see him. And I'm happy he's coming my way soon. :)

    But I'm not sure how I feel about *two* kids from the future. Could be fun. Could be a mess.


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