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Superman & Lois: The Eradicator

"Welcome to the new Smallville. It's the same as the old one, just more pathetic."

Smallville is going under. But it's Metropolis that took the hit.

There were several powerful scenes in this penultimate episode. The strongest was the callback to black-clad Superman killing Lois with his heat vision as she reported on the destruction of Metropolis, except this time it was Leslie Larr about to do the killing – and she was taken out just in time by John Henry Irons and his hammer, as the anxious Kent twins watched on live television.

Morgan Edge, a.k.a. Tal-Rho, appears to be completely gone. He's all ice blue eyes and Dark Willow veins, creating Kryptonians out of possessed humans with a wave of his hand. But Edge didn't show any signs of a personality. Who or what is he? I'll admit he is a bit scary, whatever he is. It takes a lot these days to create a car crash that actually freaks out the audience, but the one with General Lane, the twins and Sarah Cushing speeding directly into Edge and rolling away many, many times was impressive. And Jordan just got eradicated and replaced by Daddy Palpatine. Not permanently, I assume.

(I thought that scene in the car would include Sarah discovering that the twins have a direct line to Superman. A bit awkward and dangerous just sending her off across the fields, wasn't it?)

I've been a bit surprised at how dark they're making Smallville. The stores are going out of business, the DOD is still in occupation although they can't tell the townspeople why, and everyone is waiting for another shoe to drop. Kyle just got a job offer in Bristol County, two hours from Smallville, and honestly, this might be the perfect way to write out the Cushings because every time the story moves to them, I want to change the channel.

Except maybe the answer is simply to write out Kyle. I really do like Lana, and I enjoyed the Clark/Lana scene where they bantered and he told her she was the heart of Smallville. It was a glimpse we haven't seen before of what their relationship must have been like when they were dating. And I don't dislike Sarah, either. The scene where she was playing dress-up with her little sister was cute.

The season finale is next week. I have no idea what they're going to do. Whatever it is, I hope it's surprising and that it shakes things up. No reset button, please.


— I like John Henry Irons a lot now, and particularly how he and Superman teamed up against Edge and Leslie Larr as if they'd been partnered forever.

— Tegan hit on Jonathan again, telling him she is also new to Smallville and her father was in prison. Was she sincere, or is she trying to use Jonathan somehow? It's hard to tell what's going with her, but I doubt she'll go away.

— Something a soldier said about the twins again made me wonder if everyone in the DOD knows Superman's identity. How is that possible? Wouldn't someone tell someone and it would wind up on Twitter?

— I'm still unclear about Natalie. Is she alive or dead, inaccessible or accessible? Although, since this is a superhero show, I'm sure she is retrievable somehow. Or maybe I just hope she is.

— Jonathan's arm is broken again.

— Tamera, the black female fire fighter, was back, but felt like she was there just to show us that Kyle isn't racist and/or sexist.


Sarah: "Now that my parents are all Scarlet Letter, it's like I'm Hester Prynne by association."

Janet the camerawoman: "Lois, do you have any idea what this is all about?"
Lois: "Yeah. Short version, Morgan Edge is taking over peoples' bodies and using them to destroy Metropolis."
Janet: "Well, that's incredibly terrifying."
I really liked Janet (Yoshié Bancroft) in the space of a few seconds. Could they bring her back, please?

Sarah: (watching Lois on television) "Your mom is awesome."
Jordan: "I know."

Teenager: "Can you like tell us what's happening with Morgan Edge?"
General Lane: "Do I look like someone who gives classified intel to drunk teenagers?"
Good one, General.

An exciting episode with a surprise finish. Three out of four drunk teenagers,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.

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