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Lucifer: The Murder of Lucifer Morningstar

"Just when I thought I heard it all. Future child angst being faced by present day parents."

And just when Linda was getting bored with adulterous yoga instructors too.

Alternate blurb: We officially have time travel. Yay?

Okay, let's start with what I do like about this development. Rory and Chloe's dynamic is lovely and I immediately bought it. It's incredibly refreshing to see Rory interact with someone without some level of snark or anger. It's amazing how much more I like her when she's not constantly glaring daggers at Lucifer.

Maybe that's unfair of me. Rory's reaction and emotions are very understandable, and are essentially a mirror of Lucifer's own, earlier anger at his own father. And it is, theoretically, interesting to see Lucifer on the other side of what was such a defining dynamic in his life. I just can't see any way for Lucifer to willingly inflict that trauma on his own child. He was right; murder is the only reasonable answer here.

Except that the preemptive murder investigation into Lucifer's death was a massive nonstarter. The whole idea was completely dropped after the failed bribing of the dentist's husband. Honestly, it kind of just felt like a waste of time meant to pad out the episode. I had hoped for a little more genuine detective work. I can't believe that I'm saying this, but I'm starting to miss the police side of things. Maybe Amenadiel will alleviate that soon.

It's been obvious for awhile, but we got confirmation that Amenadiel's necklace is causing Chloe to have her recent personality changes. The celestial is simply not meant to be in human hands. It corrupts them, no matter how good they may be initially. Chloe did multiple actions this episode that simply were not like her at all. I can buy her hiding Azrael's blade and not telling Lucifer. But letting him get all the way to Linda convinced that Rory was the one who stole it and therefore is the one who kills him?

Lucifer didn't even necessarily look betrayed when Chloe had the blade at his heart. He just looked sad. Guilty that he couldn't help her sooner. But Chloe redeemed herself at the end there by recognizing that she needed to give the blade up and telling him to take it away from her and that this was an issue before she ever touched the blade.

At least there was a moment at the end where Amenadiel's necklace could be used for something good one, last time before it became powerless again. Yes, I'm talking about Dan and Chloe's conversation. Yes, I ended up crying at the end when Chloe couldn't see Dan anymore and thanked him. It was simply so cathartic. Chloe and I both needed them to talk one last time.

So, Ella is starting to figure out what is going on. I don't think I like this development. I mentioned this in reviews last season, but one of Ella's main defining qualities is her faith. And what is faith if you're given proof that all of this exists? If you have proof, then faith goes away. But beyond that, I really don't like the idea of this driving a wedge between Ella and the rest of our group. We're halfway through the season, everyone. We don't have a lot of time for her to be angry and then forgive everyone and have it feel earned.

That being said, I did love her giant conspiracy board. It was fantastic.

Okay, moving away from who is driving this plot line and more about what is actually going on. We're having signs of the Apocalypse. Biblical signs, even, assuming that the river actually turned red and that the Kool-Aid wasn't just a lie that Ella told Amenadiel. The obvious cause is the fact that there still isn't a God, and therefore things are going off the rails. But could there be a secondary cause? In Hell, things only changed after Rory arrived. Before that, everything was completely fine.

Which I guess brings me back to my larger sticking point with this whole episode and possibly the rest of the season as a whole. I don't trust Rory. At all. Maybe she was just messing with Maze, Eve, and Amenadiel in a family-approved/known and familiar (to her) way, but I just can't trust someone whose first reaction is to immediately mess with people and not pull back when it led to a surprisingly angry discussion. But I don't trust her. I don't trust what she's saying or what her true intentions are.

And I still don't like how insistent Rory is that Lucifer completely abandons both her and Chloe on August 4th, which is in three weeks. Basic time travel convention points to us being caught in a fixed loop. I don't want this to be a fixed loop. Do you hear me, Lucifer? If this is a fixed loop, I'm gonna throw something.

Random Thoughts

So, I guess it was the necklace that made Chloe divine enough to have a baby with Lucifer.

Of course, the reference to "Stabby Town" is a callback to the name of the episode where the blade was first introduced.

Lucifer only has whiskey in his apartment.

Another Bones reference. They're really laying them on thick lately, huh?

I didn't notice it until finding a picture to put at the top of this review, but Rory and Lucifer like to match colors.

