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Lucifer: Buckets of Baggage

"This is the voice of God."

Well, not yet. At least frogs aren't falling from the sky, or anything crazy like that. That would be serious cause for concern.

Carol continued to take center stage this episode, and I have absolutely nothing to complain about for those parts of the episode. He's just so likable! I can't help it. I just have to smile whenever he interacts with Ella. They work well together without being the same person, which was an issue that Ella and Pete sometimes ran into before Pete was a scary serial killer. They're just both good people with some darkness in their past that they're working through one day at a time. The police aspect feels completely unnecessary at this point, so I'm glad that at least we have two very likable characters carrying the majority of those scenes.

What the hell is going on with Chloe? She just felt incredibly out of character the entire time. Usually, Chloe is our lawful center, the one who wrangles Lucifer and his usually illegal methods of finding information. This was completely gone. She was the one who suggested stealing Carol's personal file. She was the one actually advocating for Lucifer to avoid his chosen responsibilities. It simply didn't feel like her. And that was before we factor in the fact that she spent the entire day sparring with Maze and destroying her house.

I know that there was a line about how Chloe was enjoying her new super strength thanks to Amenadiel's rod, but this felt like it went beyond that. Chloe feels like she's flailing around, looking for anything that she could use to distract herself or make her feel alive. Is this a side effect of her just not having a job anymore? Is divine power going to her head? I'm not sure but I really don't like it and I hope that she's back to normal soon.

So, we got to see our new Queen of Hell, or at least, who I'm assuming is the Queen until we're told otherwise. She is not one of Maze's sisters, like I initially thought. She's an angel! One with very gorgeous wings. I love both the color and the sharpness of the feathers. She wants to kill Lucifer for some reason, and is smart enough to do some research before taking him on herself. For a moment, I thought that we were going to get a Malcolm sighting, considering the fact that he did both shoot and kill Lucifer back in Season One.

Instead, she went to Dan, who I had honestly forgotten shot Lucifer due to Michael's meddling. I am admittedly very annoyed at Dan and his decision to side with Maybe-Queen of Hell. He knows that souls are trapped in Hell due to guilt. And he flat-out stated not even 30 seconds before he agreed to the deal that he still felt very incredibly guilty about shooting Lucifer. Therefore, wouldn't that be a sign that maybe he needs to work through that before he can go to Heaven? Maybe? It wasn't like Dan just said that he felt guilty offhand and immediately ignored it. He pulled out a notepad and took a note.

I'll try to give Dan the benefit of the doubt and assume that he was just so surprised by the idea of any angel just being able to fly him out of there that he wasn't thinking straight. It's a very, very small benefit, though. He knows that Lucifer doesn't lie. So you would think that he would trust Lucifer when it comes to saying if he could or could not do something. Or that Amenadiel would have come down to take him home if that was possible.

... I've talked myself out of giving Dan the benefit of the doubt.

I'm not sure how I feel about Maybe-Queen either, no matter how pretty her wings are. I'm not sure what the actress was trying to embody, but it came off as cheesy and immature as opposed to sexy and snarky. Maybe she'll grow on me over time.

Random Thoughts

The demon's whole reaction to Maybe-Queen was very interesting to watch. She absolutely did not want to go against Lucifer directly, but she was more than happy to point her in the direction of a possible resource.

Michael is scrubbing Hell with a toothbrush. I thought that his punishment was that he was now stuck on Earth to learn and grow and have his second chance?

I have never seen Supercop, but the idea of Michelle Yeoh being a kickass martial artist is enough to make me want to watch it.

Brian's speech about needing to fully love himself and have confidence in who he was was not subtle. At all. Even for this show.

For a second, I thought that Carol might be immune to Lucifer for whatever reason. Nope. He's just a complex person.

Should we talk about the fact that a single frog fell from the sky? Right when Ella thanked God? Probably, but I don't quite know what to say without knowing more information.

An Honest Fangirl loves video games, horror movies, and superheroes, and occasionally manages to put words together in a coherent and pleasing manner.


  1. It's not usually a good idea to focus on a new character in a long-running series' last season, but Carol is indeed very likable and I hope that they're setting up an HEA for Ella.

    I had the same thought about Supercop. :)

  2. Not sure how Dan is considered the only human to have come closest to killing Lucifer. Lucifer was invulnerable when Dan shot him, so he was never in danger of being killed although he didn't know that. The human who actually came closest to killing him was demon Malcolm. If it wasn't for God bringing Lucifer back to retrieve his mom, he would have died and gone to Hell, just has Amenadiel had planned. Honestly, there were many opportunities for humans to have killed Lucifer when he was in his vulnerable state of mind. For instance, Bobby B with the fire poker could have strangled him with Chloe outside. Sounds like a bad plot device to get Dan and Rory in the same room.

  3. Carol is very likeable, although a bit normcore for me.

    Yeah, Maybe-Queen feels too much like a sassy teenager for me to take her seriously.

    Brian's speech about needing to fully love himself and have confidence in who he was was not subtle. At all. Even for this show

    It wasn't subtle, but it actually made me tear up a bit.

    Is it weird that I'm excited for more frogs to fall?


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