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  1. Yeah, I'm with you Billie on mistrusting Rory and having a really hard time imagining Lucifer just disappearing. OK, it's true that Lucifer has occasionally vanished on Chloe at critical times, but for twenty years? Maybe if Chloe were your average wife, maybe she would file a missing person's report and if the police never found him, she would conclude she'd been inexplicably abandoned. But this is Chloe. And Maze is still in Rory's life. Between the two of him, if Lucifer were on Earth, they would find him. So they would draw the logical conclusion that he'd been murdered or kidnapped to heaven or hell and call on Amenadiel to look for him. Now, granted given the whole apocalypse thing, it's possible that Lucifer could be forced to leave earth to prevent the collapse of creation, but surely he would find someway to get a message to Chloe. I just can't envision a circumstance where she would conclude that she had been abandoned without getting to the bottom of the mystery.

    Is Bones a really good show? I think I could stream it.

  2. Man, I wish that I was Billie. That would be awesome! ;)

    But you bring up a great point, magritte that I didn't realize before. Lucifer isn't just ditching Chloe. He's leaving behind everyone. Maze, Amenadiel, Eve... and presumably they don't know where he is either. Either that, or everyone is in a massive conspiracy to lie to Rory about it. I don't like it.

    I personally loved Bones. It's a crime procedural except our main duo is a FBI agent and a forensic anthropologist. All of the bodies are decomposed to the point of, well, bones. They can get a little gross looking at times. But the series as a whole is very upbeat and almost lighthearted for a procedural. It did lose me towards the end once multiple characters started having babies (thanks to the actresses' real life pregnancies) but I would definitely recommend it! Plus it has David Boreanaz aka Angel from Buffy as the male lead.

  3. The Chloe/Dan scene made me cry, big time. I am getting the feeling that there will be no happy ending for Dan. Where can he go? What can he do? I'm reminded of a certain character on Supernatural.

    I'm mostly relieved that Ella is finally stumbling over the truth. It just feels so weird at this point that everyone knows but her.

  4. Oh, and Bones. I liked it for awhile, but it got too repetitive/procedural for me. But it seems like the sort of show Lucifer would like, since it's somewhat like himself and Chloe, right?

  5. I can definitely see the similarities that Lucifer would make between him and Chloe and Booth and Bones. And you're right. While this show eventually evolved beyond just being another "crime procedural with one uptight, serious woman and one eccentric, emotionally driven man" Bones stayed very solidly in that world. Side trips to visit Sleepy Hollow aside. (That was weird.)

  6. Dont think Rory messing with Maze and everybody is that surprising or even something to raise red flags. She is Lucifer's daughter afterall and Maze seemed like she will take her under her wing similar to Trixie.

    Also Lucifer has left Chloe behind on plenty occasions especiially to 'protect' her. I think th ekey here is too think what event woul dmake him choose to stay away from Chloe and his child.

  7. I've loved all the episodes this season so far except this one which I just found OK (mostly saved by the lovely Dan/Chloe scene).

    I'm just not liking the whole Rory arc/thing (Although Aurora is kinda a cool name.. but then I would like it given my name I guess). I realise it's time travel and it's not meant to make sense but why hasn't Chloe asked when she gives birth to her?

    If Lucifer abandons her before she was even born that's surely not the same as Lucifer's abandonment (or Maze's for that matter or even Linda with her child). And since Rory knows (or is pretending to know) pretty much all the main characters then surely one of those knows why he abandoned her and would have told her in her whole life at some point?

    It's just not working for me. Also she looks nothing like either of them but then I guess neither do Lucifer and his brother lol.

    Personally I'd rather the show's final hours were spent on all the characters I love which is pretty much all of them at this point.

  8. I love the fact that Lucifer and Chloe have a child together and I can't say anything more because I watched to the end.

  9. Brianna Hildebrand is kicking butt in this role. I want to learn more about the weaponwings.

  10. After watching this episode, but before reading the comments, I spent way too long trying to remember why a few of us wound up watching one episode of Bones a few years ago. Thank you, Billie, for remembering that it was a Sleepy Hollow crossover!

    I am really, really struggling to trust or even like Rory. She's so hot and cold, so weird with people that she knows don't know her, but she treats them like she does...I don't know. It's weird. The actress is doing a great job. It's the character who has me on edge.

    I am very much rooting for Ella to figure things out, though.


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